(Sneak Peek) “What This Book Is” Chapter WIP draft

Here’s another “sneak peek” to a chapter dedicated on the “onboarding” aspects ~ for my next rebrand and rewrite of the parent manuscript.  On the previous sneak-peek  I shared an entire two-part chapter on the case for Cyclical Keto + IF. This time ~ is a chapter to help enlighten readers, objectively on exactly what my book is all about (and what is not).

I welcome your thoughts and/or feedbacks. Live-It-Forward, AW.


What This Book is (and isn’t)

It is ~ a coach and dialogues on ration (Food) and rationality (Life).

It is not ~ a how to on “crash” dieting.

1. Who exactly is This Book for?

Given its diverse topics, This Book at first may appeal to those already with years of prior nutritional and/or fitness backgrounds. However the many principles This Book introduce remains flexible, open, and adaptive to those completely new to food selection and/or journalling. The later sections of This Book nonetheless is undoubtedly nuanced and complex. Because it curates many unanswered and/or unaddressed enquiries surrounding the overarching strategy This Book proposed as titled “Cyclical Ketogenic + Intermittent Fasting”.

A condensed repeat of General Disclaimer here is nevertheless warranted. This Book explicitly assumes its readers to have sole ownership of all responsibility in that he/she does not carry any major or prior metabolic illnesses or underlying major disorders warranting therapeutic interventions. All readers should remain aware that none of This Book may constitute as clinical prescription over any existing terminal supervisions. 

2. What does This Book offers?

This Book in short does not “offer” any linear prescriptive “advice” per se other than the end and final destination of all principles known as its “cyclical” and explorative nature ~ “Cyclical Ketogenic and Intermittent Fasting” (or CKD+IF for short). This title at first appears simple. But in practice ~ inevitably becomes ornate and complex to eventually leaving all autonomy and ownership of actions or (in)actions ~ back to the reader’s own consequence. Hence what distinguishes This Book amongst its peers is that it does not “instruct” readers what to do. Rather ~ facilitating readers their very own autonomy, critical thinking, and routine-building to fruition. 

Thus, the very theme This Book encourages and “frame” as ownership.

3. What is the proposed strategy?

As simply as Cyclical Ketogenic + IF suggests ~ a continuous self-explorations amidst cyclical themes of nutritional Economics. These are Scarcity (exclusions / fasting) and Abundance (refeeding/reinclusions).

Classically, the definition of Cyclical Keto + IF calls for weekly transitioning between 5 to 6 days of low to very low carbohydrate with intermittent fasting format of choice. Whilst encouraging consistent fitness training commitments. Followed by refeeding allowance of up to two (2) days.

Certainly, Cyclical Keto + IF is only intended as a destination, not a starting point. Certainly ~ were this “classical” strategy CKD+IF is freely or casually imposed to an individual completely devoid of dieting, calorie restriction living patterns and/or  fitness training experiences ~ would all soon prove many failures, and disappointments.

Hence, there are development and/or learning curves to be expected as we elaborate this on our next feature chapter “The plan / “Learning Curve ““ on page 34. 


No matter if one’s a beginner following the footsteps of the “The Plan” (Page 34) or a seasoned fitness competitor all “dieting” or scientific self-explorations begins as brainstorming. As illustrated above firstly as Explorative, to then gradually towards Convictions polarity via two (2) variably opposing Magnitudes of Economics. Either as broadly loose/unrestricted (“Abundance”) ~ or as restrictive (“Reductionism”).

In our context for CKD+IF ~ “Exclusions” refer to low carbohydrate / intermittent fasting / reductionism. “Refeeding” or “abundance” refers to brief yet opportunist periods for Refeeding or re-inclusions to not only address physiologic and metabolic demands of life’s stress. But also to gain insight of any food sensitivities based on discretionary selection and quantity in brief periods of time.

4. Just how complex is the principle behind Cyclical Ketogenic + Intermittent Fasting?

At first it is simple. But overtime, infinitely broad and complex.

One big misconception about “cyclical” nutrition strategies is the gross assumption amongst many skeptics. For instance, upon having experienced extreme ends or opposites convinces them little or no explorations from there onwards. This is certainly myopic,  self-limiting and defeating confirmation biases. 

With Cyclical Ketogenic + Intermittent Fasting there is always an element of scrutiny (or mystery) worthy for one to look forward to for their own self-authentication. Not just any food “amount”. But their type, quantity, quality,  timing, circumstance, context, so on and so forth. Before then experiencing and accounting their implications to our everyday motions of living stress and fitness training.  

These much complexity and “responsibility” are precisely the reasons why ~ each of us inevitably must re-claim their own living theme(s) of “Ownership”. And This Book, as however complicated it reads, nevertheless attempts at facilitating readers such an eventuality.

4. What timeframe am I looking at?

We will need effectively several year(s) worth ~ of self-accounting /journalism, contemplations to biologically experience all episodes of self-journalling. However depending on level of prior acquaintances a reader has had, be it nutritional journalling, reductionism and/or fitness experiences to date such can be expedited. Once again it is imperative to recite a disclaimer that “Health” and/or “Fitness” reclamation ~ is never a mere recreational occasion.

5. If you advocate “cycles” to be repeated, would that not compel everything back to stagnation or back “to everything-in-moderation”?

Highly unlikely. 

There are hundreds, if not thousands of variables one can freely introduce or self-determine / plan at any given time. These variables, themselves being subject to vary through time include the following, but are not limited to:

  • Immunology
  • Endocrinology
  • Digestive / stomach acid capacity changes,
  • Medical history / background / illness
  • Exercise / training / fitness meritocracies challenges and revisions
  • Current intake of prescription medications that may or may not predicate certain requirements. 

Not even before we shall haveto take into account life stressors that change, once again through time:

  • employment settings. 
  • structural livelihood and resources accessibility (Structural Violence impositions / frugality enforcements / austerity measures).
  • any other sociological / familial circumstantial change/s imposing lifestyle changes.

Of all the above, This Author (AW) argues that “Economics”, remain first and foremost a governing hierarchy for one to ably oversee this much needed insight on nutritional journalling. Thus, discussion on Nutritional Frugality will be an inevitable necessity as reserved in our later chapter “Nutritional frugality” on page 70. 

<end chapter>. That’s all WIP in progress at present.

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