(Timestamp) Dr Peter Attia (DRIVE ep#2) ~ Rhonda Patrick PhD

A conversation map to guide future prospective viewers. This time ~ more technical nuances surrounding IGF-1, importance of MUFA/PUFA ratio and recent shifting sentiments on Ketogenic interventions. Many of these required prior knowledge surrounding nutrigenomics. But nonetheless remains thought provoking. Esp. real case examples of improved markers of using MUFA in LC/Keto interventions.
My pre-emptive thanks for Dr. Peter Attia and Dr. Rhonda Patrick on these valuable insight.
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00:05:00 = Shifts in sentiments surrounding Ketogenic diets (general discussion exchange). Interests in muting IGF-1 responses relative to concerns of ageing.

00:12:00 = overfeeding tendency paradox (rat study) on ketogenic diets (KD). Why were the rats overfeeding on KD? Possible clue = excess Malonyl-COA seemingly blunts CPT-1 enzyme activity for burning fatty acids in the liver). 00:15:00 = would be good to see study on – high carb & high fat, what about Randle cycle plays a response in all this.

Case for MUFA in Ketogenic interventions; possible genetic confounders to compliance. Fasting effects on Exercise and IGF-1.

00:19:00 = Peter (past protocol) emphasis on MUFA intakes on KD, green vegetables. 00:21:00 = Peter N-1 experiment = 6-8 week blood pathology on strict KD, low protein: lowest IGF-1 reading. 

00:23:13 = PPAR gamma vs alpha? Which one is more relevant at determining BhoB ketogenesis? Gamma = resides on existing adipose tissue towards storage mechanism. Alpha = responsible for transportation mechanism to liver for its metabolism. Higher PUFA/MUFA intake better than SAT fats?

00:26:00 = MUFA more ideal? Case patient example/s (Peter’s). Possible fat types ideal ratios at managing high OxLDL? Paradox – higher phytosterol reading on ketogenic dieters? Genetic phenotype confounders.

00:31:35 = Case patient example/s (Peter’s) struggles producing adequate BhoB readings / couldn’t show higher than 0.5 MMOL; inspite stringent KD protocol to the letter. Except until intermittent fasting is introduced + exercise. Adequate glycogen depletion ~ must nonetheless be exercised.

00:38:00 = (Rhonda) Ketone Esters experiment claims = from 0.1 MMOL to 6.0 MMOL in as little as 1 hour. After training = 2 / 3 MMOL. Gi distress however felt if taken on empty stomachs.

00:48:00 = CVD & cancer risk statistics in relation to IGF-1 fluctuations. IGF-1 on exercise. Prolonged fasting = reduction in organ sizes, But upon refeed = regain IGF-1 response, regain LBM, stem cells included. 00:55:00 – urgent need to consider fasting as clinical cancer therapy, as more rat model studies proved convincing results.  01:00:00 = Brain health = need exercise. HIIT, endurance, etc better than nothing at all.

01:08:00 = possible longevity biomarkers = inflammations, C-reactive proteins. Human trial studies on IL antagonists on CVD risk outcomes. 01:11:00 = cycling in-between IGF-1 response ~ pragmatic intervention to manage CVD mortality risks?

Sauna / Heat / Cold exposure

01:13:00 = Sleep and sauna health effects. Immune system seems improved with sauna (study). Anti depressant effect. From 140 to 170 deg F, up to 20 mins. 01:20:00 = increased IL6 response from sauna = apparently important for Insulin sensitivity? 01:24:55 – heat / cold exposure cryotherapy = better DOMS / delayed onset muscle soreness management.

01:29:10 = Cold exposure in general = boost in mitochondrial biogenesis (human studies claims). 01:31:25 = cold exposure after resistance training = “blunts hypertrophy effects”. Ibuprofen may NOT be ideal in this context.

01:32:53 = NAD. “Is the ratio of more NAD to NADH matter?” Decline of NAD conversion as ageing progresses. 01:36:15 = Metformin (insulin mimicker) – would it be a bad idea to use this then? As it claims to reduce NAD to NADH ratio? (Unresolved food for thought).

01:40:00 = further prolonged intermittent fasting protocol contemplations. Towards “rejuvenation” as therapy? Rodent fasting studies are poor model to human application? Rapamycin (prescript drug) effect on cellular senescence.

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