Pumpkin Cream

  1. 500g pumpkin
  2. At least 750 kcals of fats combination, of which these can be a combination of:
    1. 150ML cream and 200ML coconut cream
    2. 50g butter and 150ML cream.
    3. 50g butter and 200ML sour cream.
    4. 200ML Coconut cream and 200ML sour cream.
  3. Some water, salt and sweeteners.

1 Chop and heat the pumpkins in the microwave for up to seven minutes with a little water; on highest setting (600-700W rating). Or heat via stove method until soft and mashable. 2 Let cool briefly before adding in the liquid (cream) fat sources. 3 Mash with the masher; this will assist with the blending much easier. Adding a little water may be necessary if the result is too thick. 4 In another container reserve the rest of the fats and mix together or re-blend to preferred consistency. 5 Store and refrigerate for at least few hours before serving as base or for dessert or savoury recipes with sweeteners.

Please note some types of cream (particularly sour creams and coconut cream) may fluctuate from brand-to-brand, in terms of calorie contents per100g. 

It is generally not recommended to use thickened sour creams as these are notoriously rife with carrageenan (code 407A,B). Individual response / allergenic tolerance will undoubtedly vary. 

An excerpt from an upcoming book. 



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