Utopia as Dystopia? Feature dissertation (Summary)

After hundreds of hours script-writing, dozens upon dozens of recording takes across THREE camera phones, staying up bleary-eyed 2AM witnessing FCPX crashes, kernel panics, and corrupted project libraries amidst (pending) failing hard drives – I hereby present nevertheless my very first (serious) video dissertation.

“Climate change”, droughts, end of the world prophecies, social justice warriors, metabolic syndromes, diabesity, mental illnesses, “this” inequality, “that” inequality, oh my. What a great time for us to live in.

Yes, I have been very camera-shy for the last four long tears. But the last hundreds of hours were decidedly spent at presenting myself and my thoughts – right upfront, frank and stern. All at imploring how we can address all the above from a decentralised perspective of Nutritional Science.

This is controversial for a reason. Because enquiring against Nature itself, likely will not involve comfort. No matter who you are, irrespective of “sides” you’re in. I believe there is something we can all learn here; for our own “selves”.

Note and point of trivia: everyone has a “starting” point of showcasing their very own dissertation to the wide online audience. Likewise, this is my very first attempt at presenting, showcasing, editing and producing single handedly. Encompassing all skills amassed both individually and professionally; amidst structural impositions. 

Bibliography / URL reference list

These are appearing in order of chronological order.

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  5. In 2017 men died by suicide 3.54x more often than women.
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    Post Amerika
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  21. “Please remain calm…Climate is beyond our power to control.[…]”
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  22. “Based on well-established evidence, about 97% of climate scientists have concluded that human-caused climate change is happening.”
  23. “No.”
    Dr. Jordan B. Peterson
    Former advisor to Mr. James Laurence Balsillie “UN Secretary-General panel on Global Sustainability”
    Response to question “Do you think climate change will unite us all?”
  24. “During my forty years of medical practice, I have never seen anyone die of high cholesterol (and neither has any other doctor).”
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  27. Prepare for a Lobster-Full Future: Acidic Oceans Could Help Some Critters
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I entrust my viewers to have read the disclaimer at the first section and understood them sincerely, before proceeding onwards.

Viewerships and further thoughts from your end are appreciated.

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