2021 Annual Food For Thoughts: Cyclical Keto+IF (1/3)

2021 Annual Food For Thoughts: Cyclical Keto+IF (1/3)
You are reading someone else’s in-depth account/s of nutritional & life intervention/s spanning across ONE YEAR. Covering everything from nutrition, psychology, supplementation and fitness training. Timely reading recommended.

A summary.

Another year gone by. Life has not changed, except involuntary pressures down to the ruthless bottom. I am grateful for that at least a number of key milestones is done.

Chiefly amongst them ~ day in the life training samples. Five years condensed to just four (4) presentations.

I have also begun producing “shorter” videos that were actually part of my “other” upcoming book on basic recipes; which I announced earlier last year.  Then there’s also the huge rebranding in progress. And my promised next series of feature write-ups on Decentralised Nutritional Science (alongside too; video series on that). All these ambitions and content for this initiative sadly are likely never going to see the light towards the end of this year 2021.

My glucose readings

I am now using two (2) meters – Abbot® and Lifesmart®. The majority of this year was done on Lifesmart® because the strips are markedly more affordable than Abbots. The links below is provided for my oath on N=1 transparency.

  1. Download the Abbots’ entire report here.
  2. Download the Lifesmart’ entire report here.

For many years now, the majority of tests are done fasted. However for something different this year – I have begun tracking readings after a small post-workout calorie intake.

To summarise things seem to coincide as per last year.  Summers tend to showcase higher fasted readings as I attribute these with higher stress exposure. I am more certain now that heat stress logically coincides with faster (not slower) – gluconeogenesis. Thereby explaining the rationale behind these readings. Where as winters plunged back to as low <3.0 MMOL . Same overall cumulative anxieties, and same weighing stigmas day in, day out. Only difference = environment and temperature changes.

On fed or post-prandial readings = are more or less under 5.0 MMOL on average. These readings are done either as < one hour after ingestion of post workout small calories (<120kcals) or after 20hr+ breaking the fast.

My CKD+IF Setup Thus Far

My CKD+IF still revolves to 5 days of LCIF, 18:6 to 20:4 eating window, then followed by 1.5 to 2.5 days refeed (if I’m feeling rich).

Overall refeed weekend calories hovers inbetween 3500 kcals to only few rare occassion indulgence ~ 4000 kcals.

However, I am convinced now more than ever that occasional blunting of hunger do arise in occasions. This usually hovers on as soon as Saturdays compelled me to start lowering carbohydrate intake and to leverage more on proteins. This at least, under my experience pave the way for more tolerable fasting windows without excessive gut encumbrance(s).

Lowest / highest calorie intakes

General IF Days (HC+IF/LC+IF)

KETO/LC/IF days are mostly averaging 17-1800 calories. These days are of course, only made possible given the extra pocket income for extended food supply.

Without me trying to sound like an infomercial, my expired food guides and experiences pretty much remains as an encouraged go-to source; should others involuntary struggles coincide with mine towards pragmatic physiology (and psychology).

CKD+IF Training day in the life - shoulders
CKD+IF Training day in the life – shoulders

Training + Body Composition

Nope. I am no longer sub 10% body fat percentage. “Who” cares anyway? I no longer care but my own sanity. Post COVID Lockdown madness, proper training regiments now  resumed back to as high twelve (12) exercises under two hours. The formatting and frequencies remain as:

  1. Monday (Chest & Tri’s). Up to 300 reps depletion across up to TWELVE (12) exercises up to or under 1 hour & 45 minutes. An increase from last year on average. 
  2. Tuesday (Legs & middles as accessory(s)). Up to 200 reps depletion across up to eight (8) exercises. 1 hours & 30 minutes. 
  3. Thursday (Shoulders / lats). Up to 300 reps depletion across up to TWELVE (12) exercises. Up to or under two full hours. An increase from last year on average. 
  4. Friday (Backs+Legs again & Biceps). Up to 300 reps depletion across up to ten (10) exercises up to or under 1 hour & 30minutes.
  5. Saturday – (optional extra training day) – instead of Friday’s training sometimes I had no choice but to reschedule on Saturday PM daylight training. Hence making the re-feed windows to 1.5 days as opposed to two full eating windows.

My “undisclosed” news.

I have not shared this. Not even on my LinkedIN® profile.  Until now.

From October 2020 to July 2021 I’ve completed yet another graduate level certificate (Accredited Food Coaching Course). This is so far the longest  graduate-certificate course I’ve done. Despite RPL recognition (from all my prior studies) this took me near seven (7) months around the clock comprising both food coaching and general life coaching (the latter as an elective unit).

A more important announcement was that I ably reserved some finances for Annual indemnity with IICT® – the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

A big investment pledge. Yet only a small step forward should anyone wish to ask or to raise question against the validity of all things I do throughout this initiative.

IICT Indemnity Membership
IICT Indemnity Membership

Why I did not share this update.

For anyone who is not up to speed, this entire concept initiative is nearing its’ sixth year, yet received questionably little to none ~ viewership. I never condone platforms such as Facebook® (now “Meta”) nor Twitter® ~ as my time is better worth spending on content, than engaging frivolous contempts. My own LinkedIN®, next to Google+ (and before then ~ Blogger)  were the only platform/s where I have been posting my content. But absence of viewerships forced me to “give up”, coincidentally with Google+ timing of its shutdown (yes, the entire social media) channel. Hence, why I’m offering to the public the entire year(s) of channel’s activity, posts, memes and viral campaigns; all downloadable in one Zip File here.

So why did not share the above news at all? One reason – judgmental double standards aka. “Career Pigeon-holing”.  Any update you “share” in social media ~ is in more ways than one likely to be seen by a potential “employer”, a “client”, an industry “prospect” or “lead” ~ all in disguise of “friends” or “connections” to snoop, bicker and judge.

 Any jobseeker having multiple ambitions likely remains questioned. “Where’s your loyalty? I’m confused”. Whereas were the same being asked of an “employer” ~ they’re immediately showered with corporate compliments. “Cross-Disciplinary Accolades“, “Disruptors” of the industry, to name a few.

Me? I am insignificant. Each time I am questioned “Where do you see yourself in five years time?” I strive for a bold, yet “humble” answer. I briefly mentioned them of this initiative and myself as an aspiring author.  Yet all I get ~ is a perplexed silence before dismissal “That’s all for now, thank you.”.

All virtue-signalling aside, there was nothing else than for me to bear the old adage, “keep your chin up”.


2021 paves for what appears to be even more deprivations ahead.

I do not seek validation. I seek acknowledgement. As I am writing this, in its sixth time now, for reasons escaped me – people do not realise this blog, this concept initiative – actually exists. These very words on the page written by hours, days and weeks. This concept initiative calls for many things beyond “fitness”. Something that everyone wish someone else have had answered or experienced. Yet somehow never found or discovered by the outside world.

In next Part (2 of 3) I will get to describe an entire feature discussion surrounding my newly acquired experiences surrounding next to no supplementation ~ during training and breaking-the-fasts scenarios.


– AW.

End part 1 of 3.

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