Utopia as Dystopia? (Summary) dissertation

Concerns & Assurance Statement

This is a personal statement to affirm those whether directly or indirectly related to my daily obligations and/or interactions with assurance regarding my wellbeing.

Dr Raymond Peat. Rest in peace (1936~2022)

It is with great sadness in alternative nutritional science, that Dr. Raymond Peat unexpectedly passed away on November 24th, 2022. Ray has been an indirect figure whom I respect, despite […]

Brief Recap on: Ketogenesis

This is a brief overview enlightening a surface understanding on Ketogenesis (creation of Ketone bodies). This is intended as an extended elaboration, to the parent manuscript’s very brief description of […]

Information Resources & Toolkit (Part 1)

I am compiling a series of links, references and resource snippets throughout this concept initiative five+ years broad range of topics ~ and still on going; for the (however-few) visitors and readers to my channel.

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Brian Sanders Peak Human podcast with Peter (Hyperlipid)

Few  “influencers” are as curiously analytical as Peter Dobromylskyj (Hyperlipid.blogspot.com) especially with his “Protons” theory. Despite its esoteric difficulty for the general audience one of the train of thought behind […]

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(Self-Meta) Vitamin D ~ For and Against (Part 3 of 4)

<split commencing Tuesday 27th september onwards.> Here in this third section is reserved for “special interest” discussion on matters relative to the Self-Meta surrounding legitimacy of Vitamin D. Due to […]

A (further) word on Oxalates + Handy Calculator

For nearing a few year/s now throughout CKD+IF ~  I am noticing an increased pattern of adverse symptoms when consuming oxalate heavy foods. Namely ~  lower mobility pains, flexibility limitations […]