An obliged update

For those who suspect I have so far been off the internet, or “lazy” for lack of better word, I am obliged to present a series of updates amidst competing priorities.


55GB+ worth of work produced.

That is just for one month of July. In other words, ever since I pledged for the official rebrand of NH™ – what you see is pretty much evidence of how much work that has elapsed.

Just a surface; not including prior year of initial iterations and failed trial and errors.

So what the hell do these 55 gigabytes of work consists? Not including the entire rewriting and structuring of the parent manuscript as part of the rebrand ~

  • New photography and videography
  • New video recording attempts ¬ utilising LOGs camera recording workflow experiments (Logarithmic colour recording).
  • Entire series of video presentation remakes.
  • (All manual) custom reset of generators, titles and assets.

And more importantly  ¬ various takes / recordings for the promotional re-brand Youtube® uploads.

Then, there’s the new write up series ¬ “Self Meta”.

I admit I am not a researcher nor am I a full time journalist. But for anyone with rigorous attention span – would yearn to have an ambition, lateral or side  – worth not just mere minutes but days or years for intellectual stakes. Everyone needs to start from somewhere often in silence and unrecognised.

“Self Meta” ~ is a personal dialogue and synthesis ¬ from the thesis and anti-thesis.  Curiosity and personal academia initiative in other words; on various matters and confusions within nutritional science, to date.

This is not only a curation of “cliff notes” as mere copy and paste(s) for reduced attention spans. I am trying to bridge together pragmatic N=1 extrapolations, thoughts and thereby course of actions on the subject.

By no means I proclaim the above as  ego over any or all existing scientific journalism. I simply  do not hold such a worthy credential. But at least, I implore that every individual regardless of academia background or “authority” should be given their own selves freedom without paternalism, (“red tape”) or worse authoritarian “permission” to exercise critical thinking and therefore proofing their own individual synthesis.

I don’t hide anything apart from blatant embarrasments in copywriting. You will of course witness bold statements “WIP” or work in progress to indicate that unless I felt to a certain point satisfied with the progress; then I will remove this. But, writing on such nuance of course takes a long time.

Website redesign trials, errors and more errors, failures and frustrations.

For anyone who is not aware, my bread and butter is within creative and design industry; bearing cross disciplinary taglines.

Indeed I am blessed with recent full-time employment. And indeed I am blessed with many praises.

However not even the longest of time I have spent in any project, be it  “new ventures” or “new design process” or tinkering with “new design” systems, workflow or “plug-ins” ¬ would have me convinced things are getting any “easier”. Easier of course is subjective. It does not matter how “impressive” any piece of technology offer or promises to the user. What matters is the human capacity to fathom all implications, conscience and rationality. In other words As technology ensues, conscience must somehow reconcile along with it.

“Graphic Design” often is discounted as nothing else than a “pretentious” profession. Keep it simple! Make it Pretty! ~ are almost always confused as outcomes. But what about the logistics?

Why I opted such a vocation is because it provided me “logo” therapy. What is important therefore is not pushing pixels. Those are “things”. Arguably what is more valuable – are “themes”. Messages. Meanings. Context before contentment. Oh wait, I am losing my “audience” already.

There comes a point whereby constant learning and unlearning (to make way or room for the other) ¬ becomes too exhausting, and debilitating. Since beginning of this year, I have succumbed plenty of failures, and from it all frustrations inbetween website development platforms; for I am not entirely myself a “developer”. I am yet to find a pragmatic bridge between fidelity and feasibility.

Oh, and not only that.

I still have to rewrite much of the copy; each and everytime technical feasibility prohibits aesthetic fidelity.

I am only human.

I am as mundane as anyone else trying to make ends meet. Yet humble that I do not need a thousand “subscribers” as moral crusade.

Alas, people immediately assume being a “content creator” is a recreation. Try juggling all of that however, amidst your bread and butter. Health and fitness. Sanity and solitude.

You can indeed be confident in the head. “Yep I can be a content creator anytime!”. Wait until the bright studio light sets in, and camera rolling. I ‘d bet even the brightest socialite cannot escape word-finding; even with the best of script-readiness.

<Rant aside>

There is only a matter of time that someone nudges you to be perfect.

I am so tired and exhausted at times – that I felt almost relaxed. To me ~ that is already perfect.

Perhaps others can relate to this (or any of the above), that one day ~ they have something to live up to more than just a “hobby”. But proof of stake worth defending for. Worth every ambition to prove all naysayers wrong.




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