Pace of eating evidence sample: Low Carbohydrate (PUFA N6)

Pace of eating evidence sample: Low Carbohydrate (PUFA N6)

For those who are curious about real time / pace of eating – a sharing of my own N=1 years of CKD+IF.

Here – we’re using a PUFA N6 dominant meal featuring affordable Rice bran oils and Sunflower oil condiments. Yes, the supposed Omega “666” of nutritional science.

Not something you see often amidst “glossy” Survivorship Biased health and fitness channels. What if PUFA N6 is all that one can access to?

WARNING / Disclaimer:

Should anyone suspect this is a “pro” stance for PUFA N6 – my thoughts or “conclusion” ~ remains neutral, at best. Arguably, it is far better to :

  1. Exercising regular contingencies through both water and lipid-soluble antioxidants,
  2. Encouraging foods supportive to methylation/digestion and gut functions,
  3. Conscious micronutrient supports including minerals, adequate protein intake.
  4. Then all the way to productive and sustainable fitness training meritocracies…

That….is all arguably more meaningful to pursue than myopic-bickering on “Lipid Peroxidation” alone.


Learn for yourself. Keep for yourself.



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