(Self Journalling Vlog) Novavax Second Dose ~ Week 2 Thoughts (27th March 2022)

So here is my second week of summary + BIG coverage presentation on both food selections and nutraceutical supplementations I have resorted to throughout weeks worth of symptoms management upon the first and second dosage so far.

This video presentation demands your full and patient attention. A reminder once again my channel is information density. Not sensationalism frequency.

Another reason why I am focusing on delivering yet another “birds eye” summary of “what I have done” is because the Internet, in general, likely demands everything explained to them again and again, on a silver plate ~ the latest of all latest ~ “summary” of all “summary(s)”.

If you are new to this channel please acquaint yourself by reading this overview “Where/how shall we begin?”, and please read all Limited Indemnity Disclosures ~ as stated here .

General Disclaimer
This is only an insight of N=1, my own and mine only ~ involuntary circumstance. Beyond just self health & fitness reclamations ~ I contemplate and purvey dialogues amidst structural impositions and barriers to livelihood, psycho-social stress, and access to both employment + mortgage rights. This entire concept initiative is never intended to objectively “prescribe” nor confide as panacea against all variable circumstances. Nor it intends to override existing terminal / clinical supervisions. Despite humble education out of my own finances ~ I am not a registered nurse, institutionally accredited dietician, medical doctor, physician or clinician in any manner where I can readily prescribe clinical suggestions. Irrespective of “influencer”,  “coach” or “dietician” or “doctor” you follow, subscribe or abide ~ your own health and wealth remains entirely your own  N=1 variable for self-authentication. You must, wherever your  finances/leverage ably provide ~ opportunities for metabolic and/or physiological testing markers be it glucose monitoring, and/or esoteric consultancies be it nutrigenomics and/or food sensitivities.   Learn for yourself, keep for yourself. Live-it-forward, AW.

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