(Timestamp) Paleocanteen UK Podcast with Peter (Hyperlipid)

Peter Dobromylskyj – Hyperlipid

A conversation map to guide future prospective viewers. Peter @ Hyperlipid contributed mostly on the nuanced, and very technical ~ biochemistry amongst the low carbohydrate community. Notably surrounding the concept  of “Protons“. Difficult to summarise or broadly explain ~ as there is no absolute one (1) anchor point of theme of concern nor entry point of explanation.
Please visit his Google® blogpost. It nevertheless remains best for more technical reading.
This podcast is between Paleocanteen.com.uk and Peter Dobromylskyj.
— AW™.

00:00:00 – 00:10:00: background introductions exchange. Peter’s professions / background as anaesthesia. Peter’s Atkins induction history ~ early 2000s. General climate on low carb / carnivore community = slightly “biased” towards confirmatory finality(s)? 
00:11:00 –  00:21:00: ethical discussions amidst animal welfare. “Animals should live a good life and a good death.” . 
00:22:00: 00:25:00: recalling back Atkins’ stance on nutrition. His history, and scrutiny on his protocols amongst competitive opinions. 
00:26:50 – 00:38:00: Yudkin’s comments on Atkins. Challenges amidst maintaining very low carb ratios without protein. Atkins stance = “Pro sat fat, but not pro ketones”. Thoughts on how nutrition affects behaviours / psychology mental health. Emily Deans(?).- Psychology Today article – Netherlands – double blind N3 omega PUFA trial intakes = violence behaviour possible correlations study.
00:41:00 – 00:48:00: Thoughts exchanges on insulin approx 15 mins. Insulin correlation with cancer = seemed convincing. Weight loss = “best surrogate” for 24 hours insulin levels.  Pancreatic cancer = immune system impairments correlations? Loss of smell as side effect of low carbohydrate? 
00:51:00 – 00:56:00: Carnivore experiences difficulties = keeping protein low is difficult. Evolution wise = it’d be counterproductive if primal man weren’t able finding an animal fatty enough for sustainable feeding. Protein intakes and muscle mass and growth hormone dilemma. 
00:57:00 – 01:16:00: Thoughts on fasting, longevity & protein intakes. Evolution theory wise suggest more muscle mass = earlier mortality for the immediate passing of genes as quick as possible. Metformin, Glucosamine = “longevity tweaks” – for rodents. Peter’s current eating. Coffee – possible adverse effects on over dependence. Peter’s early experiences on endurance exercise amidst Atkins induction. 
01:19:00 – 01:30:00:  The “Protons” view of nutrition. Is it a concept? Difficult to describe / summarise for lay audience. But seemingly fixates surrounding ROS / reactive oxygen species, its origins, and how it is confounded by possible incoming substrate pathways – glucose or fatty acids? 01:26:00 Comment / early influence from Stephan Guyenet ~ “Insulin resistance is an ANTIOXIDANT mechanism in cells”, in other words, insulin resistance might be a feature, not a dysfunction to protect itself from accepting too much incoming energy to the cell? [complex Biochemistry elaboration inbetween NADH vs FADH pathways, brain energy metabolism, electron transport chain]. 
01:30:00 – 01:38:00: The problem of N6 PUFA its relation to ROS. How it impacts and disrupts the natural “physiological” insulin “resistance” in the cell [complex Biochemistry elaboration hydrgogen / electron exchanges amidst beta oxidation pathways]. 
01:39:00 – 01:46:30: On peter’s stance as vet = should dogs be fed raw meats? Reflecting on prior studying experience on H.pylori infection and correlation with dogs’ contraction of diarrhoea. Statins affect metabolic markers?
01:47:00 – 01:59:00: [Exchange of thoughts on vet nutrition, current recommendations, scrutiny, etc] 
HLA-B27 genetic marker discussion ~ history and its risk relevance to immunology / autoimmune disease (and Ankylosis Spondylitis) that may trigger severe food immunological reactions (most commonly suspected from dietary starches). Whether this HLA-B27 test appears in 24andME® remains uncertain. 
02:00:00 – 02:10:00 end: Question from “Tucker”: For those still on SAD / standard American diet what can you change? Peter: remove refined foods, PUFA N6. More interesting questions raised from Peter: 1) with the PUFA N6’s adverse effect; from preventing insulin resistance signals convincingly / strong enough of a signal ~ “Does it matter then ~ if Insulin levels are rock bottom?” 2) “If you’re on ketogenic diet, would PUFA N6 intakes makes you obese?” 

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