Humility Says Hello To The World – Book Version 1.5

Humility Says Hello To The World - Manuscript Version 1.5
  • This is an archived post specifically referring to this concept initiative’s predecessor (Nutritional Humility / Humility Through Frugality)
  • This is an archived post which may or may not have undergone further editing for readership accessibility. 

Version 1.5 is here. Download. Share. And thrive beyond normalcy.

What’s new – Version 1.5

The biggest and obvious is for me discussing the needs and implications of Intermittent Fasting. As I have written and set convinced – I have been for close to three months now – devoted towards the Intermittent fasting (16/8 method) since Christmas morning for ending 2017. All this with hopeful new – starting chapter of nutritional resilience.

I feel that now = is as good time as any for me introducing new subsection entirely within an existing appropriate Chapter (Ketogenic interventions). A further Q&A entirely dedicated towards Fasting, and within it – a sharing of current research and any possible contraindications. As I’ve best read up (both) quantitatively and qualitatively thus far.

Of course, none of this is ever possible without the much publicised pioneer/s of intermittent fasting gurus of our times. Namely the works of Martin Berkhans / Leangains method, and Dr. Jason Fung. I encourage everyone to follow their respective channels and read further into their work/s. 

For now let’s discuss the other big usability round of changes.

Humility Says Hello To The World - Manuscript Version 1.5


Low FODMAPs: A revisit.

If there is one thing that my book offers that very few willingly replicate if any; is my interest of scrutinising AND experiencing –  any connectivities and differences inbetween nutritional principles. …And to directly share with readers how I feel; anecdotally – by way of nutritional thoughts and experiences in combining one or more of these principles. A costly exercise indeed over the years. Anyone believe I’m lazy? A delusional luxury.

From Cyclical Ketogenic to Low FODMAPs. I have recently turned my attention lately towards carbohydrate sources (for amongst CKD regiment implementations AND/OR standard carby Intermittent Fasting regiment) that offers the most digestive comfort. WITHOUT EXCESS SLUGGISHNESS AFTERWARDS – upon entering the next fasting or standard ketogenic window/s. Should they feel extreme sluggishness or discomforts come during the next fasting window or the next day of Standard Ketogenic re-entry; this could very well be an indispensable wealth of information.

Well, consider this one last clue in the puzzle – fructose intakes and select intolerances – could explain the why on these concerns.


Blood-Type Diet; as Alternative Intervention – is now completely removed.

This may come at a surprise. But in the interest for me removing the Blood-Type intervention is not necessarily because I no longer follow its principles…..But simply because for the need of reccordinating much needed spacing in order for me to accomodate new and future sections.

I have thus instead replaced the previous Blood Type nutritional intervention with entirely the overview and history – of Ketogenic intervention instead. The two other prior interventions  (Specific Carbohydrate Diet and Low FODMAPS) – remain as they are as further insights of nutritional curiosities. Their principles of digestion and interestingly – favouring the use of digestive enzymes particularly betaine HCLs & Pepsins – still for many year/s to this day – undeniably coincided with my belief strongly to endorse them just the same.

Humility Says Hello To The World - Manuscript Version 1.5


New feature How To’s – Nutritional & Exercise Journalling and calculating your TDEE / Maintenance Calories – my prior hesitance.

I apologetically disclose that due to such immense changes from the prior Version 1.4 (over 500+ hours of work alone) – I hereby finally am incorporating the basics on how to calculate maintenance calories for the absolute beginner….Another reason for me to be (somewhat) hesitant to just proceed anyway is because of how ambivalent I feel relying on mathematical formulaes.

Let me explain why. Calculating and measuring is not the same thing.

Let us conjure in our heads two characters. The Mathematician / The Economist. Loves all things numbers and equations. The self proclaimed Nostradamus. And the Other – The Surveyor / Navigator. Loves all things practical and only adjust what he/she has seen or experienced thus far.

You’d already know what the Mathematician loves to do. Calculating. Speculating solution in a shorter amount of time. Calculating is fitting an already existing array of inputs into a formulae’ giving you a hypothesized future of a “solution”. A “Calculated” Equation. Assuming that your current inputs’ circumstances are FIXED.

The Navigator/Surveyor? He/she reacts what they see. It’s windy today, but what about tomorrow? They willingly react as accordingly to what mother nature provide them cues. Then statistically record their trajectory, as they go along. Measuring thus is a consistent; on going fitting of an already existing array of inputs – any values or digits you’ve ALREADY consumed is only used as a present “thus far  just a second ago” assessment. NOT a future solution eg. Day 1 on the scale = 70kg. Day 2 = 71kg.  hmm okay, <make adjustments on the fly>. Easy but laborious for sure.

Guess who actually wins in terms of pragmatic usability = The Mathematician/The Economist or The Surveyor/The Navigator?

It’s the latter.  Why? Realise and recall – that in order for any “equation” or a formulae to work validly for it all to “equates TO”- assumes that whatever you put in your variables/marker inputs are taken from STATIC state of physiology. Considering my epic-failure from Year 11 Physics (pathetic I know; for someone my ethnicity) – I am thus no Theoretical Physicist. But ‘variables’ in and of themselves are in my opinion changes all the time. An equation thus; only assumes that what it gives out – is only a number that is yet to be felt, experienced, carried out by the person / the biological entity – doing the calculation in the first place.

If you have no preconceived idea on what’s it like living or sustaining at consuming 1500 calories a day as a “final” hypothetical “plan” in front of you….then…well…there’s the problem. A plan is simply an experience yet-to-be-fullfiled.

Now compare those with the concept of “Measuring”- anyone can just track what they HAVE eaten. See how they weighs. Repeat for a week. Or Two. Work out which intakes gives the most consistent weight the longest period of time. Voila. Yes, this is a pain in the arse as one needs to take into account of what “averages” means back to their own biology. But at least it is the most pragmatic. Most logically-realised way of learning through felt-experiences. See what I’m getting at? No? here’s a common dillemma people have so much trouble in calculating their ‘maintenance’ calories.

ALAS – I have decided that maybe for the best of satisfying both end of audience – one being the Mathematician and one being a pragmatic Surveyor/Navigator – I created a how to table on setting up a maintenance calories. Step By Step formulae.

I have also provided two more feature tables elaborating upon how exactly one should write their own Journal/s into two (2) documents: one outlining their everyday nutritional journalling and experiences, including any side effects if any that needs attention. And another outlining entirely on exercise and training journalling. That which accounts their performance record/s in either strength or endurance training.

Of course – for newcomers who are completely blind to all of these – how do they get started to macro tracking? Here I have also set up another table showcasing them Myfitnesspal’s step by step instructionals. Before you ask – no. I am not paid by “them”.

Humility Says Hello To The World - Manuscript Version 1.5


New motion graphic featurettes

For 2018 I’ve decided to do a minor (yet still exhaustively somewhat difficult) aesthetic and sonic updates to the videos. First and foremost significant is the change of chosen soundtrack. This time I would like to feature Gary Butcher – Make It Happen. A Creative Commons 2.0 approved sountrack listing.I’ve decided to venture upon minute / precision exercises with monochrome masking within Final Cut Pro X. Giving a stern yet focused and sincere overall – tone and outlook of the entire branding presentation.

After all this project communicates solely about what not looks “good”, or tastes “good”; as however each politically defined (in no small part) thanks to the Pedestrian Normalcy. But to highlight what only is relevant to the human nutritional sustenance and physiology. Food, themselves. Nothing more, nothing less.

I may not be a full pledged editor or retoucher. My own conviction to churn out another motion featurette’s actually commenced back in August 2017. As a series of FCPX new generator tests – involving 3D rotationary Dropzones. With full-on camera DOF/s and advanced riggable parameters. However decidedly abandoned in October 2017 since my technical capacity to accommodate further revisions – wasn’t ready for it all.

What you see as a final result is actually AND ENTIRELY DONE  – on a randomized chance – of a FAILING external spare 750gb hard drive. If you can imagine my nervousness with some degree of hopelessness – for not able to spare any other backup solution/s…

No amount of money nor lottery can make me forget if such a disaster were to happen – if all that I’ve worked is lost. Irreplaceable. Unrecoverable. In an instant. If this thing survives in the next fifteen years, then I would have found my four-leaf clover.

Humility Says Hello To The World - Manuscript Version 1.5


A simple reminder – no social media subscription required.

Subscription to this yet-another-fitness survivorship or <sarcasm> food porn / Look-At-Me-10k-calorie cheat day shows </sarcasm>? Not in the slightest necessary.

I wish could I disable Likes system somewhere in that Youtube® panel. Alas sadly – narcisism unfortunately ranks better than self-incentivising – education. To think that Youtube allows us to disable comments. Why not also the liking system?

All I care (or this book cares) about is your own conviction and curiosity to change all the more resilient. At reinterpreting food – as resources. Not entertainment. After all, this book is all about reminding the potentials of you. During the toughest of times. Nothing more. Nothing less.

You are here reading this book for your own-selves to change. So ask yourselves once more – are you living towards yourself? Or away from all of your own being?

Download. Share. And thrive.

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