Obliged update(s), and advance notices for the next month(s) ahead

I feel obliged to disclose what I have not been able to do so for a long time – updates surrounding my circumstance(s) both living and certainly of this entire concept initiative and ambition of mine eight years onwards to the date as I am writing this, so far. The following outlines the next series of events to inform my audience (however few) I will be very busy, that behind all perceived radio silences nonetheless have me preoccupied literally minute, by minute,  dawn to the following morning; at least until for the next few months.

*Change of living arrangement disclosure*
Of the various personal reasons, which I shall not disclose at length here comes my recent and circumstantial change of living arrangement. This footnote is never intended to imply nor fearmonger surrounding ~parents-&-children living-arrangements. However, suffice to say living back with family is not without their own (inherited one would say) ~ politics. Specifically – paternalism reaching to questionable infantilization; day in and out. Daily avoidance away from these therefore, routinely warrant a safe(r) haven. Indeed our worsening cost of living crisis enforced us all  to make-do and adapt with changing times. But any change should, I hereby hope – reconcile all parties to respect and acknowledge the need to support one another by their own individual independence; by neither being too intrusive, obstructive, nor lenient. ~ AW. </rant>

Personal circumstances. Moving home (temporarily) and then moving out again.

Everybody deals with a crisis. No “big deal” for them, surely – provided they’ve surpassed it all. My time – resurfaces just after being dealt with misfortunes for six+years. And I was given a deadline: One (1) year. To reverse and reclaim everything that I have lost. And more.

I have to downsize. Selling my property, but firstly renovate with all the associated logistics. Reclaim, rebuild my finances. Moving back to my family, temporarily; although albeit with numerous lifestyle and nutritional restrictions. Before then – I have to urgently be looking to move out again, as my existing home is pending for its sale in due time, in best optimism to help establish the next funds for my next home.

But now? The time is ticking to just a matter of few months left. Inflation, mortgage crisis et al ~ enforced family decision to make this overall transition sooner, before all panic-buying believed to ensue sometime in October / November.


I shall speak no more. There is just so much at stake, at so few of a time.

I will not be making any more videos soon, throughout these next few months.

It is highly unlikely that I am able to find my once-beloved privacy at producing and recording or the Youtube Channel; at least for the upcoming series of months to come. Privacy is obviously something I extremely value – the same I’d wager with anyone else who create content, either for their lateral ambition or for a living.

I will however aiming to continue writing and publishing more Sneak Peek draft writings, as part overhauling the parent manuscript. Which that once again encapsulated as part of the entire rebranding of this entire initiative ongoing since 2020.

Manuscript Progress June 2023
Manuscript Progress June 2023

The rebranding progress ~ how is it going?

Long story short, I am increasingly more optimistic the rebrand is more or less nearing complete. Not withstanding however, the endless anxiety that comes with any branding project be it for personal and/or for actual client(s) ~ the intellectual property boundaries, and due diligence Originality checks.

Nothing is original, there I say it with a degree of nihilism. Someone else, somebody, have already by now stolen or proclaim they have long withstood their own – be it vision and/or mission – far before my own.For those who are not aware, my primary bread and butter revolves around the creating,  manifesting and evolving – intangible proof of concept(s) into ~ technical, responsive and tangible – proof of stake(s). In short one liner -a multi-disciplinary creative.

The rebranding process here involves to name a few:

  1. Naming and titling ideas (obviously), including vision and mission thematics, straplines etc.
  2. The branding processes. A long one. Which I will not bore anyone.
  3. Digital Design ~ UX / user experience – including entire web design, and entire web redevelopment. We’re not talking mere months of tools exploration. We are talking about one year+ worth – of troubleshoot one platform over another. Entire failures and re-starts from scratch. 

The 50+ FInal Cut Pro X timelines, beta videos, beta recordings over various topics that I have started all the way back since 2020….still remains withstanding for revisions.

People think they can be both a designer and an author. Whenever I hear or being passed such a confidence. I’d rather stay silent.

The parent manuscript rewriting ~ where is it heading?

I have now approached 300+ pages that I believe sets and distinguishes itself apart from other self-help books. I have included writing entire new chapter(s) that focuses solely on the objectivity and to fullfill everyone’s curiosity over “what to expect” – to contend with this way of life, through Cyclical Ketogenic + Intermittent Fasting ~ not just through the lens of one month or one year.

But as “journey” and hypothetical “beyond” ~ decades and onwards. Of course, I am not a fortune teller. Nobody would be proud bearing such responsibility, less than their own accountability.

I have introduced topics that people often deem as esoteric – in manners I implore as far more connected advance scientific and philosophic openneess – that how we both perceive and receive ~ nutritional science and philosophy together may indeed bear similarities that neither, not even the best of “Scientific Method” can serve as a linear panacea against all the world’s problems. Micros and macros. Small and large.

Manuscript Progress June 2023
Manuscript Progress June 2023


I very rarely share personal circumstances, for I know being a very small, and insignificant at that ~ aspiring author and content creator amidst alternative themes of nutrition, structural inaccessibility and wellness – to be thrown with all sorts of virtue-signals and vitriol.

Reading the above may not seem significant, as everyone “goes through it”. I am not disclosing any of these for arithmetic “validation”. Rather – a frank, existential acknowledgement over the message that such exists in this “second life” or ambition that I am not here to boast as yet another case for Survivorship Bias. The reason why this entire initiative is so difficult to create and produce content, is because of its multi-dimensional purveying of holistic (scientific +philosophic) benevolence.

Living under structural inaccessibility, sans consent, for six+ years ~ I’ve learned that silence is strength, despite however frustrating. If I can withstand knee jerk judgments, the universe I believe, repays itself.  Say what you will, and I will not judge. Opinionate if you must, but I will not listen.

Oh and one one other thing. Throughout this initiative beginnings in 2015 – none of this is made through “templates”. I have not nor can I afford external “editors” or “marketers”. And no, I do not resort to  “Automation”. “Artificial Intelligence”. And/or “Chat-GPT” assisted inputs. I am bound at some stage to write about this.

As a “creative”, I stand by what I create solely by own existential evidence, that whatever I express and/or write is what tangibly originates out of me and mine alone ~ to thereby seek acknowledgement, that my very existence – exists by my own actions.

…Not by whatever is pre-determined on behalf of me, be it a machine and/or algorithm. Perhaps Picasso was right, after all?



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