Expired Foods Guide & Experiences (3/3)

Continuing where we left off, this is the final and last part sharing of Expired Foods Guide & Experiences. Last / Part three of three.   Here in part 3 […]

Coming Soon as separate book: Basic Cooking Methodology

Coming Soon NEW SEPARATE Book: Basic Recipes & Methodology

So far, both the parent manuscript and the accompanying book (D-AGEs) contemplates the merging concerns in-between economics, structural violence, scientific authoritarianism, virtues of intermittent fasting, cyclical ketogenic principles and all […]

D-Ages manuscript update : Version 1.02

D-Ages manuscript update : Version 1.02

In conjunction to the recent manuscript revision (Version 1.753) I have decided to also revise the technical accompanying manuscript. Download it now at the landing page.  New sub section: Glycation […]

What's New (Version 1.753 April-May 2020)

Humility says hello to the world (Version 1.753)

Another meaningful revision done. Now available for Download. Free for viewing and reviewing. If you are new here the first time, please acquaint yourselves first by clicking here. What’s New (V1.753 […]