(Limited) Professional Indemnity Declaration

Note: written in the third person perspective. Subject to periodical revisions for clarity, elaborations and/or updates. AW™ / andrewwiguna.com hereby presents the Limited Indemnity declaration. In hopeful expression without undue […]

Expired Foods Guide & Experiences (3/3)

Continuing where we left off, this is the final and last part sharing of Expired Foods Guide & Experiences. Last / Part three of three.   Here in part 3 […]

Coming Soon as separate book: Basic Cooking Methodology

Coming Soon NEW SEPARATE Book: Basic Recipes & Methodology

So far, both the parent manuscript and the accompanying book (D-AGEs) contemplates the merging concerns in-between economics, structural violence, scientific authoritarianism, virtues of intermittent fasting, cyclical ketogenic principles and all […]