Where / How shall we begin?

Where / How shall we begin?

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(Updated December 2023) 
Welcome to the Internet’s least visited independent thoughts on decentralised Nutritional Science. This page aims to onboard all readers and visitors new to this entire Concept Initiative, the blog and manuscript ~ its intent(s), vision, and overall summation. The Concept Initiative” here refers to any(one) of the following projects and subproject(s) This Author (AW / Andrewwiguna.com) commenced circa 2015:

  1. The “Book” or “parent manuscript” ~ Humility Through Frugality (2015). Nutritional-Humility.me (2017~present).
  2. The “Technical” Accompanying Manuscript Dietary Advanced Glycation End Products (2017~ present).
  3. This Blog and its array of articles on both the alternative and/or “decentralised” nutritional science experiences amidst themes of Economics / structural inaccessibility.
This Page is subject to periodical revisions overtime for readibility. 

1/8 Work-In-Progress nature and Under Rebrand official notice

This entire Concept Initiative, and all its sub-projects have been envisioned strictly as a work-in-progress ~ initiative and lateral ambition of This Author (AW) to facilitate on-going nuanced themes of alternative nutrition, in the context of accessibility.

Effective circa 2021 onwards ~ this entire Concept Initiative / Nutritional Humility™  has been officially declared as “under-rebrand”. A summarised rationale behind this, is to improve readability, accessibility and its branding identity over the broad and nuanced themes of nutrition. However, This Author (AW) remain obligated to continue producing new content, both video and written as pledge for consistency.

The entire “rebrand” consists of:

  1. Entire re-writing of the Parent Manuscript.
    Since 2021, almost Paragraph-by-Paragraph basis ~ evolve and add new chapters solely on the objective preposition(s) for readers at navigating and depending on their agencies – to initiate / undergo adapting or adopting any of these alternative principles to nutrition.
  2. Entire overhauling its entire branding.
    Since 2021, a visual thorough rebrand and reaudit of Nutritional Humility™, particularly of its intent, outcomes and aspirations. 
  3. The entire overhauling of its website.
    Since 2021, simultaneous to self-ups killing / self-learning initiative of This Author (AW) ~ invest rigorous experiences amidst multiple front-end building platforms and builders involving Atomic Principle Design Systems. 
  4. Overhauling of its video content
    Since 2021, amounting dozens if not hundred(s) of pending hours amidst recording takes and projects within Final Cut Pro X is soon to materialise. 

However, readers are welcome to download a prior / legacy version of the Parent Manuscript by clicking here.

Be forewarned that this Legacy version has not been updated nor revised.

For more information on the Rebrand rationale, please visit the official Rebrand Notice. As well as also ~ the accompanying video message announcement in Youtube®. 

2/8 The Theme. What this Concept Initiative Represents.

A factual, on-going life account of nutritional frugality under structural theme of Inaccessibility, alongside contemplative assertion against authoritarianism amidst mainstream literatures surrounding nutrition, health and wellness.

Since its rough inception(s) in 2013 as a first (one-off printed copy) in December 2015 (“Humility Through Frugality”) ~ this entire initiative, including its manuscripts and its books ~ remains free for all public viewership. Absolutely no monetary incentive has derived, from any or all time exerted thus far off This Author’s (AW)’s own discretion use of time and resources.

This Concept Initiative  is never intended to be clinically  “prescriptive” by way of direct “advices” or for “treating” any chronic illnesses, beyond This Author’s own (AW™) indemnity as a scrutinising member of public. Please observe the Limited Indemnity Disclosure here.

Citations wherever possible in form of Scientific literatures and/or journalism are provided as respectfully possible to reinforce This Author (AW)’s stances to compel advancing discussion(s), than myopically prescriptive ~ extrapolations. Both “for’ and “contrarian” views are presented in the most even manner possible.

3/8 Distinctions for Originality. What separates this Initiative away from its saturation?

There are two (2) layers of proposition this Concept Initiative encourages. Firstly, its objective proposition as its suggestive but not prescriptive nutrition methodology “Cyclical Ketogenic + Intermittent Fasting”. Then followed by its philosophic themes; through both original (self-directed) and/or derived from historic influences.

However it is much easier disclosing what this Concept Initiative aims NOT to preach. Chiefly – paternalistic signalling(s) we see amidst anointed guidelines, as follows:

  1. “Everything in moderation”.
  2. “Just eat ‘healthy'”.
  3. “Just eat a ‘balanced’ diet”.
  4. …To name a few.

What sadly lacks amidst present climate of “influencers”, that being aesthetic and/or bodily vanity ~ are  philosophic themes that compel beyond these surface interests. Throughout Nutritional Humility™, the following original, four over-arching themes are proposed within these acronyms.

  • Fair. Frugality. Authenticity. Individuality. Resilience.
  • Pair. Privacy. Agency. Identity. Resolve. 
  • Self. Sentience. Exposition. Liberty. Fortitude.
  • Mine. Minimalism. Interpretation. Nutrition. Embodiment.

Further, there are vision thematic messages and/or conceptual messages. To name a few:

  • Live-It-Forward. The official ending call sign of this entire concept initiative; to compel an alternative challenge to the arithmetic ‘pay-it-forward’ as instrument behind all exchange of gratitudes.
  • Revise, Reflect, Repeat. A series of exercises to facilitate self-autonomy through exclusions, reinclusions, self-reflection / and journalling to perpetuity. 

The above concept thematics remain subject for elaboration overtime for readibility, throughout the “Codex” feature writeup series. This is envisioned to help readers acquaint with this Initiative’s own nuanced and original philosophic themes.

4/8 Questions Meet Answers Format.

The Book / Parent Manuscript was not envisioned as a long “thesis”. Instead, it is delivered in a Questions-Meet-Answers format. This allows a conversational yet stern ~ tonality. Particularly reserved early on during Chapters #1 to #4. As well as #7 and #8. Readers are welcome to skip much of these verbose philosophical “debate”. But in doing so, an understanding of Nutrition’s relativity to wider concerns of Sociology remains missing.

Nutrition alone is ration. But Philosophy helps express that further to become rationale. Hence, This book is “food”. Ration for both Thoughts and Science.

Where / How shall we begin?

5/8 Read and witness the “Live-It-Forward” Gratuity Model.

For many years since its inception (circa. 2015) this website does not expect arithmetic “Likes” as gratitude. It is however optional, but ultimately not required. Neither the Book nor its Blog ask for monetary donations. Nor its Youtube® Channel asks its viewers to “follow” as “subscribers”.

However should anything that this Project compels its readers and visitors, then they are encouraged to donate their’s own thoughts in gratified authenticity. Through sincere commenting and/or writing. Hence, “Live-It-Forward” ~ despite oft-remarked as farewell or parting statement ~ deeply portrays a  message for continuous imploration of anecdotes and N=1 experiences as yet another biological undertaking for contemplations. As opposed to instrumental thanksgiving of “Likes” which is  prone for inflationary interpretations.

6/8 Visit and read the various blog articles.

Nutritional Humility™ concerns beyond topics of Nutrition. It is a contemplative space of its author (Andrew Wiguna) upon many nuanced subjects. From Veganism, the Mouse Utopia Experiment, and Survivorship Bias. 

Worthy to read are the Annual Food For thoughts. Comprising of detailed insights on the Author’s progressive experiences. Through supplementation, nutrition, psychology, and fitness training. All spanning across each entire year. Readers and visitors will be assured to find days, if not weeks of informative reading. Such intensity of information and experience(s) they may not find anywhere else.

7/8 Transparent revision notices.

Nutritional Humility™ distinguishes itself against many of its commercialised peers. Never a “one-off” completion. It remains subjective for pragmatic revisions for progressivity and clarity overtime. 

8/8 MeWe® Social Media Channel.

As of 2023 a previously established and transition social media channel Mewe® – has decidedly called, at This Author (AW’s) discretion to no longer be operational.  Due to failure from obtaining adequate statistical outreach and/or prevalence against its relative peer(s) and/or channels ~ This Author (AW) no longer believes such to be a maintain-able platform. All prior year(s) of social media posts, as well as viral posts, imagery(s) however still remains available to be downloadable upon direct request.


Thank you.

Your viewership and written thoughts on this Initiative are appreciated. None of this is supported by third party. All this is written, designed, maintained by one (1) person alone. More importantly ~ all this is a work in progress. Changes come and go. 

Perhaps years later from now – this Project is a stepping stone for something else much bigger.



Andrew Wiguna / AW™ / andrewwiguna.com


Official thematics for parent manuscript
Frugality. Authenticity. Individuality. Resilience. 
Privacy. Agency. Identity. Resolve. 
Sentience. Exposition. Liberty. Fortitude.
Minimalism. Interpretation. Nutrition. Embodiment. 

Supporting thematics
Revise. Reflect. Repeat.
Future Speaks (in) Past Tensions.

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