(Sneak peek) Starting Food For Thoughts ~ Concepts Themes & Tenets (2 of 2)

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In this second part of sneak peek preview of my draft rewriting continues my outlining of conceptual themes and tenets. Strictly WIP / work in progress.

Live-It-Forward, AW.


What is Economics?

Economics is by classical definition “the management of the household”. What this concept initiative attempts to extend from this, is that such a “management” also resonate within all living organism as Biochemistry ~ the complex regulatory processes. These are to name a few: catabolism, anabolism, repair/methylation, immunity, oxidation/antioxidation systems, and so on.

Economics, may also be defined objectively to that as “To Optimize”, or “To live within one’s own means”.

What are Obligatory Ecosystems?

  1. Abilities Ecosystem (internal) ~ the biology, physiology and biochemistry.
  2. Liabilities Ecosystem (external) ~ sociology.

Obligatory Ecosystems refer to our environment(s) ~ both internal and external each as an organised system within their own microcosms. Abilities (biology) and Liabilities (sociology).  The “Obligatory” here refers to our first and foremost – a calling for our utilization of energy, and/or fuel reserves to enable actions and interactions.

In other words, we are forever liable, so long as we remain able and alive ~ to utilize our Abilities in a manner that is constructive and/or productive. This then manifests as a responsibility, from which that becomes or awaits a Liability event inbetween one (1) or more parties involved as a mutual interaction. Be it dialogues, conversations, or servitude.

What is “Contrast”?

Contrast simply refers to a point, a moment, an event or experience of change ~ that compels a difference, or distinction of anything as inputs.

Throughout this concept initiative ‘Contrast’ is often remarked as necessity to gradually transcend holistic (scientific + physiologic) autonomy. Together with the specified nutritional concept Cyclical ketogenic + intermittent fasting, specifically through its exclusion and reinclusion reinforces this message to raise a challenge against our prevalent “everything-in-moderation” narrative .

To put this into context, anything that is deemed, instilled or messaged as “Healthy” as derived from advertising, including mainstream journalism ~ seems to converge towards a message for societal one-size-fits-all permanence. We see this in effect through use of binary semantics, as to name a few ~ “Good” vs “Evil”, Black vs White. “balanced” vs “unbalanced”. “Normal” versus “Abnormal”.

Obviously, readers should by now agree that every body is an individual. As discussed in our beginning Chapter, what defines our own selves is a matter of exercising holistic (Philosophic + Scientific) distinctions to maintain our own self-hood. Some sort of exclusion and reinclusion, at some stage, irrespective of disagreement(s) is thus inevitable. Thus the seemingly controversial, yet open-ended nutritional strategy This Book suggests, as a destination yet NOT as starting step ~is proposed to harness the above theme of Contrast to fruition.

For more reading, consider proceeding to the Chapter “Rationale for CKD+IF” on page 89.

What is “Ownership”?

As described from our earlier Chapter ~ “Ownership” is the outcome of holistic (Scientific + physiological) autonomy.

Ownership is the taking away, or at the very least, learned component off anything one accrues or witness anything anew be it influence or principle ~ that relatively compels and relates to that individual’s own calling to curiosity; as an incentive to maintain autonomy. To briefly remind , “curiosity” is a continuum exercise between identifying the incentive, charting the objectives, researching or enquiring the logistics, and before then ~ finally executing and reflecting the actionable(s).

Ownership also demands one to live, and let be, with or without semantics. Which ever one upholds to either as “good” or “bad” such remains that individual’s willingness to live it through, nevertheless to see if such is indeed relevant to his/her pursuits at maintaining individual ideal(s). This is also in some ways carried over in our social concept of gratitude, by which this concept initiative titled as “Live-It-Forward” gratuity model.

What is “Fasting”?

“Fasting” as one presumes is an individual and personal reconciling with time. When we think of the word “Fast” we often attribute qualitatively to that as a “visual” outcome of a “skill” or as an impression before our very own eyes. “Quick”. “Rapid”. “Swift”. But what is not realised is the slow developmental ‘process’ behind them that justifies such a deserved quality or value judgment. That – is not what we see. Rather – how we develop from inside out – a process of understanding how any Rations (or Food) we eat inevitably manifests to our Rationality. That ~ certainly takes Time.

“Fasting state” is also what this concept initiative refers to as period to “Authenticate” ~ one’s overall resolve, and therefore testify all prior consumed rations (or “food) to experience, to feel, and to witness their implications onto our manifested rationality. 

The above is only a grossly summarised, lay summary behind the theme of Fasting. An entire chapter on this is reserved <>.

What is “Self-Authentication”?

Self-Authentication is a series of actions and/or logistics for one to self-testify a belief, or principle to determine whether such is relative, conducive, productive and supportive ~ to that individual’s  own calling beyond survival necessities, but arguably as aesthetically ~ an esoteric pursuit for self-hood through similar logistics as we implored, once again briefly as follows.

  • Define and explore our curiosity:
    • identify the incentive, chart the objective, research, and execute.
  • Initiate and maintain The Foundational Routines (as elaborated in our Chapter on Learning Phases  and;
  • Partake, adapt or adopt the three (3) connecting parent tenets
    • Fasting. Exclude. Reinclude.
    • Inquire. Raise questions, research, survey.
    • Repeat, all the above.

In mainstream lexicon, “Authentic” may refer to anything of a quality that is “genuine”, or “unadulterated”. Many prerequisite(s) behind stems towards such a quality to be interpreted as “rare”. That is ~ not subject to inflation, and resilient and/or resistive from outside manipulations.

In a more lateral light ~ to be “Authentic” is an exercise or pledge for us to reconcile our worthwhile potential of being, or “to be” in the world we are being placed, or “thrown” into ~ by phemonenons of probability or randomness. Recalling from our referenced and/or inspired school of thought(s), specifically as that of Existentialism / Heiddeger’s point of view(s) ~ “Authenticity”  here refers to the strength for one not to be easily swayed by collective conformity; be it outside narratives, sensationalism / redundant expositions; the latter which Heiddeger terms as “Idle Talk(Muehlbauer, C. 2015).

These would be akin for one to raise a few existentialism question(s) to name a few:

  • “Are you or am I “genuine” enough? Why or why not?”
  • “Am I the same as everyone else? Why, or why not?” 

What is “Ration-To-Rationale”?

Ration-To-Rationale is a philosophic reappraisal how food (“Ration”) manifests towards holistic outcome as “Rationality”. “Ration”, or simply “food” here serves as the prime resources at enabling Abilities ecosystem (the physiology, biological system(s) the senses to objectively interact, amidst one life with another to form a Community. That of which, consists of autonomous individual(s) and thereby Ownership.

What is “Structural Violence”?

In many prior years before This Book’s prior branding(s) (Nutritional Humility™ & Humility through Frugality) ~ the above theme and concern has been the primary backdrop, narrative and context.

“Structural Violence” is a systemic bar on individual’s access to instruments of exchange and/or simply sociological status for livelihood. The “Structural” in front of Violence represents an indirect “force” or cascading “powers” from above – to  override, stratify, and restrict that very individual’s own agency, privacy and autonomy; to the point of health and wellbeing deprivations.

Here in this segment, This Author (AW) decides to enlighten and to share, a small reflection how Structural Violence remains silent yet permeates in all societal recorrection programs, providers and institutions; affecting a small percentage of an affluent nation. This Author (AW) first of all affirms that indeed in moral and social theory ~ all these institutions are created out of benevolent, altruistic and sound principle. However, in action and experiences absorbed thus far he nonetheless hereby recite and presents a case for further dialogue ~ the many unintended and often unspoken outcomes.

In most developed nations, at least in Australia welfare in the form of income & allowance support for careers prospect re-establishment remain as the only social mean to those in financial hardship for however indefenite lengths of time ~ until sufficiency and autonomy is demonstrated. Typically through institutions, for which This Book may only title them, out of discretion as  “Service Providers” are funded by both private and/or Government backed enterprises to address these through a number of criterias and obligations, before such allowances are rendered.  Firstly, existing income must be considered low enough to be considered a hardship. Then once approved obligations then immediately become effective ~ strict quota #of jobs applications per week/fortnight/month,  further training re-certifications, community servicing; including the known and familiar societal labelling “work-for-the-dole”.

From logistics, value and moral judgment(s) ~ all the above criterias and imposed processes ~ indeed at first appear sound and just upon those deservedly-befitting. Be it social irresponsibilities, domestic violence / family abuse, separations, and/or long term unemployment to name a few.

In reality or in the receiving hands of those whom indeed have experienced and shouldered such a process accounted-for however, painted a stark and different picture.

The bullying, intimidation, service maltreatments ~ even amongst the disabled dole recipients, have been reported. Bureaucracy, together with disconnected communciations, and coordinations from one provider to numerous private training organizers were common. All of these and more ~ are at the mercy of the individual recipient(s) themselves to shoulder and witness.

Hence, “Violence” we refer to here are once again “Structured” as the individuals are left with no choice but complying and shoulder amidst whatever repercussions awaiting them. To name a few the public stigma, learned-helplessness and depression(s) stemming from growing rejections despite job application(s) reaching to the hundred(s). Death(s) and suicides as however few ~ have  also been reported.  Despite independent journalism and auditing behind these events have recently been displayed in mainstream media, however when much institutions were enquired ~ remain tight lipped and brushing these accounts as either isolated or simply unintended misfortunes.

Moreover,  the receiving welfare amount remain below the poverty line,  thereby grossly inadequate for one to groom, yet alone support daily necessities amidst cost-of -living crisis. These also exclude the cost(s) needed for self-upskilling in areas or industries that Service Providers themselves often refuse to support, and in addition to employers’ own increasingly diverse, enforced, and progressing expectations.

Having enlightened and shared the above ~ readers who have not acquainted living involuntarily through welfare support may likely frowns at this point. “How could all of this could have affected any markers of health?” 

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s – several key research have been conducted to examine, if any ~the “social determinants” to health and wellbeing. Indeed, The White Hall Study (#1) (Marmot, MG 1978) and its followup in the late 1980 (#2) (Marmot, MG 1991) presented these findings convincingly that health and many surrogate markers correlate positively only for those on higher income faring households.

Certainly This Author (AW) has had much more to tell. However for reasons not to inundate This Book any further, and neither for moral-comparisons-pity, This Author (AW) decidedly not share much of his own account. 


And that concludes by work in progress sneak peek give-away. As kind reminder this blog post shall be revised where and when necessary overtime for future-proofing and as well to later serve as one of many pilot article(s) once the rebrand has sufficiently finished.

Live-It-Forward, and I shall look forward to your comments and/or thoughts. AW. 

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