Scientific Frugality, Authenticity, Individuality, Resilience.

Are you living towards yourself? Or away from yourself?

A Questions-Meet-Answers manuscript, as well as dissertation on explorative possibilities towards metabolic, physiological and philosophical Autonomy. Solely written, maintained, designed and produced by Andrew Wiguna /

An independent critical examination of our present crisis towards scientific Authoritarianism. An encouragement for scientific self-authentication, rather than collective submission to group-think and institutional narrative(s) to name a few ~  “Everything-in-moderation”. “Low-fat”. Healthy-eating”, and “Three-meals-a-day-with-snacks”.

Insights on Ketogenic interventions from SKD to CKD,  Intermittent Fasting, before then discussions and applying these alternative concepts amidst involuntary themes ~  Structural Inaccessibility and Economics.

Anyone who pursues and seeks alternative sustenance through decentralised nutritional concepts. While the nuanced chapters on Ketogenic Interventions (among others) seems overwhelming – the broad array of topics of This Book remains assuredly contemplative, distinct and varied beyond yet just another “Health / Fitness” how-to tome. 

Where frugality meets nutritional science and philosophy. 

This Book / Concept Initiative ~ is beyond just nutritional “frugality”. It encourages scientific explorations at interpreting what “enough” means; deeply rooted from both nutritional and philosophical discussion. 

"I would rather have questions that cannot be answered. Rather than answers that cannot be questioned."

Richard Feynmand

Nutritional Humility is a Book on the alternative outlook of nutritional science principles; amidst themes of accessibility and (a little) Philosophy.

Written and authored by multi-disciplinary  creative  Andrew Wiguna (AW/ Nutritional Humility represent an on-going factual living and accounting of alternative sustenance principle(s) ranging from cyclical low carbohydrates and intermittent fasting. Beyond its optical objectives on frugality this entire initiative aims to guide and facilitate critical insights, for readers to advance and harness scientific Autonomy to challenge our present guidelines and to harness self-actualizations, and authenticity(s) against pedestrian narratives of health and wellness.

The key distinction here lies in its Economics and structural inaccessibility theme(s) as prevalent throughout its many discussions amidst its book / parent manuscript (currently undergoing rebrand) as well as that of the Youtube® Channel.

This channel aims to inform more than being entirely prescriptive or simplistic. But it seeks to challenge our un-challenged – Status Quo surrounding health, nutrition and how our templated way of living arguably leads to an inauthentic and unoptimized outcomes to the individual, as a result.

Many individuals often seek refuge to content creators and/or channels whose stance/s or ideology have already been statistically validated through established “pre-existing audience”. This Channel on the other hand, is completely independent in its origins of thought; bearing absolutely  no “witnesses” or “pre-existing” audience as such, be it algorithmic or organic.

Given its frank topics amongst inaccessibility and frugality Readers may wish to warrant for themselves a little caution ~ that some discussions, including but not limited to the handling of expired foods (including images) – may seem stern and atypical from the conventional archetype(s) of health and wellness. 

Nutritional Humility is a 2017 rebrand over its legacy title Humility Through Frugality ~ as free to view, review and share ~ alternative channel and an independent insight to nutrition and wellness. 

Our present Status Quo believes “Science” should be held primarily within imposed, statistical and figurative ~ consensus. 

This Book proposes an “Open” ended strategy through alternate nutritional concepts that ultimately depends on readers’ self-indemnity and of all things  “ownership” to ably self-distinguish what works and what doesn’t – by answering to nobody else but his/her own experimentations, experiences and self-journalling. Sooner or later, scrutiny of our present status quo; be it surrounding “health” and/or “wellness” ~ is inevitable. 

This Author (AW) implores the contrary.

But for sake of clarity – neither This Author (AW) nor its channel and its manuscript – ever condone prolonged voluntary starvation; especially when the individual’s motions of living becomes severely affected.  

What This initiative encourages however ~is authentic self-actualization as evidence for Science not for collective validation but for “holistic” that is – both scientific and philosophic contentment at an individual level.  To do this, one must willingly question against all paternalism instilled throughout our lives. “Everything-in-moderation”, “Three meals a day”, “breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks inbetween” to name a few ~ are only a few among many pedestrian narratives we shall raise for questioning.

Intermittent Fasting; together with cyclical Ketogenic or low carbohydrate is hypothesized here not as starting point, but as an end, manifesting strategy as well as a way of life that addresses the above crisis of inauthenticities by exclusions and reinclusions. Further, it teaches us contentment amidst themes of Economics. 

 This Author (AW) nevertheless acknowledges that nothing This Book suggests is of absolute “clairvoyance”. Contingencies amidst frugality must be researched at readers own end. Health and/or fitness remains an individual and anecdotal calling for one’s own “choice” whether to explore to learn for ourselves, or not at all. No matter “who” or “what” social or health fitness channels one subscribes to ~ the above disclaimer more than likely resonate more or less the same – in that absolutely nobody represents either better or wiser indemnity(s) than our own selves. 

300+ Scientific references. Manually sourced from all public domains.

All scientific citations and research are re-sourced directly out of existing (freely publicised) domains. This Book is not aimed to be "conclusively" final of any hypothesis. Both supportive and contradictory research collateral, are sought and presented to the best of This Author's ability, legality and indemnity as member of public.

Contemplative. Not Authoritative.

Many topic(s) within this Book are likely received as controversial against the status quo. Cyclical Ketogenic principles, Fasting and Refeedings, to name a few. It represents strategies at embracing self-experimental / Self-Authenticity journeys of Nutritional Science. In spite of concrete scientific references attached This Book is not envisioned to replace existing institutional supervisions or currently approved scientific journalism. For any studies that require full purchases; only the frontal abstracts are considered.

An entire solo work of one (1) Individual. Completely not for profit.

This Book and concept branding initiative (This Is™ Nutriments) are made possible via years of sole effort. Spanning multiple thousand(s) of personal hours invested researching, and curating various collateral on the subjects of Nutritional Science, Sociology and Philosophy. The Author (AW / has had all but only humble few Certificate levels of accredited academia studying; on top of existing career profession (Graphic Design & Creative). This is to exude resilient proof of career diversification attempt(s) amidst existing Structural Impositions.

For more information on these limitations

This Author's transparent disclosure as public member indemnity, and professional rationale disclosure/s are openly stated on the separate chapter Bibliography and References.

Consider the companion book - Advanced Glycation End Products.

An independent, decentralised, anecdotal discussion on Advanced Glycation End Products. 4,000 words of dissertation, pragmatic workarounds, and supplementations with 70+ open-source research references cited.

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"You are what you save from what you eat."

~ Jeff Volek (Ph.D., R.D.)

“Nutritional Humility™” (formerly “Humility Through Frugality™”), “” / “This Is™ / are creative concept unregistered trademarks 2013, 2021 by Andrew Wiguna / AW™ / DISCLAIMER: This is not an overriding “medical” advice. The Author / AW™ holds no medical responsibilities for any adverse effects or undesired outcomes from any individuals to have not read or followed/assessed/considered any prior reading, and research over following a different nutritional paradigm. This also includes failure to consider any extensive micro-lifestyle re-assesment/s and adjustment/s as needed. Upon reading, you are encouraged to pursue and research at your own risk/s to readily plan and subscribe to any dietary paradigm that suits your physiology and living conditions. You hereby agreed to proceed and to accept these disclaimers at your own risk & responsibility.