SOHO FORUM: Socialism Vs Capitalism debate (timestamp)

A conversation map to guide future prospective viewers. Take it or leave it; it is simply my imploration to help. This time –’s Oxford-style debate of Socialism vs Capitalism feat. Professor Richard D. Wolff and Dr. Gene Epstein

It is an understatement that my concept initiative revolves solely around decentralised nutritional science. I’ve discussed and relate to many challenging issues of experimental Economics and Psychology. Also, consider watching my full dissertation video as pilot viral attempt to showcase (myself) in person for the very first, time. Unfortunately, 3 months of work still barely gathers any viewerships.

…and how time flies. This now marks my 100th post. Yet so far – only one (1) public comment is genuinely received. For nearing five (5) long years since this initiative’s existence.

— AW™.

00:02:35 : Proff. Richard D Wolff initial case: pro socialism. 00:06:20 Communism like Socialism, need to be transformed. Aim: “democratisation” of workplace. 00:11:00 Capitalism always expects cycles of failures “business cycles” [see implied reference ~ from four to seven years]. 00:15:00 “Work” is no democracy at all. Past experiments – Cuba, USSR, etc – still ironically leave all powers to handful few. 00:20:00.

Dr. Gene Epstein initial case Begins: contra socialism, former socialist at youth. Despite government intervention believed capitalism is far more preferable by far than failed experiments the USSR, Cuba, etc. 00:22:00 Advocates and agrees with Richard’s case “Employee should become their own employers” . 00:24:50 : [facts cited] without government coercion, democratisation workplace seems impossible. 00:27:00: Richard’s model would aim to overthrow venture capitalism; alongside “socialised banking”. 00:29:00: critique on Richard model of selecting 1960s model of “participatory democracy”; citing another author’s sentiment on this model’s unsustainability. Freedom of speech and journalism likely remain under threat within Socialism. 00:36:00: admission that current system indeed has much to improve; due to Federal Reserve’s flawed and unstable policies.

00:38:30: Rebuttal (Wolff) begins. Response/proposal: make existing system “better”. Dispelling the fear of current paternalism of “making do with what we have.”. Transform at the base of society – not at the overarching ruling of a Government (the few), but by its citizens by re-examining the relationship of employers vs employees (the majority).

00:43:50: Rebuttal (Epstein) begins. Response/proposal: lack of specificity and clarity in Richard’s model of socialism; lack of clarity in all microcosmic planning. Encourage more co-ops as mutual workers movement. Current system advocates privatisation of all “profits” but at least socialise all “losses”. Advocate “being in business for yourself” as self-directed enterprise.

00:49:25: Audience Q & A begins. Q for Wolff: Why is it not possible to learn about Marxist economics within present academia institutions?

00:56:57: Q For Wolff: in a 100% true capitalist model whereby freedom is desired why shouldn’t there be a platform allowing an even split / coexistence solely for capitalists and another for socialists?

00:59:40: Q for Richard: non-aggression principle – does socialism intrinsically violate this principle?

1:07:12: Q: is economic growth ideal? What about AI? working hours debate. 1:14:00: Q: opioid crisis – how does socialism solve this? 1:17:25: Q for Richard – Will socialism be or not be mandated by the state?

1:20:00 Q: are federal domestic tax rates the only way to fund federal spending?

1:20:20: Q: Where / how does technology fits in all this debate? Which “platitudes” is better – capitalist or communist?

1:24:30: Final statements from Richard and Gene. Richard: “There is no such thing as singular socialism.” Gene: “We are both radicals.” .”We believe in individual rights.”. Amends welcome. Please help yourself / contribute further in the comments.

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