November 2023 Urgent Website Interim interventions: Troubleshoots, style resets & remodification

As per the title of this blog post I hereby felt compelled to notify all yet another urgent amends. Recently, circumstances have compelled me unfortunately to undergo yet another brute series of emergency fixes and troubleshooting(s) over my entire blog section.

These include troubleshooting, major resets and overhauls of the custom CSS overrides within WordPress and the Theme I have been using for years (2017) ~ Sydney by AThemes.

This is still an interim series of intervention(s), which does not include the fact that I am still obliged on the front-end redesigning, and re-branding overhaul(s) of this concept initiative on a private, separate staging website. For bit of context, I encourage and welcome all to read my official rebrand notice

I assert that the series of troubleshooting as I am writing this at 12:15AM are still incomplete. Hence I shall endeavour to do whatever it takes to salvage and reintroduce all the customary CSS components deemed necessary, line-by-line and troubleshoot them as patiently and diplomatically I could within capacity.

Meanwhile, I sincerely hope all is well. I remain no doubt inundated with almost non-stop obligations seven days of the week due to significant changes of living circumstances; that of which involving numerous stakeholders.

Despite sleep-deprived almost daily basis, on top of my industry bread & butter till evenings ~ I still remain pledged to continue rewriting as well as finishing the first draft of the parent manuscript, the entire rebrand of this concept initiative, the UX and all front-end development sandboxing of this entire initiative.

For those new to this channel, I hereby welcome you to perhaps the least visited, independent thoughts in alternative wellness. I encourage anyone time-or-attention-deprived to please consider acquainting the Start here page.  



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