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Counter Argument: Insulin resistance is bad. Period.

(Update August 2nd 2023: more citations added!) Welcome to what is perhaps the least (but not the first) visited independent dialogues on alternative nutritional science, in the lens of inaccessibility. […]

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A Short Note on : PUFA N3 effects on fertility

Welcome to Short Notes series; a sharing of research readings in condensed format. Disclaimer  ~ surface interest reading only. It does not permit a discount of any kind from further […]

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(Sneak Peek) “How should I eat my meals?”

(Sneak Peek draft of manuscript) Few people discuss how one would “eat” their meals. Here, three (3) criterias are shared over what constitutes a comfortable and ideal factors surrounding feature meal consumption.

It is official : I am removing myself from Social Media (Mewe)

It is with a slight heavy heart as of Thursday 25th of May 2023 I made a decision to completely remove my social media account (Mewe®). I am simply at a point in life, being so inundated with obligations in and outside of bound(s) to no longer have any time left, if any worth building my social media presence.