It’s official – I have been studying

It's official - I have been studying
It's official - I have been studying

It’s official. I have decidedly returned to studying and also revamping my visual identity.

The last few weeks have seen me pretty much occupied surrounding upon my newest endeavour’s despite worsening financial circumstances – my will to return to studying in a new career pathway. Predominantly within the realms of Nutrition all at a certificate based level.

Before anyone asks if I am happy to accomodate yet another student debt…. no. That is only a pipe dream at best should one able to possess enough leverages to fulfill it.

What/where I’m studying

I decidedly not wishing; at this moment – disclosing openly as to what institution / education provider I am studying from.

If anyone insists otherwise that’d be only visibly accessible via my curriculum vitaes (of which I have a total three + summary condensed CV) over at my LinkedIN® profile.

Note however that I am yet to actually update the above collateral as I am also planning (and have been quite busy working around the clock for week/s) on the full actual rebranding of my visual identity.

Various work snaps of motion graphics update & typographic breakdowns below.

My primary website ( and also obviously – the rest of my printed collateral – are also still pending to numerous visual rework/s to match with the above entire rebrand styling and pallete.

Stay tuned when it all completes..

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