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Brian Sanders Peak Human podcast with Peter (Hyperlipid)

Few  “influencers” are as curiously analytical as Peter Dobromylskyj ( especially with his “Protons” theory. Despite its esoteric difficulty for the general audience one of the train of thought behind […]

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(Self-Meta) Vitamin D ~ For and Against (Part 3 of 4)

<split commencing Tuesday 27th september onwards.> Here in this third section is reserved for “special interest” discussion on matters relative to the Self-Meta surrounding legitimacy of Vitamin D. Due to […]

A (further) word on Oxalates + Handy Calculator

For nearing a few year/s now throughout CKD+IF ~  I am noticing an increased pattern of adverse symptoms when consuming oxalate heavy foods. Namely ~  lower mobility pains, flexibility limitations […]

An obliged update (22nd August 2022)

An overdue sharing on how and where this concept initiative is going. More importantly (as one of the more difficult videos I’ve produced) ~ my thoughts surrounding present state of […]

An obliged update

For those who suspect I have so far been off the internet, or “lazy” for lack of better word, I am obliged to present a series of updates amidst competing […]