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(Sneak Peek) “How should I eat my meals?”

(Sneak Peek draft of manuscript) Few people discuss how one would “eat” their meals. Here, three (3) criterias are shared over what constitutes a comfortable and ideal factors surrounding feature meal consumption.

It is official : I am removing myself from Social Media (Mewe)

It is with a slight heavy heart as of Thursday 25th of May 2023 I made a decision to completely remove my social media account (Mewe®). I am simply at a point in life, being so inundated with obligations in and outside of bound(s) to no longer have any time left, if any worth building my social media presence.

(Sneak Peek) Segment of the Chapter 4 “Learning Curve” ~ The Foundational Routines

The Foundational Routine(s) ~ Self-Survey

These steps help encapsulate and build not only the necessary discipline(s), aptitude and patience for the later, and more nuanced tinkering within alternative nutrition. More importantly it sets up the foundation for self-awareness, and self-stewardship as individuals willingly transform, little by little  ~ a new “environment” that foster his/her own “self” scientific agency, privacy and autonomy overtime.

2023 Weekly Budget Samples (CKD+IF) With growing concerns on inflation since 2022 and likely ongoing, I’d like to present a much needed update on my share of general budget weekly samples. In the context […]