Wilks VS Kresser: Game Changers post film debate (timestamp)

An old post I kept private for sometime since December 2019. But only till now that I feel it’s right to repost this.

A conversation map to guide future prospective viewers. Take it or leave it; it is simply my imploration to help. This is for the (rather heated up) Kresser VS Wilks’s Game Changers post film debate, within the Joe Rogan podcast.


00:02:00: Wilks opening scrutiny to Kresser “Are you a nutrition expert?” Wilks assertion the importance of authoritarianism ; aka. “appeal / surrendering to authority”. And (later on) value correctness singularity.

00:07:00: Wilks assertion at highlighting dubious practises behind industry-backed findings. Initial scrutiny of the doco’s seemingly emotive correlation exercise of meat intakes and cancer by alluding its severity to that as smoking causes cancer.  Then soon, 00:10:20: Wilks refuses at addressing Rogan’s unaddressed scrutiny.

00:13:50: Wilks critique on Kresser’s  quotation as being allegedly altered from simply adding up numbers to support his stance on dairy – prostrate cancer inverse correlation (71% showed no association + 13% decreased risk = 84% inverse relationship). However for almost 20 minutes of hostility – Wilks continued to deny any misinterpretations. 

00:25:00 : Wilks admits there is no correlation, yet still labels Kresser’s quotation as deceptive.

00:35:00 : Wilks continued to criticise Kresser’s egoism. By repeated questioning “so you do not trust any experts in their solitary field?”

00:38:00 : when Rogan questioned as to where how or what accounted to such evaluation that over 100s of Phds have reviewed the movie – Wilks repetitively claimed they all came from one agency -“Department of Defence”, “Defence Health Agency”. For approx 15 minutes, appeals-to-authority arguments persists back and forth intermittently in-between urgencies to advance conversation. 

00:45:15 – Kresser neutrality stance within nutritional science.

00:56:00 mins: Why meat is bad for you (returning to prior-train-of-thought debate) Heme iron absorption contexts / Fruits & Vegs offsetting harmful effects. And then at 00:56:30 – Wilks highlighting Kresser’s incompetence on interpreting medical literature.

01:06:05 : B12, Homocysteine. Then fat absorptions / need of B12 accessibility, stages of B12 deficiencies. Then soon at 01:29:40 Wilks admits animal products needs to be incorporated for B12.

01:37:10 Wilks claim B12 supplement is very affordable – $2 for entire year.

01:39:40 Protein discussion begin. Then at 01:44:50 Wilks also agree that combining plants and animal meats is good.

02:00:55: how lobbying industry backed-studies confounds meta-analysis verdicts.

02:15:00: <still haven’t returned back to Protein train-of-thought/discussion>. 02:26:15 Protein train-of-thought FINALLY revisited.

02:29:00: Wilks’ assertion on peanut butter sandwich, including the bread – is comparable to lean beef in protein. Comparison protein / cals charts later on.

02:55:30: Protein Quality train-of-focus FINALLY begins. Then later on 03:01:50: in the context of chronic protein deficits (30g per day) – Wilks agree – “get your protein from meat”.

03:10:00: Wilks agree that for maximum MPS requires higher protein brackets – 2.0-2.2g /kg. Then later at 03:14:15 – Digestibility of proteins. Plant proteins vs animal proteins = seems to be only  “few percentage of differences”.

03:20:00 – Wilks considering more series of TV releases on plant-based eating. 

03:22:00 – Endothelial function discussion begins. Kresser shared various studies on animal & dietary proteins improve endothelial functions, including low carbohydrate formatting. However Wilks dismisses all as potentially industry/lobby-backed findings.

03:27:00 – The “cloudy fat in the blood = poor endothelial function” argument. Before then Wilks proceed towards triglycerides, FMD / flow-mediated dilation association studies on animal based eating (yet low protein intake studies).

03:32:09 – Kresser included studies showing both COMBINED animal and plant based eating including SOY, milk, eggs = prevented post-prandial endothelial dysfunction. Wilks continued to suspect all as industry-backed / funded findings.

03:33:45 – (slightly hostile) Wilks once again questions Kresser’s competencies at interpreting literature.

03:35:00: creatine. Other counter arguments all remain yet to be discussed.

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