October-December 2020 update/s

Welcome to the Internet’s least visited thoughts on wellness and decentralised Nutritional Science. For those anxious on “why” lack of new content ~ I have been very busy lately amidst overlapping obligatories. I assure however that these delays are both meanigful to me and my (however few) prospective audience to this concept initiative.

No, whilst my circumstances have not “improved” from stigma, I am still nevertheless been gratified with few recognition and demand from my work.  

In addition throughout last two and half months I have gone back to intensive academia studying. For yet another certificate towards two (2) major units.

No spoilers here as I am trying to tie yet another major landmark for this concept initiative.

I am still making room somehow to continue writing my next book. Please acquaint yourselves with the rest of the content I have already completed thus far.

I foresee that the upcoming five year anniversary write up is so far quite necessarily frank, yet contemplative at the same time.



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