2016 Food for thoughts Keto anniversary Part 2/3

This second part commences the repository of my EIGHT overall food thoughts. From all that I’ve learned from my first Ketogenic anniversary (13 months). Part II/III “Food for thoughts” 1-4 […]

What is Normal? What is Healthy?

In conjunction with the first part of my anniversary 2016 foods for thoughts – here I assert why there’s no such thing as either “healthy” or “normal”.  <TL;DR> The words “Healthy” or […]

September 2016 Blog Design Refresh

I hereby am presenting you a new refresh  of the blog’s design and layout. An-almost-there refresh will be completed soon…   It has been a while that this blog has […]


I hereby am presenting you all updated video promo productions Humility Through Frugality™. From what seemed to be minor series of work turns out to a significant array of changes! NEW […]