Information Resources & Toolkit (Part 2)

Here in this part 2 is a continuation of me sharing various noteworthy resources as a toolkit to assist as adjunct references surrounding this concept initiative.


By no means this entire writeup intends to replace any existing scientific peer reviewed literatures nor intend to replace existing clinical supervisions. I aim to revise these hopefully as time allows from my end.  Please conduct firstly with your guiding physician where applicable, and before conducting your own N=1 brainstorming. Your own health remains ultimately your own indemnity. Due to enforced paternalism, direct copying and paste is prohibitive, despite benevolent intent. Unless if a reference originated from either as Creative Commons or that of Public Domains  ~ I may only share links, URLs and/or citations of the authors, affiliates and/or sources on those that bear sensitive trademarks or copyrighting.

Live-It-Forward, AW.

Influencers & Research

Do I follow a “predictable” aspiration, dogma, or idols?

This justifies another full length write up as this is highly varied as per to context (nutrition? personal philosophy? sociology? way of life?). Let me preface & stress that my definition(s) behind the pursuits of Health and Fitness are distinctly personal and “selfishly” mine alone. I may only summarise these as nothing else than self-authentication for autonomy.

I do not confine myself to any”one” or ideology. The reason behind my own suggestive nutritional method (CKD+IF) is endless liberty.

Hub / Research Portals

Sci-Fit deserves a worthy mention as they are not funded by external sources. They also run a very comprehensive databases of exercise related science and nutrition shared openly for the public.*

*UPDATE MARCH 2023* ~ Unfortunately Sci-Fit’s entire databases “Ketogenic diet study collection” and “Weight Loss and CICO study Collection” ~ were both removed from the site entirely.  At the time of this finding (specifically Saturday 18th March 2023) it is not known as for the reasons or rationale behind their deletion. 

Another worthy mention is  which I consider it an accessible database on supplements for everyone. Throughout the many years of me bookmarking, they excel at providing surface bird’s eye / ‘meta-analysis’ at a glance outlooks on each supplement’s mechanistic studies, backgrounds and their effects on various category of concerns usually stratified by metabolism, immune, endocrinology to name a few. On side note, they’ve recently revamped/restyled their already (previously) excellent and usable UX / UI.

What about recommended text books?

Were there a “text book” for Ketogenic Diet, it would simply be Lyle McDonald’s original 1998 book. Quite simply put, there are many things to this day I remain obliged to refresh and re-learn ~ my understanding onto the nuances of low carbohydrate even after years CKD + intermittent fastings.  Consequently as both direct and indirect references (which Lyle himself proclaim as his own mentor) ~ I have also well read various excerpts off Dan Duchaine’s BODYOPUS. As well ~ as Dr. Mauro Dispasquale’s Anabolic Diet.

BODYOPUS is somewhat both lyrical and poetic reading experience. For some, this might be a little encumbering due to lack of objectivity of the actual protocol (“BODYOPUS”) itself as it is explained only until much later chapters (1/4 way of the book onwards). Anabolic Diet on the other hand is very simplistic, very straightforward utilitarian approach with conventional “retail” minded impression.  Neither is “better”, as my entire write up here is not about reviewing books. Both are, next to the Lyle Mcdonald’s classic 1998 book ~ an essential base reference, in my humble opinion.

The Content creators and Authors within Nutritional Science, health and Wellness.

Nutritional Science

The following is a curation of authors and content creators I have followed as an audience for many years:

  • Chris Masterjohn PhD, Dr Rhonda Patrick, Dr. Peter Attia MD,  prime exemplary(s) for years and ongoing generousity ~ for providing free academia, insights, guest podcasts, to name a few.
  • Doctor Bernstein ~ Bernstein Diabetes University ~ is another I find noteworthy as he is not as prolific as other channels, and thus not as infomercial-centric in all of his uploads. For many years, I am finding his 1+ hour long Q&A session, mostly involving real enquiries from existing Type 2 and Type 1 diabetics useful even if he’s addressing each and everyone of them with generic yet still highly practical insights.
  • For quite some time in humble beginnings of 2015 I have also been a keen reading on Professor Andros’ Suppversity articles. Another hidden gem and source of immensely deep solo-research portal.Whilst many of his articles are quite lengthy, and at times detailed where it cannot be read in one instance ~ Suppversity no doubt appeals to everyone provided they have enough time, even if just for a glance.
  • Lyle McDonald ~ creditable for writing the first ever definitive book (for both practitioners and nuanced readers) to Ketogenic Diets. And whom I believe sets and formalise the entire refeeding approaches to low carbohydrate formatting to accommodate fitness and resistance training.
  • On a more elusive following ~ and despite polar opposite views as to what I’m doing ~ I find Dr. Raymond Peat fascinating ~ both as an artist, educator and writer ~ whom I’d say esoteric. As a long time reader I have witnessed and following the two (2) separate community forums ~, and . I am not fully acquainted as to the rationale why such a split beneath the two forums, but this Reddit forum post suggests various possibility(s) which for the sake of respect I shall not disclose.
  • Paul Jaminet’s “Perfect Health Diet” (aptly named) appears to be pragmatic at sharing ideas and methodology(s) I consider accessible and approachable to most people.

What about those whom are less known / less travelled?

And here is a few yet, deservedly just as noteworthy authors and channels :

TLDR  I am by no means restrictive to “favourites” nor do I subscribe to any “icons”.

What about the theoretical / academic channels?

On top of each and every one of prolific channels I mentioned above (and many more which I apologise yet to list them here) ~ I have also been for a number of years, and throughout my certificate-level personal studying days (circa in 2017) for thoroughly endorsing ~ Ninja Nerd, and AK Lectures / Andrey K Lectures for them offering hundreds of hours, if not arguably  complete theories and lessons on Biochemistry. Of course, much is beyond me and my (arguably less than fundamental) credentials. The very fact that I had to find outside information when I am tasked at describing what an “ELISA” is, and to provide an example of what “a Rate-Limiting Enzyme calculation” all proved the necessity for one to go above and beyond further research ~ just for the basics. 

What else, other than Biochemistry? Biochemistry to me is, whilst very theoretical in its pursuit, led me to other academia realms out there that potentially overlap practicality and theory in the real world. One realm  that I believe most people sadly and wrongly stereotype? “Nursing”. 

“Nursing” is much less about promoting in-home “palliative” care (that is, a form of medical practice at relieving symptoms, rather than critical intervention). For sometime over the years I casually watched over a few Nursing Youtube® channels and found them fascinating just how they interlap the theoreticals of biochemistry into actual, pragmatic awareness in everyday clinical situations. 

Certainly there are other countless channels I regularly glanced, to pass the time. I remain thankful and do apologise nonetheless, for the many out there whom are sadly not as prolific or at least hidden away from very first pages of search engines.

Although it would be gratifying ~ my ‘channel’ is less about being picked up Google® or Youtube®. It’s whether or not whoever “many” or “few” who happen to stumble across this lone concept initiative of mine – to  acknowledge and ably relate to the many bridging themes I share as frank dialogue/s  between decentralised nutritional science, Economics, and a slight layer of philosophy. Minus moral pitchforks.

This is an interim conclusion mark WIP/ work in progress statement for the Information & Resources toolkit Part 2.

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