2022 CKD+IF Food for thoughts Part 2/3

Let’s talk about 2022’s highlights – the ups and downs. Stress, for the lack of a better word – was “good”. In some capacity, time and threshold.

Utopia as Dystopia? (Summary) dissertation

Concerns & Assurance Statement

This is a personal statement to affirm those whether directly or indirectly related to my daily obligations and/or interactions with assurance regarding my wellbeing.

Information Resources & Toolkit (Part 1)

I am compiling a series of links, references and resource snippets throughout this concept initiative five+ years broad range of topics ~ and still on going; for the (however-few) visitors and readers to my channel.

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Brian Sanders Peak Human podcast with Peter (Hyperlipid)

Few  “influencers” are as curiously analytical as Peter Dobromylskyj (Hyperlipid.blogspot.com) especially with his “Protons” theory. Despite its esoteric difficulty for the general audience one of the train of thought behind […]