(Self Journalling Vlog) Novavax Second Dose ~ Week 1 Thoughts

My first week round-up thoughts surrounding the second Novavax dosage since 14th March.

TLDR; less good news I am afraid. There are still grey areas that only time has the answer.

If you are new to this channel please acquaint yourself by reading this overview “Where/how shall we begin?”, and please read all Limited Indemnity Disclosures ~ as stated here .

General Disclaimer
This is only an insight of N=1, my own and mine only ~ involuntary circumstance. Beyond just self health & fitness reclamations ~ I contemplate and purvey dialogues amidst structural impositions and barriers to livelihood, psycho-social stress, and access to both employment + mortgage rights. This entire concept initiative is never intended to objectively “prescribe” nor confide as panacea against all variable circumstances. Nor it intends to override existing terminal / clinical supervisions. Despite humble education out of my own finances ~ I am not a registered nurse, institutionally accredited dietician, medical doctor, physician or clinician in any manner where I can readily prescribe clinical suggestions. Irrespective of “influencer”,  “coach” or “dietician” or “doctor” you follow, subscribe or abide ~ your own health and wealth remains entirely your own  N=1 variable for self-authentication. You must, wherever your  finances/leverage ably provide ~ opportunities for metabolic and/or physiological testing markers be it glucose monitoring, and/or esoteric consultancies be it nutrigenomics and/or food sensitivities.   Learn for yourself, keep for yourself. Live-it-forward, AW.

**Next seven day written updates**

As usual, my pledge, moral obligation and onus as aspiring author of this channel to bring forth any written updates.


Defenitely no better than Saturday. Despite a carbohydrate refeed day the hunger blunting from last few weeks nevertheless translate to this very day.

Let’s just get straight to he point. I’ve decided to spend hours writing (patiently) my case for TGA adverse report events. Both email and the online method.

We shall see how it goes moving forward…

Monday 21st of March 2022.

Heaviness in the head defenitely lingers on and off during mornings. However, very interestingly subsides significantly. The only one (1) change I made today is to be slightly more aggressive on potassium intake on all beverages and on foods. However, overdosing on one mineral is not likely safe as sodium and potassium are expected to work together.

Nevertheless today is training day. Chest and triceps day. To be safe and not overly exert to the point of further DOMS which may complicate my prior adverse effect from the first dose ~ I decided to lessen the chest training exercises and instead substitute with compound movements with sissy squat (with 20kg holding challenges + upright challenges). 

Today’s Volume Training menu:

  1. Bike ride 5 minutes.
  2. Front ATG custom bar squats. Defenitely tough of course not to maintainance level. 6x4s from 10kg gradually to 15kg (each side). Time under tension pause(s). 
  3. Incline chest bar benches  15kg to 18.25kg attempts 6×4-5. 
  4. Close grip chest bar benches 15kg to 17.5kg attempts 6×4. This is where I’m feeling the nerve tension firing already; hence a warning for me to wane off push exercises. 
  5. Overhead tricep single dumbell 22.5kg 6×6. 
  6. Standing overhead olympic bar tricep overhead 5kg (each side) 5×5. Time under tensions. 
  7. (PUSH exercise) Machine Vertical rows (exercises backs deltoids and upper lats) 6×6 45kg. Time under tensions. 
  8. (PUSH exercise) Cable straight arm face pull downs 15kg 6×6. 
  9. Sissy Squat 4x superset challenges  = 4 rep 20kg holding plate movements + 4 reps 15kg plate overhead movements.

Preworkout I am featuring (last year supply) citrulline malate, little bit of creatine, soda water. Postworkout just nothing but frugal 150militires worth of full cream milk. I felt at least better post workout….not as worse as Thursday and Fridays where the headache was that pounding. 

Today's sample MUFA & PUFA emphasis dinner. What's not shown is small serving of lean chicken mince.
Today’s sample MUFA & PUFA emphasis dinner. What’s not shown is small serving of lean chicken mince.

After dinner (MUFA based – avocado); interestingly the slight lingering headache creeps in again. What is not shown above is the bit of lean chicken mince (short-dated). Supplements as always ~ Vitamin D (2x 5kiu today last 5k dose = taken with bit of milk post workout), K2MK7, Zinc and magnesium chelate. The only novelty that stays for what I believe is essential (for my own sake and conviction) ~ Betaine HCL + pepsin. Although the existing brand I have been trying since last year ~  felt somewhat lacklustre compared to the previous brand (“Nature’s Life”). Hence, should finances allow I may have to reconsider purchasing again.

I may have to soon write an update on food budgeting. TLDR; it’s not looking good due to everything jacked up and inflated everywhere in Australia. I firmly believe whenever there is a pricehike on any resource, fuel, energy or “commodity” ~ someone or very few individual(s) ~ are out there making a handsome profit. Alas, at the expense of millions, if not billions under the ladder.

We’ll see how the evenings and tomorrow proceeds.

Live-it-forward, AW.

22nd March 2022.

Very busy day did not train. But thankfully, I am getting somewhat better. The lightheadedness seem to subside significantly, although I attribute this from the cooling weather. However, I did experience some very slight tinnitus. And no, I did not take any NSAIDs today whatsoever.   

I’m afraid I cannot write much today. But here as promised I thought I could grant a brief insight on just how much my food groceries in the last few weeks; have sadly been skyrocketed. 

Common staples impacted from recent price hikes

Sadly it’s the most important one ~ eggs. Eggs as I repeatedly mention – are strong source of choline (acetylated), and is inseparably important for cascading digestion processes from it assisting the stomach acidity. Sadly, everywhere in Australia is now $4.99AUD for a carton. The cheapest now hovers at <$4.00AUD. My pragmatic workaround to this ~ is to once again prioritise on organ meats; especially livers. Beyond just a “multivitamin” in whole food form; it has very appreciable amounts of choline.

Dairy, Dairy goods from milk and yoghurts have been slowly but surely creeping up in pricing. This may as I speculate; affect butter and/or other higher fat dairy products.

If there is one advice I freely share ~ is to stock up on sour creams. As this not only serve as viable dairy fat source for LCIF days, but also the lactic bacteria is as I can attest ~ serve as substitute starter for DIY yoghurt. See my previous video here. 

….And as always, protein. Protein is everything there is to life. Protein supplies, not just from supplemental; but meat sources and wholefood forms; have sadly been increase in pricing again, and again. I invite all to view my two-part feature presentation series of budget protein sources. 

Surrounding Economics

War never changes. Because it brings profits. 

The Ukraine <> Russia tensions appeared to drive everything costly. The most concerning of all ~ is oil, and all commodities. If there is one lesson I learned from watching Zeitgeist Moving Forward documentary (2011); “oil” ~ is everything that enables infrastructure, and agriculture as we know it today on every passing minute. Deprive it; everything else drowns.

**update evenings**

Interestingly for some reason later in today’s evenings the lightheadedness somewhat returned, despite me being fine (other than very sore DOMS from yesterday training).

That is all for today. Hopefully I have not imposed too much fear mongering. 

Another day awaits. Live-it-forward, aw. 

23rd March 2022.

Thankfully, nothing much to report. Once again, emphasising on potassium chloride on all beverages and on foods. 

Training day today, this time feat lowers / leg day. For those who are curious today’s training menu : 

  1. Bike ride 4 mins (higher torque attempt)   
  2. Bulgarian split squats using 20kg dumbell 5×10 (5 each side)
  3. Leg presses 6×5-6 135kg gradually to 150kg. Time under tension attempts. 
  4. Cross over station Custom push press 5×5 15kg. For those who aren’t familiar this is a simulated both push and pull ~ mimicking an entire ATG squat movement from upright stand all the way to ATG crouch.
  5. Seated calfs 50kg 6×6. Time under tension on last reps. 
  6. (Taking Ibuprofen at midway recuperation) Smith lunges 27.5kg to 32.5kg 5×10 (5 rep each side). 
  7. Abductors alternating with Adductors 6×6 
  8. Leg curls 6×6 45kg
  9. As finishing another bulgarian split squats using 20kg dumbell 4×10 (5 each side) 

The only thing still bugging me somewhat is my left arm is still sore at the injection site. I would expect this to be resolved soon. But thankfully not to the point of harming my daily movements. But it can be noticeable, if I pay attention to it. 

A quick word on Vitamin E / alpha tocopherol / The case for “anecdote” as data

Much of this week I have been reincorporating MUFA (from avocado), peanut butters as occasional and PUFA (N3) from (sardines and kipper – rare luxury(s)). 

However as insurance against oxidative damage I am taking VIT E (higher dose as 1KIU as that’s the only available version in my inventory since late last year). Due to its overly high concentration I rarely take it daily but only if I am largely anticipating a biased fat intake towards the PUFA N6. For many years I have been using the regular alpha tocopherol as opposed to the more exotic / rare ~ tocotrienols. 

In nutritional science there are always opposing tug-of-wars. The 2005 meta-analysis proclaiming Vitamin E dangers for instance (Miller III ER et al 2005) appeared quite concerning. However interestingly, several counter argument/s were raised at least four years later (Gerss J & Topcke W 2009) highlighting that very meta-analysis’ flawed methodology. Furthermore, one must also weigh the less discussed aspects of Vitamin E in mainstream nutrition “news”. For instance ~ Vitamin E  is reportedly 100 times more potent than Remdesevir for COVID19 illness prevention (Harrod K et al. 2021).  

I am rarely compelled towards anything widely proclaimed as “cure/s”. Instead I’d argue one would have to rely on surrogate markers of wellbeing; even if that is widely criticised amongst researchers for not being “scientific enough” of a “golden” evidence. Take it for what it is ~ anecdotes always prevails as the ultimate self-contained ~ evidence of all variables. If I can feel anything within the anecdotal “me” ~  as desirable changes to surrogate quality markers of living ~ be it libido, improved sense of tastes, smell, digestion, and surprisingly over the years ~ hair growth ~ then that, irrespective of red-tapes all speaks as rightful evidence of effects. Over the years of journalling, exclusion and reinclusions, I’d attribute much from Vitamin E. Difficult to to explain in one paragraph alone. But I can only speak and quantify for it in a manner that I cannot explain; other than my own convictions speaking for itself. 

Irrespective, I do not simply confide the “same” were to happen to someone else.

Everybody remains their own onus at instigating their own integral, yet numerous moving parts of nutritional science.

Other fat solubles should of course always be taken into consideration in whole food in addition to supplemental forms. Obviously I am referring to Vitamin D, K2 (menaquinone Mark 7) and other supportive cofactors; for digestive and methylation especially as we age ~ namely COQ10, and betaine HCL + pepsin.

Anyway, that is all for today. Another day awaits.

Live-It-Forward.  AW.

24th March 2022.

Very busy today did not train. Besides, today is my evening short-dated groceries run. 

However side effects wise I am feeling better. Again, not much lightheadedness noted throughout. The extra minerals intervention once again have not changed. I am still emphasising PCH / potassium chloride flakes on all beverages. 

Other than that, MUFA and PUFA intake bias today as late breaking the fast slightly later solid meal (9:50PM) (though saving desiccated coconut + gelatin dessert much later). I should also mention, that from last write up ~ considering the food prices being jacked / inflated up everywhere ~ I managed to get my hands on a plant based minces; short-dated.

Once again, I am not entirely against plants; we all have to at some stage be pragmatic. Shown below is (a sacrilege amongst vegetarians) ~ a matched affair using the impossible mince, with bacon. Yes real bacon. Impossible to agree upon, yet more than possibly ~ satiating.

Beyond Meat + Bacon + Avo + Mayo + Silverbeet
Beyond Meat + Bacon + Avo + Mayo + Silverbeet

I have voiced before in my short-dated foods experience feature videos ~these plant based mince should not undergo much cooking.

Considering the heat sensitive ingredients; particularly betaine from beetroot powder are used in many of these products. Instead, simply microwave with vegetables for no more than 4 minutes on high, and combine with any other meat supplies. Condiments. Butter/cheese/choice of fats. Done.There’s always my own Pea Protein Meatloaf recipe for all to consider. 

Now, getting back to vaccines. A user posted (presumably from Australia) within  the Youtube® SuperChat on Dr. Been’s insight share on the US/Latino clinical Novavax safety results.. Here is the link for anyone who is interested to find out more about the reported effects submitted so far to the Australia’s TGA. Search for “Nuvaxovid”, set the date range, and there appears to be four pages so far as I am typing this.

Another busy day surpassed. Another awaits. 

Live-it-forward AW.  

25th March 2022

I am pleased to say that side effects wise I am no longer experiencing extreme fatigues, other than daily defaults of stress. 

Training day today. Shoulders and minor accessories on backs. Unfortunately I am still to this day still experiencing left deltoid fatigues; to the point detriments to my push movements today. 

  1. Bike ride 4 mins (higher torque attempt)   
  2. Bulgarian split squats using 20kg dumbell 5×10 (5 each side)
  3. Standard Lat Pull downs 45kg-50kg 6×5 time under tensions.
    (machine) Shoulder press 25kg 6×5-6 time under tensions. The left arm is defenitely somewhat more prone to fatigue. 
  4. ISOLAT Back Rows (individual arm) 5×8 (4 rep each arm) @ 30kg each side. 
  5. Standing rocky Bradfords (military bar + 5kg each side) 5×5
  6. (Ibuprofen taken here) Smiths shoulder press attempts 15kg each side. Defenitely tough. Could only do 4×5. 
  7. Cable seated rows 45-50kg 6×6 Time under tensions. 
  8. As finishing Sissy Squat 3x superset challenges  = 4 rep 20kg holding plate movements + 4 reps 15kg plate overhead movements.

*Advance notice on why I shall soon subsiding vlog journalling style on Youtube*

There is another reason why I will soon – decide to lower / minimise my presence amidst these Self journalling vlog style Youtube uploads ~ due to yet another frownful remarks. A handful of commenters still somehow escapes my disclaimers despite their repeated clarity since my very first vlog in February, and throughout this concept initiative for many years. Understandably, this is the Internet.  

I was even once suspected that I am ‘fear-mongering’ blatantly; that COVID vaccines produce metabolic concerns. Yet a slight surprise today ~ as I am writing this I am also watching Dr. Been’s insight share on potential Diabetic complications from vaccines (26:00 onwards). TLDR; autoimmunity may be involved as a reaction.

Nevertheless, I do applaud these people (the commenters). They may yet be more able-bodied, able-financed than I ever could. All somehow without encumbrance, or fear from coercion. They need no further envy from me.

Time to rest. This week has been very productive yet testing on my part. However I am thankful for each and every single day granted to me amidst my probation. 

Live-it-forward, AW.

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