Nutrigenomics – my first consult (2/2)

  • Disclaimer Recite: my opinions here are entirely my own based off my biochemistry. Due to sheer length of the submission (well over 100+ pages) there is simply no room for readability in one writing.
  • Due to the very individualistic / personal confidentiality I may only share some, but not all results for interests of privacy. For more information this specific disclaimer please read my Concerns & Assurance statement
  • Out of NDA / non disclosure courtesy ~ I decided not to publicly display the name of practitioner, nor the collector agency. Suffice to say they are based in Perth, Western Australia, and that the costs, as previously disclosed remains honestly disclosed at the time they were offered to me.
  • Lastly, if by any chance any confidential relations to the practitioner, agency or collector by chance read this article – I nonetheless express my wholehearted thanks for being accepted as a valued client. My remarks and opinions, upon seeking further research on my own – remains my own authentic responses and by no means intended to exert any frownful criticisms.



What tests did I take?

I opted for a package of tests dedicated for Mental Health & Psychology enquiring. Main reason: This was, at the time ~ the only package covering the broadest array of categories not limited to “mental health alone”. Also ~  Immunity, gut health, dairy, gluten intolerances, iron handling, B complex handling / methylation status, Vitamin D status, Omega 3, long list of others, and before the usual suspects ~ on caffeine and alcohol metabolism. Hence all in all :

  1. Fish Oil status & metabolism (15 pages)
  2. Vitamin D status & metabolism (30 pages)
  3. Caffeine tolerance (25 pages)
  4. Alcohol tolerance (15 pages)
  5. Gut Microbiome diversity (13 pages)
  6. Gram Positive / Gram Negative bacteria studies (8 pages)
  7. Iron Studies (9 pages)
  8. Dairy tolerance (17 pages)
  9. Gluten tolerance (14 pages)
  10. BDNF / brain derived neurotrophic factor (10 pages)
  11. COMT Methylation Status (15 pages)
  12. Choline / Phosphatidylcholine studies  (11 pages)
  13. Vitamin B Group metabolism (53 pages)
At-a-glance pathology request panel on various suspect markers.

So what are my results?

I can only present few highlights, without this entire feature write-up going overboard. I’d speculate people are mostly interested to witness only the negatives, perhaps as assurance for them to feel better, or to re-confirm that none of us are special. Well, not a mystery at all then ~ I do have “problems”. And certainly that I am` not a genetically elite.

For bit of trivia genetic markers associated with athleticism, antioxidation / anti-inflammation prowess have been well studied (Skrenda A, et al. 2019) . Though of course, we can always argue back, that being endowed with any specified genes, still does not suggest anything as “predictive” (Guth ML & Roth MS 2014).

Nonetheless ~ suggestively, my nutrigenomics report finds that I am: 

  1. Completely mutated / “100%” mutations that is (how motivating) ~ in terms of essential fatty acids pathway between PUFA N3 & N6 metabolism; consequenting low amounts of EPA & DHA status.
  2. BDNF / brain derived neurotrophic factor appears decreased (BDNF Chromosome 11 Variant 1 ~ ++). As per the reports emphasis ~ “major risk factor” associated with a range of mental health problems.”. “Very rare to have a double mutation in this gene.”. “More frequent in Asian populations.”
  3. Being south-eastern asian descent, and thanks to slow COMT – it appears I am an excess ruminator and thereby subjects me more towards the “worrier” stereotype.
  4. Iron studies were mixed – I am 50/50 either bordering towards anemia or hemochromatic.
  5. The most surprising of all ~ my Vitamin D status, handling, storage conversion ~ is very confusing.

And I am advised to, once again only sharing a few suggested supplements actionables as follows:

  1. Consider B12, B6, B3, Gingko ~ for methylation,  MTFHR support and COMT management.
  2. High dose krill oil protocol, at least months on end.
  3. Extra Vitamin D supplementation.

My Thoughts.

So here I am sharing my thoughts be it supplement related and/or the above findings. Once again for sake of readability and privacy this is not possible for me to disclose everything into just one writing.

B Vitamins

As contextual reminder for those who skipped part one ~ for nearing entire decade (if not more), I never bothered supplementing on specific B vitamins. I never feel compelled, convinced nor allured to that idea than just eating, well ~ actual meats that contains good amounts of it. However until now, my nutrigenomics specified me the B’s as recommended – B6, B3, B12 and that throughout my brief experiences on/off on each of them, in isolation have been a somewhat of mixed blessing.

Albeit this is still early opinion despite months after the nutrigenomics consult, as I’m trying to understand each vitamin’s effect on me both fasting and non-fasting episodes.

Let’s start with B6. This one, I believe is one of those vitamins can be easily over-doseable without one realising it. A typical cheap otc Zinc or Magnesium supplement would already net 30-50 MG amount. A quick Google search suggests 100mg be an often-cited upper limit and that peripheral neuropathy ~ tingling and/or subtle electric like sensations on wrists and joints appear to be common symptoms of overdose. Yes, I did on occassion experience these upon dosing the more affordable magnesium (oxide) which often accompanied with 40-50mg of Vitamin B6 per dose.

Then we have B12. I did tinker on this almost a decade ago, to the point which I cannot remember which brand, but I believe it was Methylated chewable version (Jarrows brand spring to mind) and I concluded it was one of those supplements I found difficult to distinguish if any ~ surrogate QOL/quality of improvement, at least back then. Now fast forward to 2022, I do feel there is some merit to this, particularly as I was tinkering what or which vitamins are still arguably okay, amidst fasting windows. I *think*, despite my prelimary on/off journalling suggest there is some improvement in mental resilience. However whether or not this is also confounded from my intermittent supplementing with Betaine HCL + Pepsin remains debateable. For those unaware for a long-time I consider Betaine HCL + Pepsin to be the most important of all nutraceuticals because it precursors most if not all micro and macronutrient partitioning. Here specifically with the intrinsic factor production Vitamin B12 seem to require stomach acidity (Ankar A & Kumar, A. 2022). Nonetheless it certainly remains food for more thoughts should (my) time permits.

Then, there is B3, this is the most perplexing of the three.  considering its widely mixed sentiments on metabolic health repercussions. What caught my eye further, was that autoimmune conditions were classically treated with high dose B3 protocol. However, they were downsides. During the day taking it despite small amount (usually no more than 1/4 bite of dry tablet, in fasting window), I find myself in a state of mental “dopamine-block”. Difficult to explain, but whenever I listen to my usual end-of-long-work day music ~ such no longer interestingly “received” any “impactful” to me if at all, hence why I attribute there is potentially a dopamine mediator implication.

One positive I nonetheless speculate to B3 however, was its mild ergogenics during training, though certainly not a replacement for ALCAR. I am yet to determine whether or not it is specifically an effort/physical energy benefit or mental resilience output benefit as the more plausible improvement.

Fish oil / PUFA N3. Revisited.

My nutrigenomics report strongly suggest that I am 100% mutated and consequently need vigorous supplementation interestingly focusing more towards Krill Oil. Not just habitually or once every two or three days. But really copiously for months on end. 

My thoughts on Krill Oil is sadly sparse and infrequently revised. One primary reason? Accessibility. Krill Oil is prohibitively expensive at times, which again prevents me from getting enough thoughts on it. However the good news, although this can easily surmount as placebo ~ is that I felt slight improvement in mental stress handling capacity. Although my supplementation regime on this was not long enough to grant me any conclusive evidence perse. This is not my conviction as ‘conclusion’ however that Krill Oil is useless. I just simply am out of time month in month out trying to ascertain other things, study them, journal them, to name a few.

For bit of context – many years I felt ambivalent about PUFA N3. In 2019 I was compelled that linseeds gave me unexplainable heartburn-like sensation.  Even earlier in 2018 – I started to think fish oils were hardly worth anything, if at all on markers of wellbeing. I do however enjoy occasional mackerels, sardines and/or salmons. But by no means I felt they are immediately corrective nor supportive to my needs.

Vitamin D % summary of mutations at a glance

Vitamin D Status

And, the most perplexing and surprising of all is Vitamin D.

The report strongly suggests I am very low in VIT D status. Severely compromised in utilisation, conversions (presumably from sun exposure > hepatic > renal > VDR receptors) and then all the way to storage mechanism. This was very surprising to me, despite copious amount of supplementations, with K2 and other supporting co factors you name it ~ from potassium, calcium, boron (only dietary source mostly), and magnesium ~ both cheaper and slightly more expensive (amino acid chelated and glycinate-labelled).

For those not up to speed, all my prior years amidst CKD+IF; I supplement at least in the regions of 5K daily though in summers whenever I am exposed to sunlight at least for good 20-30 minutes at a time, I’d forego supplement altogether. Though on winters I intentionally increase to 10k to 15k iu though sporadically.

What is even more strange is all my prior blood panel tests on Vitamin D have had always been above reference ranges. So, either my entire Vitamin D nutrigenomics reported a somehow unexpected mistake,  or  ~ I may just happen to be naturally fluctuating on these metrics, day to day.

A few months later I decided to invest for specific Vitamin D pathology test, privately of course . The proper 1,25OHD calcitriol status (which takes an entire 7 days to process), then semi active version 25(OHD) calcidiol, PTH, and mineral studies.

Result: the 1,25 OHD came back exactly as I envisioned it – high side ~ 145 pmol/L (note: PICO mol ~ reference range = 60-200). The 25(OHD) ~ 141 nmol/L. Parathyroid ~ middle of reference range of 4.4 pmol/L (reference range 2.0-8.5). And likewise.all minerals, including calcium were right in the middle of reference.

In light of these these certainly warrants more enquiring and/or testing. However as time and finances are at times not on my side – it sadly remains perplexing at this stage.

For more close up look on this I have written a four-part article encompassing altogether as my very first “Self’-Meta”. I’d be grateful and appreciative for your patience, for this feature spans almost an entire mini book length.

In light of all these.

I am nonetheless grateful, for taking this opportunity for the very first time.Certainly there’s a lot I am yet to comprehend to name a few ~ confusing risks between anemia and hemochromatosis. dairy vs gluten intolerances, possible fructose malabsorption, and so on.

Whether or not Nutrigenomics applies to your’s circumstance remains entirely your own decision. So long as you are financially-able to accommodate not only the service and consultation, but also supplements and actionables ongoing for long term basis. This is not, as I repeat ~ an insight for occasional thought. It is long term.

As with all things “genetics” – there is one outcome one must deal with ~ “fate”.

Do I think the entire Nutrigenomics dictates my fate? No. Fazed? Not really. Thankfully, my own experiences, insight and research led and prepared me thus far a softer landing and less fear about whether or not it plunges me to existential crisis.

I’d wager if anyone is easily anxious, reading Nutrigenomics report may though I hope not ~ driving them in worse predicament. But this depends on how much one is prepared or self-aware about their own self, not mere days or weeks, but years of N=1 journalism, insight  beforehand. Meaning ~  those who are impatient, nor yet to ably invest the time, curiosity, persistence and on top patience at collecting, reading literatures and ~ all this for learning about themselves, by their ownselves, first. Imagine what weight of 100+ pages, with all that information in one go ~ affects to someone who’s had no prior awareness, whatsoever.

In any case, I conclude with all my heart that “health and wellness”, were we fixate such as an objective outcome for just “be well” ~ is never about a one-size-fits-all, one-quest-and-be-all forever done goal post in life. Nutrigenomics is pretty much serve as reminder that nobody is ever free nor immune from “problems.”.



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