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This is part 2 of my write up on the Mouse Utopia. Read the first part here.

In short, do I believe this study is “good” for human based interpolations? Yes and No. First off, my “No” reasons as follows:

  1. First and obvious reason is – lack of natural cycles. Weathers and/or seasons dictate changes of hormonal repercussions. Just as seasons predetermine and affect food production and growth. Observational & association studies seem to suggest depression is linked to sun exposure or vitamin D alone. Sources – see here, here, and on older population study – see here
  2. Lack of nutritive-input variety, Nutrigenomics, asymmetry genetics biodiversity / recent skepticsms overall. In general, animal based studies are somewhat met with skepticism (see review study). Further, biological timeframe differences – mice and rats lives on average of two years, however some species can range as far as between five to twenty-eight! years (see study). How each of these species differences may confounds/play into physiological and sociological evolutions through time; may prove noteworthy to consider. Also, consider what the mice eats – it was “Ground Corn Cob” (Page 82). Nothing else. Does this mean animal studies are useless? Not entirely. We need scientific “scapegoats” after all, no matter how “cruel”. 
  3. Nil bacterial / viral threats / invasions. Calhoun and colleagues seemed confident at ensuring no viral or bacterial contaminations. All litters and faeces were removed every 4-8 weeks (page 82), that’s a global sanitation miracle – pretty much a new “clean toilet” refreshed periodically for all over the world. But reality have imposed on us  humans – tuberculosis, spanish flu, black death, to name a few – were enough to spell Doomsday(s) to the world many times over.
  4. Nil predatory dangers (also sharing to reason#1 & #3). I consider this to be a bridge between “yes” or “no” sentiment – but Universe 25 seems  too good to be true.We’ve long evolved to have survived against lions, tigers, wolves, vultures and killer eagles. Once again, the citizens of Universe 25 were almost too unrealistically simplistic to that of secured haven…. Although our modernity of civilisation today seems to pave its own way towards a somewhat sombre future. That is perhaps, an impending age of immobility. 
  5. ….There is no “labour”, No “employment”, No “slavery”.  Last but not least, when there is no concept or notion of “servitude”, it’s very difficult how this would translate to human civilisation….   


Wow, so that’s it then? Done and dusted as “No”? Not exactly….Because for all my “Yes” – comes as four very convincing separate thoughts as follows.


“The Beautiful Ones”; what are our’s (and mine’s) human signs?

Japanese men are isolating themselves away from both the pedestrian race for marriage, and institutionalised raising of traditional family setting/s. More visible signs of Gynocentrism 2.0. More men going their own way. Single parenthood on the rise; further straining the economies around the world.

Me? I can relate much to the characteristics behind John Calhoun’s perception of “The Beautiful Ones”. Awkwardness, inability to vocally express my opinions immediately within conversational settings. I’ve lived through sweaty palms and butterfly stomachs. Survived one day to the next sitting idly in the locker rooms and the stench of toilets during recess and lunches. Sitting right at the front of the school-bus to me – was salvation.

…Yet undoubtedly, I remained back since then to this day – cautious for any social “chaos”. I take every chance of understanding by means of observations. By simply not participating.

I find this completely serene and peaceful. After all, how easy is it to ever not participate in any war; any violence or any conflict of “opinions”. Just by observing and studying these “noise” – all from a distance? Let them have all their noise.

But what happens if I am abruptly intervened or insisted as peer pressure? That to me – is an institutionalised coercion. Even if there is some “incentives”, or of “prizes” benefitting from participating such situations; for example:

  1. If I do not compete I “won’t feel validated”.
  2. If I do not join I will miss out the “fun” (or for any other reasons extending this sole aspect of “fun”).

I feel increasingly convinced – were I to be exposed, be it by lure or coercion to participate – subjects me to two inevitabilities. A breach of my secular, primal privacy. And/or guilt exposition (aka. ’embarrasments’.). 

If I were to be “relocated” in an environment far from where I am; secluded and sheltered amongst a private few to all of a sudden – a nightclub full of women….. I’d be the FIRST to make a quiet exit.

This is ironic given that pornography and beautiful women; have always been – both a curse (vocational “distraction”), an escape as well as primal consolation to any man. You’d think despite I am physiologically able surviving 4 days each of 300+ rep depletion training on poverty macros – surely approaching women is the last of my worries.

A delusional luxury. Truth be told, I dare say that I somewhat remain (characteristically as many refer to) – as “retarded.”.

Recall that within the worst Phases (from “C” and “D”) of Universe 25 experiment – Calhoun attempted reinitiating prior reproductive instincts by relocating his “Beautiful Ones” elsewhere in another Universe. He then introduced a series of “normal” mice free of any disorders as hopeful mating potentials…Sadly, no reproductions ever occurred.

In spite all of this one must question inevitably back to the self. “So what?”

I’d wager it is far more conducive at examining the wider implications from ones actions. If no inflicting or of physical harm (to another) result, despite insistence for not participating….Then does it matter? There is no violence. At least, MUCH less violence exerted intergroups.

Individuality after all, is Authenticity.

For as long as nothing is imposed, stolen or taken away, then there is no invitation (at the very least far fewer) coercions for violence.


Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia
Tj-Holowaychuk @ Unsplash


The Mouse Utopia study at least remind us one reality – there is no God.

Under grave danger; there is only one of two possibilities. Either sink or swim. 

No “God” may ever levitate you out of such misery. Completely heals or remove a scar. Or “compensate” for any loss of blood through injury or any loss of ATP molecules from fight vs flight mechanism for evading – any or all such dangers.

There is no such thing as divine intervention. Only human intervention. “God” is only a cosmetic, sensationalised affirmation of the impossible. Man only creates belief out of speculations in times of calamity or uncertainties. Speculation thus is mere confidence. Hence, the origins of “Faith”.

If we look at the life-sustaining parameters within Universe 25 – the food, the water and the seemingly perfect climate all provided – I would bet that the mice would interpret John Calhoun as THEIR “GOD”. At least, we know for a fact that they can see him. He after all (amongst also; his other human volunteers) provided the “environment”, the food + water enough for at least 15,000 population count. And also providing absolute safe haven away – from any predatorial confounders for migratory violence. Such things are ABSOLUTE MIRACLES.

….Suppose he was indeed a “God” yet what happened? The experiment ended a total nightmare.

Is “God” or any ABSOLUTE MIRACLES therefore – a “compassionate” being from high above – to have nonetheless granted (hint: “already prepared”) the living mice such a terrifying ending? Did the mice morally deserve such that they met their own extinction? Is it rational to assume therefore that we should all just keep believing that God exists anyway, or anyhow?

Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia
Photo by CloudVisual on Unsplash

My answer? Is a solid “NO”.

Why? Because there are biological markers and precursors to behaviour. What moves you to have any intent – requires some cascading objective processes within your body called the pituitary gland aka the “master gland”, hormones, endicronology, then streams downwards to nervous system, cardiovascular system, skeletal system, muscular system. Just to name a few.

You own your body, and your behaviours; and that’s what makes you – an individualised – you. You are not “me”. Therefore, I do not own “you”. Religion? Seemed more like conquest. That is, collective ownership of behaviours through commandments. Think about it, if there’s a “Bible”, a “Gospel” or the Quran for us Humans – what would those be for mice? Is there a moral “Bible” for mice?

Irrespective, all Beings die. Regardless whether for “good” or “bad” – morality or meritocratic – subserviences. Does “God” therefore have a “rightful say” in all of this? No. Is there a “more” graceful way to die? There is simply no tangible “answer: which we could interpret with from such a “God” at all in the first place, anyway.

Should “God” therefore rightfully intervenes or acts on our physiological behalf without our consenting – conscience? Should “God” therefore owns all of your actions?

Once again, a big fat “No”. 

It makes no sense to simply believe that “God” objectively exists in this physically tangible universe with physically evident manifestation. Scriptures are mere literature. Coercively; they are all scripted, period. If “God” does exist, miracles should objectively and tangibly also exist at our every whimsical desires. Entropy would not exist. DNA would not corrode. Morality construct should be eternally linear from human to the next. We should all have been “immortal”.

….Except unadmittedly; we’re not.


Vernon Ho @ Stocksnap.io
Vernon Ho @ Stocksnap.io


We are more alike to each other than previously thought.

No gender is different nor preferential on the basis of what “he” or “she” can or cannot do.

A man can get pregnant. A woman can have as much muscular potential as men too. Given if she’s willing enough to not think about shoes all day long just the same as us guys not thinking about sex either and actually do some DAMN workout. Yet also, women can have things their way, too; it seems.

Calhoun noted quite specifically, that throughout Phases C & D the females were seemingly just as aggressive, if not just as destructive as males. In times of chaos and/or instincts towards self-preservation – moral decay seemed intensely-even on both genders.

It makes no sense glamourising nihilistic pity of one’s health ailments, over another. Physiological disturbances are all part of a human being. We all have mutations. We may be born asymmetrically to one another, but we all get cancers. Each cancer might be different in their development and manifestation. But they are still cancers.

The fate of a Human may also be decidedly be ended – by another Human. When there is next to no predatorial threats – the only enemies we make is that of our (collective) selves. We can both reason and kill each other. Period. Giving a woman a gun is the same as desire for twisting every words to win a divorce court case (for maximum child support + alimony + bigger homes + bigger wardrobe) to bleed the opposite sex to insanity. And of course – suicides.  

Yes, I admit (hormonal compositional wise); men and women are different. But we all have hormones. Everything may be contextually frame driven as variable confounders. Any “Outcome/s” on the other hand – are static as they inevitably arrive as a physical moment (or phenomena) one and all the same.

Given some right frame of time, some right frame of social circumstance / arrangement, some right frame of hormonal profiling at best coinciding to a woman’s preference – she can become a sex “addict”. Or a repulsive “liar” as far as men can likewise succumb. This is compounded should a male (or her closest “irreplaceable” partner)  is unable providing to her every whimsical desires (beyond chocolate-baths, investment properties and Mercedes®). She will look for any next “potential/s” whose resources surpasses her current mate’s providing capacity.

Nobody is benign or harmless. Everybody is innocent, violent and repulsive. All of these motivated by curiosities and self-interests. No exceptions. Period.

Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia
Andrew Gook @ Unsplash


Loss of meaning of “work”. Biology as “purpose”.
Material as “reward.”

The Universe 25 taught us one thing. The need to reconcile what is purpose and what is reward.

Work is “Life”; colloquially, metaphorically and analogously by interpretations- for many people. At least for most of us – “work” consumes a significant chunk of our biological clock. I am guilty as such as even my 300-rep volume resistance training four days per week routines – are also indicative likewise – as “Work”.

…Unless of course – if you are amongst the top 1%. Your interpretation of “Work” is likely received to be less biologically implicating. But rather likely expressed to be more as vain or social privilege.

All the mice living within Universe 25 were confined such that their perception of ‘meaningfulness’ is reduced to a simpleton. “Nothing”, effectively speaking.  Survival Incentives were already provided for to just sustain life and nothing more, beyond that realm. A heaven without progressive incentives unless introduced from another realm does almost sound – like a routinely and orderly – prison.

Sounds familiar?

Even if we do not (yet) live in an accessibly infinite resource abundance – we are still living in an age of ever-perpetual conflict/s which concern two overlapping things.

1 – the Seeking for meaningful things, and 2 – the reciprocal preaching / influencing – of such meaningful things.

Upon waking up to your alarm clock all the way to greeting the reception beyond the glass panels before tending to fake milestone deadlines, angry bosses and office donuts as incentives towards so called “employees-morality” programme. Back home it’s angry wife, crying babies, $1,000 overdue council rates and low-fat $6 microwave weight Watchers® meal. Aka. our Pedestrian Normalcy.

The problem within our current “thus-far” preaching or influencing of anything meaningful unfortunately – still revolves around leverages or debt somewhere in the equation. To the point whereby we now ask ourselves – what is debt?  Should “debt” be repaid through spending our biological clocks through frivolous jobs?

I for one; do lose faith from time to time as I am guilty of preaching my career of chosen profession industry – that is – graphic design and creativity. Making other people “look” concisely good is all that matters. Until 15 year old teenagers with Creative Cloud subscriptions undercuts me, and my prior seven years+ of agencies experience.

…So Society (aka. dear “employers”) looks at me blankly then asks me “what else” can I contribute beyond just a graphic designer to make myself “competitive”? The only reasonable or “objective” answer it seems; is to lower my expected income to that of a 15 year old teenager.

Meanwhile, my persistent curiosities; ranging from nutrition, science and philosophy – still to this day are met with blank silence amongst all interview tables.

To me those pursuits are biologically more meaningful than glamourising pixels for mere “Advertising”.

It was not until I learn much about ourselves through physiology and nutrition (as I learned much of that through sustaining myself away from institutionalised dietary “guidelines”)  – that having a biological purpose of meaning far outweighs – the value – of material meaning. Not to say however materialism plays no conducive role to civilisation – they objectively and meritocratically nonetheless do as means of reward.

What I learn so far is this – materialism or luxury is the reward. Biology, understanding and empathy – are the meaning/s.

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