Self Journalling Tool (August-December 2023) Now available

My sincerest apologies for what it seems to be a long delay, but I hereby presents the next six-months of the Journalling Tool. Publically available, free for all, free for use, starting today.

Make a copy towards your’s own ~ Google® Sheets Account by clicking here. 

For instructions please refer to the following walkthrough. Keep in mind however that this is neither authoritative nor prescriptive. Nobody writes the same way as another when it comes to journalling highly personal matter(s) surrounding health and fitness.

As a “journal”, this Self-Journalling Tool enables you to :

  • Direct daily entry of thoughts and insights (for macro calculations please refer to Myfitnesspal® or Cronometer®).
  • Track glucose levels overtime.
  • Track ketone levels overtime (optional).
  • (optional) track any one (1) extra customary criteria of your choice.
  • (optional) allows you to insert and/or upload (subject to your own Google® account drive capacity) two images per week.
  • Quickly gather “summary” weekly and monthly insights as collated in the “Summary” Tab.


There is bound to be one or two months where instead of four (4) reporting weeks ~ five (5) is required. This is to ensure the overall formatting is maintained and coincide as month-to-month.

How to use.

  • Please make a copy to your own Google® account.
  • Read the “Welcome” tab, this is a general overview of this Self Journalling, and disclaimer recite behind this entire concept initiative (
  • “Abbrev” tab collates all abbreviations. This is at present manual and is not dynamic. You must responsibly manage these at your own circumstances and/or needs by ways of manual Find + Replace command within Google Sheets.
  • “<Month #>” represents each weekly journalling period.
  • “The Summary” Tab collates all of the Summary End of Week notes.

Thank you.

As reminder this is meant to be a personal accounting unless you consent yourself otherwise ~ to share its contents elsewhere. You hereby agree this is both a journalling and self-accountancy tool at your own indemnity and responsibility.

If this Journalling Template helps you in any way, consider leaving comments, thoughts and/or feedbacks.



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