(Self Journalling Vlog) Novavax 1st Dose Two Weeks Summary

Week #2 Summary on Novavax first dose (circa 21st February 2022)

So here is my full two week follow up. TLDR; thankfully nothing I can find as serious. But question mark still lingers on the fasting metabolic markers.  For previous / one week curation, click here.

Once again I will reserve this space below this blog article for yet another seven-day writing update. I shall try my best to inform and also to add anything noteworthy for your own food for thoughts repository.

Learn for yourself. Keep for yourself.

Live-it-forward, AW.

**Written Updates**

7th of March 2022

Thankfully, nothing much adverse, I am noticing however slightly more cramping,  which could very well be attributed to daily stress.

Meanwhile, I would like to present another write up on potassium and other surrogate concerns particularly oxalates and how they correlate with risks of COVID illneses thus far. I originally wanted to just briefly touch base on these sujbects, however soon upon writingit I realize it’d be better writing it as a separate feature article instead.

Another day soon begins. live-it-forward, AW.

8th of March 2022

Like yesterday I could not find nor felt anything adverse. However as insurance, I have started applying (only in light amounts due to heat) topical magnesium oil (based on magnesium chloride flakes). As part of my daily ritual for years, especially amidst winters, I am so far glad to say it helped me remaining calm amidst chaos, though of course no panacea nor cure for anything.

There are other supplement talks I wish to discuss, particularly carnitines and ALCAR which I wrote previously, however I am well-spent today; and these will likely be attended at a later date.

Meanwhile I have been witnessing few, but very noteworthy comments. These appear to be genuine concerns people indeed are having their doubts; even with the supposedly “safer” Novavax.

I shall of course not share such details, as I instead encourage all to read the comments for themselves at my video above.

Seeing these only further implores ~ that time and uniqueness of individuality as always ~ judges everything. I am yet to experience any contrasting differences, apart from the very noticeable effects felt on days #1-3 .

Irrespective, I have already attempted responding to all of the comments, at least as so far as my spare time allows. Alongside – my well wishes remain to one and all amidst these times.

Another day awaits. AW.

9th of March 2022

Again, another uneventful day.

I would like to share a brief yet very significant announcement.

I have , since last week and half ~ entered into a probation phase of a full-time job.  

At last. Finally. Throughout all my year(s) of however number of trials and struggles. A slight ray of light in sight. 

TLDR; So what / how does this effectively mean / affect my commitment to this concept initiative I have worked so long since its very beginnings in 2015? From a commitment stand point ~  most probably “Nothing” much changes.  So long I have of course completed all my due diligences each end of day, only then I shall ably resume, should time and also capacity allows ~ working at providing all on-going content in however pragmatic ways I can.

I am grateful for whatever and however lost years of livelihood, prosperity, self-sustenance I look forward to reclaim soon as the future slowly unfolds. I am not however saying  it is time to “celebrate”, be wasteful and jolly. My needs to survive and pass each and every day remains unchanged in all challenges as my resilience both physical, physiologic, and psychological ~ are simultaneously tested.

And so far, I am pleased and am grateful (once again) for the amount of gratitude I have been receiving.

Meanwhile, I wish all a well and a faithful day regardless of my “news” ~ to your’s own self-journalling. Rich or poor, hungry or not ~ my imploration for transcending decentralised thinking into living evidence remains indifferent. Let me proclaim that not as virtue signal nor to raise moral comparisons, I really do feel and ably relate; having had 5+ years of living under structured and stratified violence.

There have been also other structural, family, and living concerns in my life; be it as uncomfortable as it is for me to disclose ~  I will and shall soon part ways from my home. Due to compounding difficulties, barriers and challenges many years cumulative.

Now ~ is neither time for me to dwell nor wallow in more depression. What is important is for me to take whatever this opportunity led me. People consider me depressing that I always seem to willingly prepare for the worst. I beg to differ.

I always prepare for the worst. Because each and every day I did this ~ I have at least convinced myself that I’ve extruded the very best out of me; from all the worst of circumstances, situations, contexts I can anticipate and imagine.

Arguably it’s better for one to be wrong, apprehensive yet self-convinced, inquisitive and self-accepting both vice and virtues. Then be forever believing I am right, bullish, egoistic and foolish.

Live-it-forward, AW. 

10th of March 2022.

Quite busy and I’m very spent today. But at least apart from general malaise ~ I am at least okay.

I have just watched Dr. Been’s discussion of various studies, very interestingly ~ on cases of antibodies already present way before / “pre” (that is correct, “before”) pandemic officially stemmed from China. Interestingly, it all seemingly reported in Italy; suggestively since September 3rd 2019 ~ upon asymptomatic individuals being screened for lung cancer (Apolone, G. 2020). The antibodies commonly referenced to COVID19 immunity response ~ being “IgG “and “IgM “~ were both present amidst a few percentage (“111”) off the 959 individuals screened for the lung cancer; despite paradoxically deemed “asymptomatic”. 

These findings at the very least warrants further doubts ~ that China may not to be the single one and all origin we all led to believe. 

Meanwhile for sake oI nutrient diversity I’ve started incorporating back MUFA N9 as fat source from EVOO amidst main meals. I shall rapport again upon any differences, if any ~ in the days to come. 

My next dose will be on Monday. It would be interesting to see how it all unfolds. 

Another day awaits. Live-it-forward. AW. 

11th of March 2022.

Much apologies that I am yet again very busy today. But at least I am glad to have surpassed without anything adverse. Unfortunately I have been so busy, that I am not able to post any further contemplative notes. My rest, I believe, is well deserved for now.

However as I am writing this I am very glad there is a side of alternative mainstream media that nevertheless willingly question the narrative of vaccines.

Pfizer (and the FDA); as we all came to know have been reluctant to release full disclosure of side effects from administering millions (scratch that ~ “ten” ~  billion total COVID vaccines administered around the world’s) so far. Considering the majority, at least from what I peer through “Our World In Data” ~ appears to be owing to Pfizer®, Moderna second, Johnson & Johnson the least.

Such undisclosed report of side effects have not been easily released. 329,000 pages. Until recently, a court order in November 15th of 2021 ~  (United States District Court / Northern District of Texas) finally agreed to impose Freedom of Information Act ~ from both FDA and Pfizer.

Justice be served, redemption be deemed. I don’t condone death penalty or capital punishment to anyone  “responsible”. But at least, “9” pages (so far) of less-heard side effects ~ surely these represents a lot at stake. Considering the billions of lives coerced to it. 

All futures speak from past tensions.



12th of March 2022

Despite weekend, I am well spent today (due to other stuctural obligations). But thankfully nothing stood out to me as anything inflammatory. 

I am busy collating, editing and producing my next week of vlog journalling update. Thank you for your patience. AW.


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