The case for Cyclical Keto + IF – Part 2 of 2.

(Continued from Part 1). Here we continue addressing the rest of the Question/s:

  1. “What about experiences from real-life coaches?”
  2. “So what are others supposed advantages of CKD+IF?”
  3. “Where and how does CKD+IF fit into nutritional frugality?”
  4. Conclusion .
DISCLAIMER As reminder  this concept initiative never propose anything it suggests as “panacea”. Anything of “change” or “self intervention” imposes their own nuanced repercussions on all individual(s).Learn for yourself, keep for yourself. Live-it-forward, AW.

“What about experiences from real-life coaches?”

To date, many things remain both praised and questioned surrounding Refeeds (Helms, E, & Trexler, E. 2021 [53:00 onwards]), (Henselman, M. et al. 2021). However one key takeaway from all diet debates is the question of pragmatism and adherence. 

If neither linear or cyclical approach give “superior” statistic, what criteria left is there arguably more important to debate? Room for errors.  

Arguably – the Cyclical approach wins in this regard. Reword “room for errors” to room for opportunity(s) ~ should already sound more motivational. At least, we have evidence that cyclical approach is praised for eliminating nebulous indecisions whilst allowing discipline + self-restraints to fruition  (Mcdonald, L. 2020 [43:00 onwards]).

Compare to straight linear deficits ~ if the common goal is so simple as to “eat less” then there is practically no given room for errors. It’s black or white. Persistence, restraints, self-control,  can only work so much until it becomes a crisis of consent.

Can we have a few or some of these “trigger” foods? Just a bowl of ice cream or half a bucket? Three Cookies or a whole packet? Imagine if a coach is inundated with these questions over and over again. 

The best This Author (AW)’s own prior years of experience can attest – eliminating all suspects is FAR easier for a planned period of time. Fasting allows us to self-authenticate our selves at meeting challenges of life without anyone’s consent, than letting our own biological currencies for their calling to reason. Glycogen, amino acids and ketones. Then set aside 24, 36 or even up to 48 hours ~ for one’s own salvation free of consent.

What is important nonetheless at the end of the day is ownership and accountability. Take ownership for these room for errors or “refeeds” to tinker and explore what satiates and what doesn’t, what is easy to eat and what’s isn’t. What is simple to prepare and what is laborious. Be yourself, authenticate, repeat (or replete).    

CKDIF Training day in the life : Mondays
CKDIF Training day in the life : Mondays

“What are the other supposed advantages of CKD+IF?”

For obvious reason ~ it is diet and dogma agnostic. There are only so much “labels” (low carb, high carb, herbivore, carnivores, etc) one can include and/or exclude in a plan for however # of days inbetween. All it takes is self journalling,  a lot of reading, a lot of research and tinkering about yourself ~ critically. Sadly, far too often we see tribal-like divisions today that nutritional science has somehow evolved to little else than a question of “loyalty” amongst “followers” or “subscribers”. “Whose side are you on? You are no longer one of us.”.

No other sustenance method; only under the humble opinion of This Author (AW) – implores as much freedom as Cyclical Keto + Intermittent Fasting.

One defines the parameters, sets out what to exclude and include, and inevitably ~ takes all ownership both vice and virtues. This is not “bias”. This is “Science”, authenticated right down to individual level.

Another obvious one – hunger control amidst calorie restrictions. CKD+IF is sustainable so long as protein intakes remains within accessible (“financial”) reach. A separate chapter <> is dedicated to inform readers the proteins’ essentiality to both physiological, psychology whilst providing pragmatic alternatives amidst Nutritional Frugality.

In the context of training – CKD+IF encourage conscious and sensible fitness training from lens of productivity, not egoism intensity. So how intense should one train? If an ideal answer hovers somewhere between “not too intense” yet “not too light” – then it make sense overall use of “time” is the more important factor. Because “time” underlies everything we accounted for everywhere in life. Hence productivity through time under tension, limited rests (<1 minute). 5×5 to 8×8 volume training.

Which is more productive. 1). Five minutes of rest waiting, ambivalent whether or not one should do that next 9/10 RPE scale rep max. Or 2). five minutes grinding the entire exercise from easy first then total exhaustion. The latter is arguably more productive.

Train Intently, not intensely, Give yourself a reason to live by way of reduced inputs. Then the reason to live becomes that much more routinely special. Yet never routinely be drowned in boredom. 

The case for Cyclical Keto + IF - Part 2 of 2.

“Where and how does CKD+IF fit into the context of Nutritional frugality?”

CKD+IF respects scientific autonomy and conscientiously; in respect to Economics.

Carbohydrates are easiest to overeat to the point of metabolic harm, but abundant and affordable. Proteins are versatile for enabling gluconeogenesis at sustaining life, but can be moderately expensive to afford if limited in diversity. Fats despite seen as most financially expensive it is most calorically valuable macronutrient to avoid starvation. CKD+IF encourages one to remain metabolically unbiased; by partitioning certain macronutrients on certain days amidst deficits – particularly in-between fats vs proteins; the latter being arguably more valuable. And saving the rest ~ for brief yet generous personal salvation.

In a depleted state, refeeding on simple sources – dextrose, liquid sugars, maltodextrin were common directives (Duchaine, D. 1995). Then as insulin sensitivity declines – “solid” foods may proceed as starches, cereals and grains. Indeed, dextrose and liquid sugars sound highly unappetising, even though it guarantees hedonic impact as simple as it gets. But the key take away remains for readers, whom are at least hopefully carrying at least some years of dietary restraints and fitness training behind them ~  to ably find out what their trigger foods are. Separate their intakes. Explore their satiety. But at the same time, it is essential to have one “mediator” that facilitate our senses to all of this. And that ~ is resources / food availability. 

Scarcity for now, abundance for later. CKD+IF  encourages one to remain conscious with his/her surroundings. Every fasting or refeed days is neither “reward” nor “redemption”. Every fasting day is a celebration of resilience. Refeed days ~ personal salvation. 

The case for Cyclical Keto + IF - Part 2 of 2.


Every virtue spares a vice. And vice versa. Very few, if any – health and fitness “influencers” admit this.

None of this, of course is “easy”. For life to be meaningful, we must authenticate every rations within us  ~ glycogen, ketones, amino acids to help manifest our own authentic rationality.  That is what fasting really means. We are “fast” not because we are “quick”. We are willing to sacrifice or ably consume or to “reason” with ourselves onto life’s many pursuits by grinding through dozens of hours prior; without being consumed by something else. 

Generous yet brief. Punishing yet redeeming. CKD+IF compels us all to both contend, and to work within our own imperfections. Than letting each and every imperfections ~ enslave us all.


that’s it. WIP progress only. Comment your thoughts below.

Live-It-Forward, AW.

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