Concerns & Assurance Statement

Utopia as Dystopia? (Summary) dissertation

(Updated 24th December 2023)

  • “Relative members of public”: Any individual(s) or third party(s) directly or indirectly related to This Author (AW)’s.
  • “Statement”: an expression, in writing without undue stigma or prejudice.
  • “Concerns & Assurance”: A raising of angst or worry(s) from any member of public, irrespective directly or indirectly related to This Author (AW)’s.
  • Other Key terminology disclosures
    • “WOL” ~ Way of Life
    • “WOE” ~ Way of Eating
    • “CKD+IF” ~ Cyclical Ketogenic / Low Carbohydrate + Intermittent Fasting

I, Andrew Wiguna as The Author (“AW”) behind this concept initiative hereby present a series of assurance statements, for that I am not in anyway expressing my hardships, be it however convincingly presented or signalled as such throughout this initiative since 2016 ~ as stern long-term conviction.

Firstly, I assure that by way of reframing my history, background and/or circumstances – I present a convincing belief that this concept initiative is aimed to encourage self-autonomy rather than submission towards Collective Authority. Self-autonomy here is what I refer to as self-stewardship by way of exploring nutritive paradigm(s) and engagement in critical insights. Collective Authority is what I refer to as any institutional paradigm(s) proclaiming statistics eg epidemiology, as absolution of rule(s), policy, guideline(s) and/or template(s) upon the masses at the expense of individual variable(s). Altogether, I provide not only as a lone witness (“N=1”) account but also to provide, so long as (readers’ own) self-indemnity is adequate ~  series of actionable principle(s) for readers to exercise, adopt, or adapt into their own motions of living / WOL / WOE.

Secondly, I hereby hope to assure that whatever hardships I disclose, to not be received or perceived in anyway dismissive or alienating, especially when communicated amidst public spaces or with any Relative members of public. “Relative” here refers to – work or industry colleagues, family members, family relatives direct or indirect. “Public spaces” is what I refer to as work or non-work related environment or settings that I reside, frequent or wherever I am simply present.

Next, I assure that nothing, thus far throughout this concept initiative’s history proclaim any interest towards monetary gains, profitable motive or statistical ‘vain’. Consequently – I have absolutely no intention at all to fabricate, deliberate or falsify my experience(s) in order to gain, or to seek validation in form of arithmetic(s). These arithmetic(s) are what I refer to “vanity metrics”, evidently known today as “Likes”, “Subscriber’s Counts”, and/or “Views”.

Lastly, I’d like to console that this entire initiative is of my own personal reframe off-such turbulences, with benevolent incentives despite presented solely from my own insight and observation ~  at purveying scientific journalism. These include research amidst alternative nutritional science,  and of all ~ imploring individual path(s) towards self-stewardship and scientific autonomy.

Only under, or at my discretion when a most astute or emergency overrides beyond my compensative control, finances, and/or resources allow then ~ I may seek last-actionable resorts. Whether these “resorts” involve known or unknown third party(s) remains at my own discretion to choose, as accordingly to the context and severity of this sudden or unforeseen circumstance. 


Andrew Wiguna

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