(Self Journalling Vlog) Novavax 1st Dose One Week Curation Summary

ONE WEEK SUMMARY 21st of February ~ end of 27th of February 2022

For those who expects an update from me ~ here is my upload curating an entire week worth of insight on noteworthy side effects, if any surrounding my first Novavax vaccination. This video upload is made to be viewed in conjunction to my daily write up on the initial Day One post,  

This is an eight-to-nine hour crunch of work, re-recording and editing. I have no choice but to rush under the pressure of time. I apologise that mistakes happen even in the best of us. The microphone did not even record two entire segments of discussion.

Nevertheless, I sincerely hope the typographic annotations are always informative, objective and clear. For all who provide comments in the YouTube channel, I thank you for sharing them with me. I welcome comments to be placed here, as well.



**Written Updates**

Once again as per my previous pledge and setup, all the next seven days of written updates are shared here.

28th February 2022

Noticeably lightheadedness pain, but nothing serious. Only a little bite of aspirin solved with my usual fasting window coffees. I am also trying to experiment with chamomile tea (although expired 1 year) in the hope of calming things down.

Nevertheless the citations I provided within the video late on sunday are as follows:

I am just glad to have survived another day. Till next time, AW.

Correction :  I was experiencing very light (but later developing) sign of heartburn ~ that somewhat persisted after sipping (cold brew) chamomile. I was simply just curious to see if it helps me relax during stress. However, whether this symptom I’m experiencing is related or not  to the Novavax remains debateable.

Thankfully after dinner today (bit of butter, 2 eggs, salmon and cheese), and resorting to my usual routines:

  1. Vitamin D (topical and oral) 10kiu today, magnesium, zinc,
  2. K2mk7,
  3. Betaine HCL pepsin + finger lick amounts of creatine monohydrate,
  4. …and the liver pate (as mini isolated meal, soon after the feature meal);

,….Seem to relieve this strange unsettling ‘heartburn’ like symptom. When it comes acidity vs alkalinity debate I have been convinced since my early years of SKD ~ that I am still partial towards maintaining stomach acidity arguably being the greater importance; due to so many things at stake by maintaining acidity alone. However I was not prepared even just casual sip of cold brew chamomile, a known antacid ~ in early evening (still amidst fasting window) ~ could trigger this.

Nonetheless, the above still remains speculative. Many moving parts. An interesting day.

1st March 2022

Thankfully, little to no concerns noted other than (still) slight headedness early on.

I have been collecting a bit of information on ibuprofen (a form of NSAID supposedly gut-friendly [Rampal P et al. 2002) and how I believe those who are reliant on these may warrant further reading due to conflicting opinions on ~ 1). safety profile and 2). Contributoring role to COVID symptoms due to its upregulation (or simply an increase) of ACE 2 receptors activity (Fang, L.et al 2020); which are widely thought to be the target sites for infectivity. Hence, I would invite readers to refer to the recent meta-analysis of NSAIDs use on COVID19 (Moore, N et al. 2021); which concludes that there appears to be “no negative” associations with such use with worsening risk of infections. Despite this, one would exercise caution to conduct more readings especially and if should readers and/or viewers are clinically presribed on these.

On a side note, I have been noticing that for some reason despite me concretely set Youtube to “allow” all comments; many of them still somehow remain invisible, unless I have to approve the majority of them manually. Unless of course, if they are obviously frownful or highly political.

Another day awaits.

2nd March 2022

Thankfully, nothing much to report nor anything off the ordinary. Once again I am keeping to my routines at emphasizing calcium, though my fat intake has been somewhat light (45-55% of daily total of weekday ratios) to emphasize protein intake. Though consequently I am aware this also inevitably leads to more protein oxidation. Also I have been consuming far less MUFA as fat sources. But do enjoy peanut butter indulgence here and there.  

Regarding my (1st Day) video upload, I have been experiencing unexpected problems, perhaps attributed to the delays within Youtube’s commenting system. A flood of comments; many seemingly genuine and gratifying that I cannot somehow respond back. Hence, to whoever you are reading this my apologies as technical barriers seem to prevent me somehow from responding to you with gratitude.

Next, these inflammatory responses from the “anti” side ~ the shouters and keyboard warriors ~ seemed mounting. My guess is these people have not been tied involuntarily to welfare beyond a year. Never been virtue signalled into tall-poppy syndrome. Before jumping through the hoops. Never being increasingly cornered to social “recorrections”.

Call me an “idiot” ~ that’s fine. I do not blame “you”. But I hope no one else would likewise call you an idiot

Perhaps there are bigger problems one may wish to invest attention to, than spreading malevolence. What is happening between Ukraine, Russia (and inevitably) rest of the world?  Or perhaps ~ invest in one’s own self to be more rational. Take your pick. 

On a side note ~ the cooler weather today (unexpected) brought me some stress relief. Particulalry, a smoother digestion and glycogen uptake response. More importantly, I am witnessing a beginning \of a lower fasted glucose response. Of course not as low as my prior average 3.5-4.0 MMOL during winters (sometime as low as <3.0 MMOL). Keep in mind these readings were taken soon after my brief aerobic and non-aerobic bout of resistance-band circuit exercises. 

Irrespective of dietary principles one subscribe ~ thermal environment factors, on top of everything else may yet be that last great confounder to nutrient partitioning.

Live-it-forward.  AW.

3rd of March 2022

Besides from everyday stress it appears I am finding it difficult to ascertain, at least so far anything off the ordinary that I can attribute to the vaccination. At least so far as that I am still unable to resume full training episodes until I am at least double vaccinated. Once this resume, I speculate that differences, would be more clearer to note.

My apologies for I am not able to complete much of an entry today. I have been busy all day.

4th of March 2022.

Once again, nothing adverse for me to report, thankfully. 

I have for quite some time  since December of 2021 analysing through the TGA’s vaccine weekly Reports. You can view them here. Be sure to click on “Previous Report” ~ to view the actual most recent and latest release. Yes, very unintuitive.

I am just sharing my very brief “summary / highlights” below. Just for sake of interpreted statistics for your own contemplation. Having calculated the rate of increase(s) report after report (total number of adverse reports ~ divided ~ by the overall doses administrated at each thus-far-reported-release), I have found = 

  1. Moderna® (Spikevax) appears to represent the least adverse % in terms of overall trend percentage of adverse events reported, thus far. However, we should take this grain of salt as there are FAR LESS total nationwide doses of Moderna® administered compared to Pfizer®.
  2. Cominarty (Pfizer®) ~ seems to represent the next least in terms of overall trend of percentage of adverse events thus far. But still nonetheless ably producing ~ adverse events. One key takeaway = Pfizer® remains as the most DOMINANT type of vaccine reported, and administered nationwide.
  3. Astrazeneca® meanwhile, appears to represent the worst in terms of overall trend. Considering the total doses administered nationwide is roughly 40-50% less compared to that of Pfizer®.    
  4. As for Novavax, there are no official statistics yet shown. But they mentioned “only” 32 “suspected” adverse events. It is unknown if these “suspected” events are of critical nature (myocarditis / severe inflammation related). By their own words ~ official release data will be done within “next few weeks”. 

Sample % Adverse Rate Calculation (for this report 3rd of march 2022).

  1. Spikevax (Moderna) = 4,832 adverse reports divided by 3,700,000 approx total nationwide dosage = 0.13059%. So far.
  2. Cominarty (Pfizer)= 62,186 adverse reports divided by 36,500,000 approx total nationwide dosage = 0.170372%. So far.
  3. Astrazeneca (Vaxzevria) =  45,497 adverse reports divided by 13,800,000 approx total nationwide dosage = 0.329688%. So far. 


Once again, my interpretations on “what to do” remain privately as mine alone. Yours may differ. But please try not to raise your moral pitchforks. 

Meanwhile, I shall soon have to make time to deliver my promise to continue working on the Disclaimers part 2 on the recent budget / short-dated foods shopping guide. 

Live-it-forward, AW. 



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