(Recipe) Ox Hearts

Ox Hearts instructionals / recipe vid upload

One of the more brief(er) instructional videos. Few more coming soon in development.

  1. 400g-500g worth of ox hearts
  2. 50g worth of butter, or fat source equating to approx 450-500 kcals.
  3. 40-50g tomato paste
  4. 3 garlic cloves
  5. (optional) 40g worth of carrots peeled./ jullienned.

Mix together and let stand for an hour. Be sure to sprinkle with salt and pepper generously and try not to cook beyond ten minutes or until significant charring is reached.

An alternative, lower fat version would require a whole onion (40-60g), soy sauce, Apple Cider Vinegar with little extra water. Use the condiment as savoury seasoning.



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