“Live-It-Forward” Gratuity Model

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“Live-It-Forward” Gratuity Model

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Few people would intuitively understand the “Live-It-Forward” model*. Here, its differences versus that of the famed “Pay It Forward Model” ~ is discussed.

*Note that this is largely a hypothesis in the making, thus revisions & re-clarifications are inevitable.

What is “Live-It-Forward” model?

A reciprocal model of gratifying life experiences as “Progress” (“Live-It”). Rather than forwarding of “Outcomes” (“Pay-It”).  At a glance, there is nothing wrong with this famed Pay-It-Forward model. Assuming one has (out of perceived “surplus”) – instrumental charity. For assisting, and/or inspiring those of lesser’s circumstance.

But what exactly is needed before such an “Outcome”? Simple, it’s Progress. Any “progress” – is determined by “Ability”. Biology. Physiology. Drive. Authenticity. In other words, “Live-It-Forward” model can be thought of as the needed-precursor. Before instrumental charity (“Pay-It-Forward”) event may become possible.

The “Gratuity” component is the respect of individual’s realisation of experiences. Through authentic written comments. Rather than arithmetic distribution of “Outcomes”. We see these as  “Likes”, “number of followers”, “number of page visits”, “analytics”, etc.

“You”, as the prospective reader & visitor of this Book and branding initiative ~ remains authentically responsible, therefore ~ for manifesting your own potentials of self-gratitude. Through biology, first and foremost.

Before you can then spend it elsewhere – as an extension of that gratitude.

Why “Live-It-Forward” ~ is more authentic than “Pay-It-Forward”?

It is an emphasis on the “experiencing” of progress. Rather than simply the “passing” of outcomes. 

“Live-It-Forward” model relies not by arithmetic distributions of gratitude. Instead, determined through the individual’s own biological and nutritional authenticities. Capably determining whether they can “Live-Through”; any one of the solicited advice/s, or principle/s offered on the table.

“Live-It-Forward” model further encourages more genuine & evident accountability of gratitudes. Through sincere writing. Rather than arithmetic binary give-away dismissals such as “Likes” or “Dislikes”.

To put these into perspective  ~ required us to examine our current climate and sentiment; on how we perceive gratitude. Especially amidst our (troubled and misused) ~ Social Media.

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“Likes” and/or “Subscriptions” are welcome. But frivolous, at best.

Handing out “likes” is as lazy as saying “I’m flattering you enough as is! Can’t you see? But I don’t wish to contribute further to your benevolence ecosystem!”. Indeed, giving away “Likes” are readily convenient and nobody has any “time” stringing together meaningful comments. Yet anyone can readily string it all in their head.

However, one must question whether seeing a number or an arithmetic change alone – truly makes that world of a positivity. What if those numbers are subject to deception or manipulation? For all we know, we might be interacting with a bot.

So, do numbers, as in mathematical symbols of “numbers” alone – automatically makes one warranted to receive respect? Materially speaking, “yes” but remains only a subjective yet frivolous and anxious ~ interpretations. A “material” does not “do anything” until it is interacted with ~ Purpose.

Jordan Peterson’s exam on the word “Respect” (3:05 onwards) is noteworthy. We do not (and cannot) simply give away “Respect”. We must instead earn it. Through exchanging of biological resources be it mineral levels, glycogens, neurotransmitters. For meeting our daily individual (solitary) survival or sociological (benevolence) objectivities.

“It’s the thought that counts”. Unfortunately, We cannot see or learn just from numbers. But we may increase our chances of learning from experiences; behind what provokes that very “thought” in the first place. Once again ~ biology.


Biological Experience + Instrumental Rewards = True Gratitude.

Numbers only represents glasses served “half-full”. Each and every moment of thanks-giving should impose (firstly) Biological expression, then outwardly as sociological. As follows:

  1. I am validated biologically; be it through body language, gestures, handshakes, hugs, pats on the back. For what I have done as servitude has indeed been organically interpreted as “enough“.
  2. …Before then I am rewarded instrumentally. Be it through monetary wages, income, tangible materials & resources needed for that one day I may be able to reciprocate this experience onto others.

The problem with simply giving away “Likes” is that such gratuity model is almost empty. A shell without soul. Incomplete, unwarranted gratitude. “What” do people thank you “for”? They do not thank you for nothing.

Almost certainly, gratitude is earned. But through what exactly? Once again ~ this may only stem from biology. At ably interpreting and capacitively partitioning ~ what “enough” means. The only way through this? Is to Live-It-Forward.

“Pay-It-Forward” on the other hand indeed at first glance a morally charitable virtue. Yet vice remains waiting; by those blind from not asking questions. What, then How, When and most importantly ~ “Why“. They’ll just take things, “more things” ~ for granted.

Why are they likely to take more things for granted? Because they’d have no idea what to do with these instrumental gratitudes. Until they can learn to self-enquire with it, and ably live-through what “enough” means.

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TLDR; Don’t just “Pay-it” forward.

But “Live-It-Through”. All the way. Hence, “Live-It-Forward”.

Opinions and judgments after all, are free. Experiences and circumstances on the other hand? Priceless.

Please exercise ~ your due conscious at asking more questions each time you receive a “Like” or a “Subscriber” count update. Graphic Designers / Creatives / Fashionista’s / Marketers often work in highly frivolous mindsets of looking good, for the sake ~ of looking “good”. Loud for the sake of Loud. Homogenuinity in trade for Authenticity.

Yet when asked for succinct response as to “why” ~ suddenly it is a mental acrobat.

People certainly do not have time to hear stories. But they’re likely interested in knowing “why” ~ behind such stories. Here’s a hint. “Because” ~ is compartmentalised of both “to be” and of “being” ~ as causality.

Exercise by challenging whatever enough means to you, first and foremost. Try not to pass away frivolously all for “nothing”.





Comment your thoughts below of this concept, I would love to hear it! 

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