2023 CKD+IF Food For Thoughts Part 3/3

2023 Collage

I decided, that instead of finishing this part with the usual disclosure on “what I have done” – I am gathering a series of “to-do” list for the next year with the hope I can attend each of them as best I can. Before I am wrapping up my thoughts, I also would like to share a little about the few books I’ve read, albeit only on high-level.

My “To do list” for next year.

On top of simultaneous responsibility(s) – that as an aspiring author, my industry’s bread-and-butter, and training routines morning and night(s):

Outstanding content-writing & production to come. On top of continuing on the top-to-bottom  re-writing of the parent manuscript ~ I have over  more than ten (10)+ Final Cut Pro X actual projects that remains outstanding or pending re-editing and/or surveying the footages and various take(s) into final compositions. A few among the priority topics that I am hoping to complete, are as follows:

  1. Non Negotiable Staples (in context of CKD+IF) (Long form content).
  2. Self Journalling – the “how to” high-level tutorial and overview. (Long form content).
  3. Updated recipes and methodology instructionals for 2024 (Short & Medium form content).

Reclaim prior nutritional WOE / way of eating. People often trivialize any change of living as though it is inconsequential, until it hits them in the face. Considering I couldn’t cook for four months and resorting to processed alternatives, four months straight, have been more than somewhat challenging.Once I move out again, re-establishing personal routines is obviously a priority.

Research and plan more writing on mental health. 2023 has been a train-wreck towards the psychological part of my life. I shall reserve sometime, hopefully, as an up-to-date retrospect on recent supplementations I have been using, in a similar fashion to my prior write-up on NO-Tropics.

Prolonged Intermittent Fasting – consider incorporating herbal tea. Much of this year’s stress have pretty much reserve me no chance, nor would I dare given the amount of stress day to night, constantly – to ever consider prolonged IF. However as what I previously wrote in my second prolonged IF trial, for next time – I’d incorporate herbal teas which I believe, though untested fully at my end ~ whether they can calm the nerves down, especially on later/evening parts of the fasting.

Assess the 6-7 day training frequency. In terms of sustainability, recoverability and feasibility I feel incredibly lucky  I somehow maintained all this without L4/5/S1  compensative tensions; given my indirect risk towards Ankylosing Spondyltis. Obviously, at some stage I will have to de-load or decrease overall exertion so to pave way at addressing other sorely inadequate areas. Particularly sleep quality.

Sleep. Throughout the last four+ months ending 2023 – my sleeping window do not start until 1AM or even later on any given day. Daily and collateral obligates mounting – I must somehow take action to mitigate these next year. Difficulties however, remain in the details at changing every-other-parameter of my WOE and WOL. Which that also involve further adjustment my fasting and feeding windows.

Noteworthy Books.

Despite this year’s near-constant stress, made me discover something I’ve been negating to do as a “break”.

Every weekend, effectively since February – I drove and stop intermittently to approx total of 90 home opens (I lost count # of brochures handed out). Irrespective gushing rain or sweltering 40 degree heat ~ the most display opens I attended were up to SIX (6). Some scheduled straight one after another. Some spaced out 1-2 hour inbetween(s) all in one day. That totals to anywhere between two to four hours of driving out and about 50-60 km in mileage total. For one weekend. Times approx forty. And not only that – I have my (additional) accessory training. Once again, all in fasting state.

Despite all that, I found public Libraries an essential temporary get-away.

Moreover, the 250+ references and citations on my own book rewrite progress so far, made me realize it is a little bit limiting to just scientific literatures and independent content authors. Hence, I begun casually leafing through books, in the hope to attain further possible references from the public domain, freely accessible to all. Here I am reading anywhere between alternative health, nutrition and also a little on psychology and philosophy.

Be forewarned that my thoughts here are preliminary from high-level.

Outlive by Dr Peter Attia ~ a proposal to evolve the world of Medicine as we know it. From version 1.0 (the Tabula Rasa / “blank-slate” of medicine), 2.0 (the present) to 3.0 being the hopeful future. The 3.0 here is what Peter emphasize individualization and optimization. Less about conformity to normalcy and/or paternalism. Very large book. Filled with Peter’s very interesting and diverse industry backgrounds ~ medicine, mathematics, finance, sports, and then (back) to medicine.  I am yet to fully summarise even half of it succinctly in my own head. Most but not all chapters begin with with testimonial / biographical like narrative, before then gradually the pragmatism / take-aways be it philosophic or objective to derive later at the end.

The Longevity Paradox by Dr Steven R Goundry ~ so far and at a glance, appears to be plant-based centric WOE as its proposition. Quite straightforward to read but also comprehensive with supplements and what-to-eat section. I found the mini chapter on myth-busting ~ particularly that fast metabolism is “good” mantra as particularly noteworthy.

Now ~ a special section on 12 Rules for Life…

At last, I get to actually sit down and glanced through the most talked about book during our ‘plan’demic.  Is all that HYPE worth it? ….Well, very difficult for me to answer. 

The “antidote” to “Chaos”, as indicated in the front cover ~  is heavily tied to Biblical and/or Theological expositions.  Strictly at present, I am somewhat dubious about this. Because it is a form of self-help, that which I cannot help but feel forced to submit to its preachings as accordingly to the highest order of “value-hierarchy”. That inevitably, demands heavy referencing from Biblical narratives.

I absolutely have no problems in its condensed preposition on what is good versus evil. In actuality, I do feel some authentic guilt/ignorance/remorse in (at least) one of them, particularly rule #6.  But many, though not all of the “rules” I am gathering thus far ~ read more like contemplative expositions that are almost 100% reliant on Religious metaphors. Objective pragmatism therefore can be at times difficult to derive, as a result.

With all due respect, I shall stop right here from disclosing further “opinion”. Because I am just a “nobody”. Call me sheepish. But I’d rather reserve any volatile opinion(s) for myself.

Dr Peterson is clearly above and beyond my level of intellect. But I notice his views, not specific to Religion are perhaps far too elusive for me to relate to, at present. Other prolific content authors and intellects likewise echoed similar sentiments. You can see them for yourself here (14:00 onwards all the way to the end), here and here.

At the end of the day everything that an influencer say, suggest, project, or propose ~  is up to readers’ own introspection amidst their own variable circumstance.


Mark Manson ~ Everything is F*cked
Mark Manson ~ Everything is F*cked

As I was writing this conclusion, I was simultaneously and quite literally at the same time ~ leafing through Mark Manson’s Everything Is Fucked.  

A very fitting book given our state and times of the world, as we know it. In times of uncertainty, faith and hope are often heralded as our saviour code against these odds (and more). But these codes – are they backed… against what? Through what evidence does this faith is built upon?

A particular line stood out. I quote ~ “This is our challenge, our calling: To act without hope. To hope for better. To be better.” ~ Manson (pg 129). This coincided with the very last and final statement I spoke, in front of camera, for my (viral attempt) video feature on the Mouse Utopia. That, in the worst of circumstance our authenticity(s) quickly becomes tested. There comes a point, that we must say to ourselves – “so “be it”.

Of course, none of these signals or objective take-away, mine included – are easy to incorporate to our variable, involuntary chaos. Not as easy as telling yourself “okay, I will do better next time”. Neither is it an action to put into our to-do-list, or New-year’s-resolution, either. Not easy as in – this or that predicament is already happening. Because we are all IN it. One has to act, despite everything there is, to come.

Manson uses the word “Despite” fervently in few of the chapters, that I believe it is of key importance. Despite everything that is happening, pain is always indirect. It is with us. No matter how good your life was the previous minute, previous hour or previous day – someone, or something ~ will cloud everything. So far, I know for certain that I am a slow COMT methylator; predisposing me to ruminating. Despite that, I had to take ownership. And despite however hours or days it takes for me to get over something – I must resort to remain productive or at least, be distracted by something else more productive.

I don’t know whether the above is in indicative anyway as “cure”. But one thing for certain, despite all that – I am somehow able dealing with one (1) odd after another. To “be” with the problem.  This of course, is not without its questions either. And probably best left for another feature writing altogether.

I’d like to end this year with a slight spoiler alert on what my next revised parent manuscript, has to offer.

One (1) philosophic statement. That which I reserve, within the beginning chapter(s). The path to wellness is truth be told ~ a “lonely” one. Stress is a potential friend. Loneliness is certainty. But Experience ~ company.



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