Utopia as Dystopia? (Summary) dissertation

Utopia as Dystopia? Feature dissertation (Summary)

After hundreds of hours script-writing, dozens upon dozens of recording takes across THREE camera phones, staying up bleary-eyed 2AM witnessing FCPX crashes, kernel panics, and corrupted project libraries amidst (pending) […]

PUFAs = much better ketosis?

Omega-6 “BAD” PUFAs = much better ketosis?

This was completely unexpected. Having read this study over the last few months led me some serious re-questioning on my current perception of Omega 6 PUFAs. How or why that study has not […]

Gelatin: recipe, essentials and history

Gelatin: recipe, essentials and history

Amidst all worsening stress I am increasingly convinced for that one inevitability of metabolic failure – starting from gut permeability or deterioration of the digestive lining (dubbed as “Leaky Gut”). I […]

The Guide: Choosing a Soy Sauce

The Guide: Choosing a Soy Sauce

Welcome to The Guide series of blog posts; a repository guidance based on many year(s) from me since starting this initiative – on purchasing your foods sensibly. The most relevant criterias […]

Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia

(Part 1/3) Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia : The Study

Within my manuscript (version 1.4), I decidedly omit two big topics (to keep overall readability concise) – Overpopulation, and Social Privacy. Having read the works of John Calhoun (most notably […]

This Is™ Humility - Whey Cheesecake

This Is Humility™ Whey Cheesecake

<insert long winded childhood foodie love / infatuation / crush / salivating food-porn story here>. How else can you make whey protein cheesecake under six bucks? Ingredients & Pricing 250g ALDI […]

My early experiences with NO-Tropics.

My early experiences with NO-Tropics.

This is a separate feature article in conjunction to my prior “What I acually eat CKD Winter Edition” article. Throughout these (short) two and half months of use and scrutinising so […]