Scientific Frugality, Authenticity, Individuality, Resilience.
Decentralised Nutritional Science; through the lens of Structural Violence. 

Scientific Frugality, Privacy, Authenticity, Individuality and Resilience.

Decentralised Nutritional Science. Through the lens of Structural Violence. 

Are you living towards yourself? Or away from yourself?

Questions-Meet-Answers, as well as dissertation on explorative possibilities towards metabolic, physiological and philosophical ~ Self-Authenticity. An imploration for individualised stance in Nutritional Science amidst turbulences of Structural Violence and Scientific Authoritarianism. This Book is the non-fictional segment / dissertation arm of the parent concept branding initiative This Is™ Nutriments; by Andrew Wiguna /

An independent critical examination of our state of turbulent living, as “Food for Thoughts” – to implore exploration, revision and reflections of our existential crisis amidst various scientific disagreements and frictions. Less about prescriptions. More about contemplations.  

A myriad of topics relevant to our turbulent times in various chapters. Structural Violence, brief yet nuanced hormonal aspects of Hunger, Starvation and Satiety, various undiscussed insight/s of Ketogenic intervention/s (SKD to CKD) and Intermittent Fasting. Further proposed guidances include Nutritional Journaling, Tracking of Resource Consumption, and Resource Longevity Analysis.

Any individual who maintains and asserts curiosities as means of self-development, away from institutionalised or pedestrian conformities. Whilst the nuanced sections of Ketogenic Intervention (among others) seems overwhelming – they nevertheless serve relevance towards any stage of the reader’s life. This Book shall remain free-to-read; to promote decentralised discussion surrounding presently turbulent receptions of Nutritional Science, Economics and Philosophy.

Only one solution remains undiscussed.
Dissolution through Self-Enquiry.


This Book / this Concept Initiative ~ is far and beyond about “frugality“.

It does not proclaim directly as “the” collectivist solution to all the World’s Problems. Be it sociological malevolence or metabolic senescence. Instead, This Book hypothesizes the only one last possible solution ~ as self-dissolution. The need to Self-Enquire our Abilities (Biological: physiological). Against Liabilities (Structural: impositions) ~ Ecosystems. 

These both reinforces and reconciles ~ our interpreting and partitioning what “enough” means. Compartmentalised through experiencing two cyclically-planned theme(s) of nutritional macro+micro Economics: Scarcity versus Abundance. “Binging”, or “Purging”, remains simply as romanticised semantics. 

From Economics, Nutritional Science and Philosophy. This Book is likely received as difficult-to-read. Because streamlining all the above contemplations into objectively simplified mannerism; akin to “xx Rules for all” – remains exponentially unsolicited were it to be glamourised or expected as such. Hence, all This Book advocate is self-critical manifests from thinking into living ~ biological convictions of N=1 Self-Authenticity. Irrespective of institutionalised or pedestrian ~ semantics.

"I would rather have questions that cannot be answered. Rather than answers that cannot be questioned."

Richard Feynmand

Nutrition is the symbiosis to interpretation. Nutrition is the Understanding and Reflecting of how we individually interpret ourselves relative to our environment. Ability at digesting (“partitioning”), the reflecting of that which we receive and then expressed outwardly (“interpretation”) – all ultimately dictates our sustenance. From Abilities to Liabilities ~ Ecosystems.

“Institutions” are created only out of averaged means of solution/s. “Science” in their anointed definition somehow remains immutably / invincibly templated as Totalitarian Objectivity of “Facts“. Rather than subjective open books of variable “Interpretations”. In the “hope” for “containing” ever so complex contextual variabilities, this quickly becomes unrealistic optimism in blind faith. If not, transcending towards genocidal singularity, without subjectivity.

Many people remain unfortunately instilled with relaxed assumption such that “Common Sense”, “Willpower” or “Humility” should remain immutable on Religious ambiguity, seemingly that of infinite “moral charity”. This Book, on the other hand implores re-defining these from Physical, Biological and Nutritional compartmentalisation perspectives – of what “sufficiency” means. By first and foremost acknowledging that anything exerted from biology remains finitely expendable against all utilitarian or sociological ~ subservience/s. 

Ultimately readers are left with this one question. Are they happy remaining as Statistical Followers; allowing linearity to override each of their own individuality or agency? Or are they Authentic Explorers of each of their own biological reasoning?

This Book addresses everything ambivalent on all existing pedestrian or institutionalised ~ preachery. That is ~ “Healthy”, or “Common-Sense”, and/or “Everything-in-moderation”. 

If any “diets” work, or any “interventions” work, yet nothing works “forever”, it is not so far fetched to suggest perhaps any ideas, or dogmas – are subject to Cyclical, isolated ~ Context/s. Any “thing” works, for “as long” and “until” ~ the one (only one) ~ Biology responds and re-adjusts; accordingly by its own hormonal convictions. “Lipolysis” or “Glycolysis” ~ both are perfectly natural to our survival. Each once again in their own isolated ~ context/s.   

Once an individual have experienced frequent enough such Cyclical thematic(s) between Scarcity and Abundance – one is likely to have reconciled their biological coping mechanisms at interpreting what “enough” means. Contentment, with lesser Contempts. Convictions, with lesser Confusions. 

Prescribing to so called one “diet for all” or one “belief for all” to linearity, ever after; is an assured statistical mediocrity. Yet, we glamourise this Paternalism somehow to delusional heights. Prescribing it as panacea against all confounders. 

This Author (AW™) indeed never proclaims anything This Book suggests is of absolute Scientific “clairvoyance”. Pragmatic or terminal contingencies nevertheless remains encouraged and exercised. This is explicitly stressed within the manuscript repeatedly and within the Disclaimer section prior to the contents.

300+ Scientific references. Manually sourced from all public domains.

All scientific citations and research are re-sourced directly out of existing (freely publicised) domains. This Book is not aimed to be "conclusively" final of any hypothesis. Both supportive and contradictory research collateral, are sought and presented to the best of This Author's ability, legality and indemnity as member of public.

Contemplative. Not Authoritative.

Many topic(s) within this Book are likely received as controversial against the status quo. Cyclical Ketogenic principles, Fasting and Refeedings, to name a few. It represents strategies at embracing self-experimental / Self-Authenticity journeys of Nutritional Science. In spite of concrete scientific references attached This Book is not envisioned to replace existing institutional supervisions or currently approved scientific journalism. For any studies that require full purchases; only the frontal abstracts are considered.

An entire solo work of one (1) Individual. Completely not for profit.

This Book and concept branding initiative (This Is™ Nutriments) are made possible via years of sole effort. Spanning multiple thousand(s) of personal hours invested researching, and curating various collateral on the subjects of Nutritional Science, Sociology and Philosophy. The Author (AW / has had all but only humble few Certificate levels of accredited academia studying; on top of existing career profession (Graphic Design & Creative). This is to exude resilient proof of career diversification attempt(s) amidst existing Structural Impositions.

For more information on these limitations

This Author's transparent disclosure as public member indemnity, and professional rationale disclosure/s are openly stated on the separate chapter Bibliography and References.

Consider the companion book - Advanced Glycation End Products.

An independent, decentralised, anecdotal discussion of Advanced Glycation End Products. 4,000 words of dissertation, pragmatic workarounds, and supplementations with 70+ open-source research references cited.

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Please email: AWIGUNA1985@GMAIL.COM for all feedbacks. Should this Book be of relevance and help to you, please submit your earnest response in writing. In order to improve readership and accessibility The Author may out of further discretionary time and resources – make periodical amends.

"You are what you save from what you eat."

~ Jeff Volek (Ph.D., R.D.)

“Health”, “Nutrition” “Fitness” or wellness channels today fixates on both scientific linearity and vanity. Whilst unknowingly platforming Survivorship Bias. This concept initiative on the other hand, is anything but sensationalism or Mailchimp® popups. Its diversity of concerns remains up to individual ~ interpretations. Welcome to the Internet’s least visited independent thoughts on wellness and decentralised Nutritional Science.

“Nutritional Humility™” (formerly “Humility Through Frugality™”), “” / “This Is™ / are creative concept unregistered trademarks 2013, 2020 by Andrew Wiguna / AW™ / DISCLAIMER: This is not an overriding “medical” advice. The Author / AW™ holds no medical responsibilities for any adverse effects or undesired outcomes from any individuals to have not read or followed/assessed/considered any prior reading, and research over following a different nutritional paradigm. This also includes failure to consider any extensive micro-lifestyle re-assesment/s and adjustment/s as needed. Upon reading, you are encouraged to pursue and research at your own risk/s to readily plan and subscribe to any dietary paradigm that suits your physiology and living conditions. You hereby agreed to proceed and to accept these disclaimers at your own risk & responsibility.