Novavax 2nd Dose (self journalling) 14th March 2022 + 7 Day written updates.

Novavax 2nd Dose

Novavax 2nd Dose  ~ 14th of March 2022.

So here I present my yet another seven-day insight following from my second dose from today’s afternoons on 14th of March 2022. However today (14th of March) have been so busy it was not possible for me to record, edit,  produce and upload in front of camera amidst these schedules.

For those of you who are new to my concept initiative ~ I  welcome you to what is perhaps the least visited independent thoughts on wellness and decentralised nutritional experiences. Anywhere from Cyclical Ketogenic+Intermittent Fasting Principles, to nuanced discussion on Glycation End Products ~ I synthesize all these pursuits for health dialogues further encapsulated amidst themes of structural inaccessibility and Economics, circa 2015.

Please acquaint yourself by reading this overview “Where/how shall we begin?”, and please read all Limited Indemnity Disclosures ~ as stated here and everywhere else repeatedly as part of on-going responsibility.

***Here ~ is one general disclaimer as we shall recite and repeat. ***
This is only an insight of N=1, my own and mine only ~ involuntary circumstance. Beyond just self health & fitness reclamations ~ I contemplate and purvey dialogues amidst structural impositions and barriers to livelihood, psycho-social stress, and access to both employment + mortgage rights. This entire concept initiative is never intended to objectively “prescribe” nor confide as panacea against all variable circumstances. Nor it intends to override existing terminal / clinical supervisions. Despite humble education out of my own finances ~ I am not a registered nurse, institutionally accredited dietician, medical doctor, physician or clinician in any manner where I can readily prescribe clinical suggestions. Irrespective of “influencer”,  “coach” or “dietician” or “doctor” you follow, subscribe or abide ~ your own health and wealth remains entirely your own  N=1 variable for self-authentication. You must, wherever your  finances/leverage ably provide ~ opportunities for metabolic and/or physiological testing markers be it glucose monitoring, and/or esoteric consultancies be it nutrigenomics and/or food sensitivities.   Learn for yourself, keep for yourself. Live-it-forward, AW.

Once again, please respect one and another’s overlapping commitments. Unless you yourself ably shuffles between a content creator, an aspiring author/writer/researcher, vlogger, blogger, a graphic designer, video-editor, and visual communicator  all-in-one in addition to your existing structural obligation ~ envious comparisons need not apply.

Should I am not able to respond to comments I hereby apologize for I am either fully booked amidst obligations and/or that I am in need of recuperation from general daily motions.

Thank you and we shall begin.


Novavax 2nd Dose
Novavax 2nd Dose

14th of March 2022 (2nd dose) 2:15PM -> end of first day.

To ease anyone’s anxiety ~ no, thankfully ~ I did not experience any worrying symptoms. Soon after injection ~no bitter taste reception. No inflammatory episodes (so far).

There were however one or two very few and light ear-ringing occasions. But were so mild and short (<10 seconds), that my focus were quickly spent on work hours on end . Regardless as I began preparing this blog feature upon arriving home thankfully I do not experience further ringing.

Fasting window as usual at work since 11:15PM previous day. No food today until (as usual) breaking-the-fast and begin feeding window at 8:15PM. Besides, I had a lot of brisk walk today with appointments back and forth + work. Eating food during/amidst extremely busy scheduling, in my humble opinion ~ is unwise to overall digestion and nutrient partitioning considering the heightened cortisol; at least until all coast is reasonably clear.

One important thing to note is that I decided NOT to do any exercise. Recall that my first and definite signs was that of a pulsating DOMS like fatigue; on upper pectorals on later evenings of my very first dose; despite absolutely no exercise undertaken. That to me was slightly worrisome. The DOMS like fatigue was actually pronounced as though it was deep muscular exertion, even though I did not actually exercise at all on that first day.

Once again, another important disclaimer ~ besides from very few refeed day allowances, I am yet to resume full depletion 5×5-8×8 German training schedule due to state wide barring of the unvaccinated to full gym access since beginning of the year. Now that I am fully vaccinated I look forward to prepare for this eventual and gradual ~ retransition. Though of course I anticipate challenges, reconditioning and safe- de-loading along the way despite prior years of muscle memory.

Until next time, another day unfolds.

Live-It-Forward, AW.

15th Of March 2022

TLDR; Not good. Bit worrisome.

Literally I had a very relaxing, very tolerable day & evening on Monday besides from sore arm.

However, I was not expecting to be woken up with slight chilling headache at 3:35AM; slightly pronounced; that I felt convinced to take aspirin before returning to sleep. This overall heaviness lingers throughout an entire day.

I have so far taken 1.5 ibuprofen and 3/4 aspirin (plain uncoated), throughout the day. But their supposed relief subside so quickly; at least in this occassin ~ it is almost surprising just how short-lived they are.

General fatigue and malaise meanwhile seemed more pronounced as I nevertheless strived my absolute 110% at work. Magnesium chelated taken in 1/4 bites earlier in the day and topical oil does seem to help me relax.

But as I was slowly spooning through late lunch to break the fast early; I did at times crave for “salt“. I only sprinkled salt liberally for today, but I did not expect a certain “wanting” or “anticipation” for salt. This is unusual considering I have had years of prior SKD / standard ketogenic regiment behind me in various circumstance.

For anyone who’s been into low carbohydrate for quite a while 1 years+ will be intimately familiar with keto flu and unexplainable lingering DOMS. I guess another best analogy to this would be consistent “cramps”; almost everywhere on the body throughout work hours on end. That is exactly what I am referring to. And unexpectedly ~ more frequent visits to the toilet ~ urination, and bowel movements. These to me suggests a prime concern for major mineral losses. I can confirm that all urines output are crystal clear; which of course go against institutionalised convention as being “good”.

Recall that I shared a study (Lippi. G. et al 2021) in my earlier posts – that mineral deficiencies status seems correlated with worse outcomes against COVID-19. Salt (hyponatremia) , Calcium (hypocalciurea), Magnesium (hypomagnesia) and Potassium (hypokalemea).

Important update/ finding (evenings to end)

Upon arrival not feeling hungry; I immediately gobbled 600ML worth of water (carbonated), with magnesium flakes, potassium bicarbonate flakes and of course – rock salts. Today has been indeed an interesting ordeal for me; and although the above is only a share of my own circumstance, whether this likely happens to anyone else remains very difficult to tell.

Realisizing that I had no K2 left in the inventory I decided to go all out replenish-spending on key nutrients fats solubles ~ Vitamin K2, Zinc, and COQ10 ; all for the sake for quelling this cytokine response (at least to prepare me for yet another big day tomorrow). 

Thankfully upon swallowing the zinc (chelated + B6+ VitA+manganese as supposed cofactors) ~ as is = within minutes I felt somewhat at ease. The cytokine release (the kind of flushing you feel) subsides very soon upon taking it.  Though of course megadosing is unwise I will likely need to offset some excess with some source of copper – and this is where Liver Pate can come in handy.

COQ10 in particular is one supplement I rarely purchase for many years due to their pricing. Although they are highly prized for their testosterone + virility (Banihani, SA. 2018), a key anti-oxidant for ageing status (Hernandez-Camacho JD et al. 2018) as well as possibly protective from COVID-19 mortality outcomes; as I share a study or two on these earlier

Vitamin K2 (menaquinone families – particularly Mark #4 and #7) – needs no introduction. Calcium regulator, supporter, and Vitamin D synergist.

For now ~ I am truly spent. I only wish to relax. For yet another very long and productive day ahead for me to fulfill and live up to.

Live-it-forward, AW.

16th of March 2022.

Adrenaline rush? Check. Productivity throughout? Check. Any inflammation? Very little to none thankfully,from dusk to dawn.

I defenitely believe this attributed with Zinc. Sadly, since this was an emergency purchase yesterday – I resorted to whatever is the most discounted and generous at the time. Swisse Zinc. Cofactors: Vitamin A (only @ 375 mcg), Vit B6 (30 mg), Magnesium (phosphate pentahydrade @ only 35 mg), Manganese (2 mg). Yes, I know, it has other processed “suspects” ~ soya beans & sulfites. However at the very least I can defenitely attest ~ that it brought me significant relief of all inflammatory/cytokine releases. To the point today despite very long schedule – I am able to work at my usual absolute capacity. 

Perhaps one thing to keep in mind is that usually ~ whenever I buy mineral supplementation ~ I do not buy those with so called “co-factors” ~ as I wanted to take that very mineral alone, in isolation. Reason for this is to allow wholefood sources to meanwhile ~ do their work for me. But yesterday evening ~ I was so desperate to quell this inflammatory response somehow, from the vaccine.

I’d like to also take this opportunity to remind all, that despite me able to withstand all stress `  is this sustained / heightened cortisogenic response “good” all the time? Of course not. “Work” is not “life”. I do at times fall for being a workaholic. 

For those who are not accustomed to my line of industry; it is probably representative to things people take for granted, cheaply. The reason why I decided to diversify, as lateral interest towards Nutritional science ~ is that I find many things overlap; that there are Individualization nuances in everything. Learning Biochemistry is one thing. But coaching ~ is an “art form”. In design & creativity we transform intangibles into tangibilities as an “advice”. We “moodboard” (research), we ask questions and “rationalize” our decisions to “stakeholders”. 

Ask a nutritional coach what’s the best diet? At best you’ll be presented with “I don’t know.” Same thing with Graphic Design. “Hey, how much do you charge a logo for me?. “I don’t know.” 

Every consultancy begins with a question. “Who are “you“”? Hence, individualization. Context, before Content Within Nutritional science (and one of core thematics of this initiative) ~ is that Ration manifests Rationality. After all, there is a “why” in everything, is there?

The reason why I have been a “designer” is to imbue life with meanings (“Logo Therapy”). Than just maintaining a roof over my head. 

Anyway, enough rant from me. I need to rest.

Live-it-forward, aw. 

17th of March 2022.

An interesting day. ¾ of the working hours went without worry. However, lingering headaches somehow began early evenings onwards.

Despite these sudden onset of headache + lightheaded I decided to try full training session, finally upon approval. A mix of shoulders and lowers. Doable? Yes. Maintainance record possible? No. 

For anyone who is curious, today’s menu is as follows:

  1. Warm up as 5 minutes of brisk walk level 7.0 incline with speed 7.0 rating. Followed by 4×10 rep lower leg conditioning exercise as split bulgarian squats with 17.5kg bells. 
  2. Shoulder press (machines) 6×6 with time-under-tensions. 20kg gradually to 30kg (each side).
  3. Lat pulldowns 6×5. 50kg attempts but lowered to 45kg. Time-under-tension on last rep. 
  4. Standing rockybradfords 5kg only. 4×5. 
  5. Begin lowers session. Starting with leg press re-conditioning work. 6×6 from 100kg gradually to 130kg. 
  6. 6×6 seated calfs with time-under-tensions. 45kg to 50kg. 
  7. Leg extensions 6×6-eight rep attempts. Gradually working from 50kg to 60kg
  8. Back to upper lats work ~ rope pull down rows (arms straight) 6×5-6 12.5kg. 
  9. Then as finishing accessory = 4x supersets. 6 rep Sissy squats with 20kg holding iron plate followed by 4 rep of 15kg dumbell hammer back rows. 

Up to 45 seconds of rest inbetween set, as usual. My left arm is defenitely still sore and lightly compromised on some press movements. 

As preworkout ~ nothing glamorous. Creatine, sodawater with sugar free cordial, bit of instant coffee and pink salts. Post as 110ml milk diluted with bit extra water, using only 15g of flavoured whey to save resources.

For anyone who is patient enough, they are most welcome to view my more indepth raining day-in-the-life sample presentations. These summarises five+ years worth of training journal into just five presentations on a silver plate. 

I am still light headed as I am writing this. Most likely, I need a rest. 


18th of March 2022

Lingering headaches little bothersome but thankfully nothing too dire. 

I have decided to once again resume training. This time lowers (again, safely of course) mixed with backs and few biceps movements. 

Bike 5 minutes followed by Bulgarian splits 20kg 4×10 (5 rep each side) time under tensions

  1. Leg curls 45kg 6×6.
  2. Seated Calfs 6×6 50kg. Time under tensions on last rep. 
  3. Seated cable rows 45kg-47.5kg 6×6 time under tensions.
  4. ISOLAT Back rows 5×10 27.5kg time under tensions on last rep. 
  5. Close grip (Bice targeted) lat pull downs 50kg 6×5-6 time under tensions last rep. 
  6. Smith Lunges 5×8 (4 rep each side) from safe 40kg to 55kg.
  7. Leg press 120kg gradually to 130kg 6×5.
  8. Finishing = Leg extensions 45kg 6×6.

My left arm rotational mobility however appears to be still bit sore from the injection, interestingly enough.

Preworkout featuring ALCAR; this I felt ~ saved my training session after a strenuous week.  Postworkout as usual ~ diluted 100-110ml full cream milk with bit extra water, only 15g whey. But using calcium chloride granules (2 small bits) for calcium intake insurance. 

Once again, anyone is welcome to view my prior training days coverages. And no I did not take footages because 1), lack of technical prep 2). Courtesy and privacy amongst others. And lastly 3). My own humility; that probably goes for everyone, too. 

Despite just two (2) training days. I am very exhausted. 

Another week surpassed, there is still a lot of work, and changes ahead for me.



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