(Timestamp) Joe Rogan Experience Ep #1551 with Paul Saladino.

A conversation map to guide future prospective viewers. A prolonged casual convo between Joe and Paul on Carnivore Diets. Why including some carbohydrates amidst carnivore formatting is justified. “Primal” / nature connection from hunting in the wild. Several studies pulled up include Paul’s earlier Youtube® uploads.

— AW™.

00:04:00 – 00:10:00 = Environmental vs molecular hormesis. Molecular = drug / Pharma-induced interventions overriding endogenous natural mechanisms. “Environmental” ~ fasting / keto / sauna = seemingly justified stress reponse leading to NRF2 gene expression / ROS cumulation as important signalling molecules. 

00:10:00 – 00:13:00 =  Antioxidants (eg. sulforaphane / anthocyanins)  how they can turn to pro-oxidants, and anti-thyroid in large amounts.  

00:24:00 – 00:33:00 = reflecting on Steffanson / ‘Fat off the land.’. Organ meats. Foie Gra = overfed duck’s liver =  the “bad” type of livers?

00:34:00 – 00:40:00 = conventional feedlot discussions. Chefs prefer Grain-fed cows? Soil rich diversity becomes increasingly compromised.

00:45:00 = Int. Fasting discussion. 00:49:30 The case for cyclical ketosis.   

00:52:10 = [inspirational quote] “What is the best day of your life?” – “The day when I killed the biggest animal and fed the whole tribe.” 

00:58:00 – 01:08:00 : Paul’s fruits intake experiments. N=1 self-enquiry on glucose testings. Manuka honey discussion. Honey vs sucrose = honey seems better at mitigating oxidative stress [rat study pullup]. “The Hadza Fallback Foods” study = honey considered more desirable than tubers / starch. 

01:13:55 = discussion amongst veganism hostility (to ex-vegetarians). 01:17:30 = [study pullup] brain responses between vegetarians vs meat eaters. “Deep in the brain, they [the vegetarians] still crave meat”.

01:35:00 = Paul’s eating plan as 2 meal a day with IF. 

01:41:30 = Saturated fats & cholesterol / institutionalised paternalism. Continuous glucose monitoring seems more insightful. 02:07:50 = Paul’s recent bloodwork CAC. 

02:11:00 = diarrhoea as side effect of carnivore formatting (first two weeks). Recommends tapering down of fibre intake instead of eliminating cold turkey. Fibre discussion 02:14:00. 

02:21:00 = optimal end of story = eat accordingly to our ancestry. Question plant based halo’s surrounding antioxidants virtues. No N6 PUFAs. 02:24:00 till 02:45:00 = the spiritual connection to nature, hunting discussion.  

02:46:15 to end = [returning subject] grain fed vs grass fed. Fatty acid profile similar. Acetylcholine, creatine as nootropic. Evolutionary progression on brain matter, nutrient concentrations on foods.

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