Thoughts on Cooking (Part 2/2)

Thoughts on Cooking (Part 3/3)

Previously, in spite my well wishes amongst the practitioners and believers of “raw” foodism – I asserted nonetheless that cooking – imparts logical necessity for arresting a (live) nutrient at their […]

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Thoughts on cooking (Part 2/3)

Previously, I asserted there is no other logical possibility for both “Safety” and “Satiety” were to occur; without any large macronutrients first and foremost be subdued to its fully rested […]

How I prep & cook meats (Part 1 /2)

Thoughts on Cooking (Part 1/3)

Reading through this, one day you’ll understand why I often proclaim in my book that “Nutrition” – is simply a symbiosis of all interpretation/s. For anyone who’s plant-based ~ please consider […]