Humility says hello to the world (Version 1.752) + new landing page

Humility says hello to the world (Version 1.752) + new landing page

Yet another revision done. Now available for Download. Free for viewing and reviewing.

What’s New (Version 1.752 October-December 2019)

1/4 Extended margins layout & change of typography styling

Once again, another resort to pragmatism. Another master grid layout update. Whilst still retaining the previous 9×9 grid philosophy, the text margins are now expanded to allow more content insertion.

Also, to improve coordination and branding consistency. Feature typographic changes here are made to reflect closely to that of my other book – This Is™ About Dietary Advanced Glycation End Products.

What's New (Version 1.752 October-December 2019)

2/4 Entirely new Chapter: “Starvation and Satiety”

For once, this is first attempt at trying to dwelve into the more technical aspects at answering this question: “What biological markers defines what enough means?”

First & foremost, readers may wonder – why does it take so long to come up with this Chapter? Answers to this vary immensely. Inbetween priorities of other projects, feature blog article/s needed writing, and then structural impositions; ranging from lacking academia privileges (hint: it’s all financial – since when carrying additional $40,000 student debt whilst only with $40 per day austerity ever sounds like a good idea!). On top of it all, smile it all off day in, day out whilst grinding hundred(s) of hours on script-writing, recording/s and video editing for my very first feature dissertation; alongside various motion graphic features to accompany this initiative’s lone existence. 

I assert that this Chapter is to be received only as surface-level contemplation and information. Why? Because tackling this topic on what is “hunger”, “starvation” and “satiety” – are all extremely difficult endeavour, and likely reserved for more separate reference readings outside this book’s credentials altogether. Bordering towards not only your everyday Nutrition, but also that of Neuroscience, Psychology, Gut microbiome studies and Brain Chemistry.

Now imagine, streamlining all that complexity in one (1) writing. If anyone think they can both write and design a book “better” without feeling nay pressure, no envy from me required.

Nonetheless, this is for yet another milestone in this concept initiative history – something pragmatic and “technical” for all to learn from. Hopefully readers can piece themselves together these puzzles all that more pragmatically possible. On top of their existing research they themselves have done, and/or curated alongside their own Self-Enquirying – beyond the pages of this humble Book five years in its writing, thus far.

….And all this for free.

3/4 “Wars and realisations” section is now complete. As blog feature article.

As promised earlier, perhaps one of the most sternly written article/s next to my thoughts on the Mouse Utopia – “Wars and Realisations” is now finally complete.

View the article here. Once again, you are “free” to disagree or agree with your own opinion. But what you do with such an opinion is likely “not free” to live or to contend with afterwards.

4/4 New (landing) webpage

Again, to keep in consistency with the other companion Book, a newly designed landing page is here.


Prior versions.

I honestly declare my opinion that reading prior versions is not recommended. Because their readability remains unrefined compared to the latest versioning. The following (previous) blog announcements nonetheless represented all revision trail/s as history. From earliest to this very present versioning thus far.

Free as Air – for all sharing, viewing and reviewing.
Peace is Contextual Sufficiency. Violence is Contextual Insufficiency.

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