Information Resources & Toolkit (Part 2)

Here in this part 2 is a continuation of me sharing various noteworthy resources as a toolkit to assist as adjunct references surrounding this concept initiative. Disclaimer By no means […]

2022 CKD+IF Food for thoughts Part 2/3

Let’s talk about 2022’s highlights – the ups and downs. Stress, for the lack of a better word – was “good”. In some capacity, time and threshold.

Brief Recap on: Ketogenesis

This is a brief overview enlightening a surface understanding on Ketogenesis (creation of Ketone bodies). This is intended as an extended elaboration, to the parent manuscript’s very brief description of […]

Information Resources & Toolkit (Part 1)

I am compiling a series of links, references and resource snippets throughout this concept initiative five+ years broad range of topics ~ and still on going; for the (however-few) visitors and readers to my channel.

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Brian Sanders Peak Human podcast with Peter (Hyperlipid)

Few  “influencers” are as curiously analytical as Peter Dobromylskyj ( especially with his “Protons” theory. Despite its esoteric difficulty for the general audience one of the train of thought behind […]