“Wars and Realisations” (separated Chapter from Book)

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“Wars and Realisations” (separated Chapter from Book)
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“Wars and Realisations” – is formerly a Chapter out of the main manuscript This Is™ Humility Through Frugality.  The reason for this separation as blog article is to accommodate spacing for future content. If you are new to this initiative, consider Starting Here. Welcome to the Internet’s least visited Independent thoughts on wellness and nutrition.


“So what is causing all these problems then? The contempts, the conflicts, greed, sickness, depression, obesity, cancers, syndromes?”

This Book can only provide so far as series of “hints”.

Hints which all seemingly funnels down to one consistent failure – inadmissions that  “Interpretations” are the underlying mediator of all frictions. We may use critical thinking methodology(s) (Physics vs Philosophy vs Economics) to seek validity of our concerns.

This Author nevertheless blatantly admits right out – that all three of the above thinking methodology “works” as synergy. Examining which of the three methodology that has the highest overriding power however, may prove the worthy-enough starting point of this discussion.

  1. Physicsis a subject so complex it is likely incomprehensible. Whoever proclaims as being able to comprehend the most layered jargons, in all far reaching realms & theories of mathematics – will likely be “the” winner. But to “win” what, exactly? Pride or academia fetish conquest? Should our thirst for correctness be not enough – should we resort to Artificial Intelligence? What if then, we disagree in some disproportionate amounts with AI’s hypothesis?  Should collective disagreements amounts to critical mass – do we have to go back to (collectivist) human voting policies, epidemiologies, and meta-analysis? And risk repeating history itself? 
  2. Philosophyis at best an existential contemplation of anything that is already happened. An afterthought. Proving as bleak reminders that many influential people who (away from fame or glamour) in spite of their strive for benevolence – do not get recognised or validated. At least long until after their death. Philosophy however are prone to also creating “by-products”. One prevalent of which is “Politics”. This is likely to be challenged however, as certainly not everybody has the capacity to fully Self-Enquire, and thus likely resort to the quickest route of decision making. Aka. any “path of the least resistance.”  

So that leaves only one realm of reasoning left. It’s called “Economics”. This one is interesting.

Economics – is an already “given”, natural imposition. It has been there for as long as Life or Matter – “exists” at giving away hints or cues for any living organism on how to best survive. Based on recognising on “what” is available; and what is not available.


“What is so important about Economics?”

This Author’s answer to this seemingly easy (yet very broad question) – would unlikely impress any enlightened academics.

Economics”, in This Author’s pragmatic definition – is that of solicited “reasoning” and “accessibility” through biological interpretation and efficacious (or consequently benevolent) partitioning of incoming “Resources”. Beyond food or income but also opinions, thoughts and/or ideologies. Breaking this definition down further – “reasoning” is formed from ration. Food and/or resources thus serve as early precursors to rationale. “Accessibility” – is observational awareness on self-assessment or self-measurement – of what sufficiency means. “Enough”, “barely-enough”, “fairly-enough”, etc.

The “difficult” part in all of this however, is that Economics potentiates both curse as well as panacea – to all of our concerns and turbulences.

This Author can still recall a particular passage from a social-economics text book from his youth – “An Economic problem can never be solved.”

The above sentiment goes to prove that it may be futile for any Economist striving to coordinate both production and distribution of all Resources pleasingly to that towards all equal measures of “Interpretations”. But one thing is certain – absolutely nothing in the body is made of equal measure – at meeting any or all structural impositions, circumstances or expectations – outside of it.

One may certainly adopts a vegetarian diet; as Climate Change continues to be widely believed as descending for the worst. Indeed this seems sound as suggested by various research (Peters, C.J., et al. 2016); finding that vegetarianism (but with dairy) constitutes best and productive use of agricultural land. However, as for whatever micronutrients deficiencies (Majchrzak D, 2006), (Stephens, BF. 2011), (Craig WJ. 2009) awaits us all from having to forego all meat consumption…remains yet to be shouldered. 

Nature is never equal. The logistics for meeting any desired Outcomes however, will likely constitute out of very unequal methodologies differing from one individual to the next; whose metabolic, genetic, sociological confounders  and interpretations justify – these chaos in motion. All of which are already incomprehensible, as soon as Life itself begins.

Simply succumbing to Totalitarian provisions over each and every individual agencies; via binary subserviences is unlikely a wise trajectory. Because an impending genocidal repeating of history(s) through “war(s)” and/or “conquests”; are likely set to repeat over and over again.

Jeremy Bishop @ Unsplash
Jeremy Bishop @ Unsplash


“Are you saying inequality must remain somehow?”

If we were to ask “nature” were it to have its own language – as either Biochemistry or Quantum Physics – the answer would likely be a resounding “Yes”.  Consider the goal of any Economics is to “economise”. Optimise within means. Yet first and foremost – a convincingly enough stimuli of one’s interpretation of his/her surroundings that something is somehow at an imbalance or inadequate – must exist. And thus must be in some measure – be felt to convincing proportion. Consequently forcing us to resort to autonomous compensative measures aka. contingencies or expendables.

All contingencies always, irrefutably – constitutes a cost. Whatever logistics behind this contingencies is; be it metabolic or physiological or whatever sociological instrument involves – is already in and of itself – cannot, and may not ever – be “equal”. Be it acts for “Benevolence” or for “Charity” – something of a currency must be replaceable and oxidised. Methylation, Gluconeogenesis, Ketogenesis, Glucagons, para-thyroid hormones, neurotransmitters are only few of much more nuanced biological contingencies.

Likewise, trying to remain thick-headed amidst writing hundreds of letters, job applications,  career diversification attempts; whilst simultaneously enduring  endless virtue signalling “Keep going!” all sounds hopeful indeed. Until that victim’s very own contingencies slowly erodes away at maintaining those abilities in the first place – now remanifests into more unequal measures for no longer able at affording this week’s petrol, food, or electricity or utilities.

Inflammation, cytokines, immune reaction, or some sort of genetic dis-orders – all remains as inescapable, natural Contingencies. They cannot be completely eradicated. Hence, “Inequality” cannot be fully eradicated.

Why does inequality must remain? Same reasons above – biology and sociology feeds on each other.

We keep tinkering like academia fetish for “correctness” –  towards recorrecting, resynthesizing, re-engineering – all of nature’s inherent chaos – towards “our” totalitarian emotions for “cause” and/or linear “morality”…And that –  is precisely the dangerous – theatrical play we’re imposed on; Structurally, altogether.

Jr Korpa@ Unsplash


“But what or how does “wars” have to do with nutrition, diabetes, and metabolic syndromes?”

Wars and/or state of violence is, truth be told – an outcome of Contextual Insufficiency. Cumulative and gradual desensitising of trust and empathy. When desire overlaps pain – one is immune to his/her own anger. 

We need not learn Biochemistry; to find that any malevolence brews out of individual’s increasingly loss of self-recuperation or reclamation should paternalism were to remain imposingly or structurally fixated on that individualFirst it copes with series of “adaptations”; be it calcium leeching of one’s bones, or the liver decidedly raise glucagons to increase blood sugars, and/or fatty acids at inducing temporary / physiological Insulin Resistance. Before then inflammation, and cytokines ensues amidst signs of anxiety, and cognitive incapacities. Should structural oppression and/or continued austerity continues, frustration then envelops before Violence and anger – manifests as final destination.

One of many dozens of hormones and neurotransmitters we thus far suspected at having important proximal mediators to the above chain of event(s); is Oxytocin.

The HPA (Hypothalamic Pituitary Axis) inside the brain; is responsible for coordination of all stress & endocrine hormone responses. It relies much on Oxytocin, alongside Cortisol – to keep an individual coping under prolonged episodes of turbulences (Donadon, FM et al. 2018).

Beyond the widely-proclaimed “romance” hormone, Oxytocin are well documented for its unprecedented role/s for human health. Cardiovascular and cardioprotective (Gutkowska, J. 2014). Several observational studies in humans as well as rats (Deblon N., et al, 2011) and (Qian W., et al, 2014) convincingly suggest that suppressed Oxytocin plays a causative role for obesity, metabolic syndromes; which that includes insulin resistance.

Also as we alluded to earlier in previous Chapter (Understanding Starvation and Satiety) – Oxytocin interplays greatly within that of other satiety hormones, from Leptin and Ghrelin to name a few.

So how do we best reconcile this hormone? We must – by and through each of our own capacitive selves – proceeds and maintain our own self-enquiring over what enough means. Would this fix everything? Maybe so, maybe not. Oxytocin isn’t necessarily the topmost “hierarchy” of all endocrinology. Because the human body is composed of many “-ology(s)” from cardiovasular, muscular, neurology, to name a few.

…And likewise on a “sociological interpretation level”-  This Book never proclaims itself as the scientific clairvoyance. However at the very least it is contemplative at hoping its readers accepts one irrefutable reality. In that Nutritional Science is the empirical symbiosis of ALL – variable interpretations.

Vasily Koloda @ Unsplash


So what can we do?

First and foremost, This Book proposes that we shall all tinker, and experiment only within pragmatic means of our own Authentic capacity; freely and away from structural ideologies and coercions. Reach contextual sufficiencies as frequently without raising contempts.

However to do this, requires a relentless self-enquiring; from likely that of fasting (reducing/omissions) to that of planned feeding (refeeding/reconsumption strategy). This Book proposes anecdote dynamism of Authentically cycling inbetween the two aforementioned realms – of  Scarcity and Abundance. Famine vs Feasting. Fed State vs Resilience. One cycle at a time. Redefining what “enough” means after all – requires cumulutive accounting and re-conciling between these two contrasting theme(s).

Beyond “Science”, This Author also implores its readers at raising their own willingness to periodically reflect existential reasoning. 

An underlying challenge of it all? We shall have to seek contentment in all of things. Without raising condemnations over another being/s.

It is perhaps better – to not use the word “challenge” at all. Consider it “responsibility” instead. “We are all responsible to seek contentment in all of things, without raising irresponsible damnations – over another.” One may wish to be become Vegetarian to purposefully seek “peace”. Yet if that vision “for peace” translates as agony or contempt over another human beings, then another self-enquiry likely necessitates in due course.

This Book never prescribe itself as any means towards an “Utopia”. But if This Author is ever questioned as to what constitute such an Utopia; he’d wagers it is an impending age of respectful synchronicity between liabilities and abilities.

The time of our play in this theatrical drama called “life” is finite. That carrot luring in front of you is all but a play on someone else’s part. Serve and apply your convictions – in the interest and curiosity of your heart. Centralised Politics, Authoritarianism – meanwhile – should at best reside as far away amidst all of minds, bodies and souls.


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