Novavax 1st Dose (self journalling vlog) 21st February 2022

So I’ve taken Novavax (1st dose).

2:15PM 21st February 2022.

A self journal vlog (first person address) on noteworthy side effects if any surrounding Novavax. Will plan to release the next update within a day (or two) depending on severity or noteworthy symptoms. Please share your comments and/or thoughts wherever you are; especially if you are a former candidate for the Novavax trial or if you have received a different prior vaccine (Pfizer, Astra, Moderna, J&J).

Please once again witness the limited indemnity declaration.”Health” remains an individual case, agency and privacy, . Please exercise your due courtesy & empathy ~ that I do not take pleasure for being a “bait” for others’  “wait-&-see” hesitancy ~ other than imploring readers and viewers my own insight. This is NOT and NEVER intended to show, provoke or incite any convictions that the same were to happen to another individual. I cannot and shall not ~ be held responsible for any unintended consequences. This is simply an N=1 submission amidst structural coercion, violence, and inaccessibility by powers-above. Live-It-Forward, AW.


I decided to reserve this space for up to one (1) week of sharing any updates; provided time allows me to write and gather more insight should and if noteworthy findings arise.

*UPDATE* Later evenings 21st February 2022

As the later evening progressed there seemed to be slight discomfort around the chest region, which the only best analogy is that of a very light “squeeze”. However, not as seriously pressing as that of angina. Upon consuming:

  1. Lower carbohydrate Feature meals as usual (but lighter on overall fat), higher protein ratios;
  2. Another Vitamin D 5k taken  (approx 15,000IU total for 21st of February including the less-absorbed topical route);
  3. Vitamin E 10K;
  4. Raise calcium intake from dairy cheese;
  5. Potassium chloride (sprinkle) to meet RDA;
  6. Betaine HCL + Pepsin (to support HCL, overall methylation and partitioning support).

Thankfully, such discomfort ease to almost nil / not noticeable. As I am typing this the next day (22nd February) mid-late afternoons (3:30PM) – no other worrisome exist except very slight / almost non noticeable ~ obvious injection site spot fatigue. However, only time will tell whether signs or symptoms may arise. I shall make another self journal update upload, provided adequate time inbetween obligations.

22nd February 2022

Thankfully, I am not experiencing anything that seems out of ordinary. No  ear ringing symptoms. And the entire day seemed to pass without anything remarkable (other than everyday psychological stress).

A note about exercise regiments + bureaucracy rant.  On a side disclaimer note, I’d like to disclose due to the pressing mandate since late January I was unable to resume full training sessions as ALL unvaccinated are barred from entering any fitness venues until they’re vaccinated double-dosed, not just single dosed.  Novavax® did not actually arrive until 21st of February 2022. Not to mention ~ the two-week waiting window that needs to pass before I am allowed the next dose.

Adding up these punitive measures, I am confident it is not “health” that fuels our health-care system. It’s sickness. 

So that wraps up second day. Still an early insight.

23rd February 2022

Thankfully, nothing significant nor out of the ordinary. I decided to take one (1) Doctor’s best Vitamin D (swallowed) and also tiny bite (perhaps a smidgen more than Monday / 21st) of aspirin both as contingency; during the fasting window. Thankfully, no ear ringing symptoms.

Calcium & Supplementation thoughts. I am still emphasizing on calcium from dairy cheese despite their esoteric expense; and key to their utilisation is obviously ~ Vitamin K2 menaquinone mark VII; for their longer half life over Mark IV (Sato T. et al 2012). General consensus, science journalism. and including mainstream media (another source here), have gained traction that calcium intake from dairy and/or whey proteins (Huahao F et al 2020), despite vilified ~ remains plausible for overall health not just for immunology. Interestingly enough, saturated fats seemed to be protective (Kurdi BE et al. 2020). On related note ~ I am not entirely against plants, but it is noteworthy to find that Oxalate intake AND Vitamin C (surprise) may play a role in COVID related pathology (Anandh, U et al 2021), (another source here).  Irrespective of dogma or alternative health practitioners you follow it seems pragmatic to invest in calcium rich food sources as majority of one’s frugal budget. 

Indirectly related, but digestive and methylation health I believe remains important next subject. Betaine HCL still remains my priority. Another noteworthy emphasis, provided one is not allergenic is simply ~ eggs. In addition to my own year(s) of N=1 convictions ~ eggs ~ remain not just essential precursor for digestion (acetylated choline). But finally, it is time we move past nihilistic vilification as it is now considered “anti-inflammatory” (Batiha GES et al. 2021)

Alongside dairy, I also have not changed my stance when it comes to organ meats. Particularly Liver pate. Due to its immense nutrient diversity; which may or may not compete with any prior exogenous nutrients were it is taken simultaneously with a feature meal ~ I personally instead consume this far and away at least an hour apart, just as safe personal speculation. Please note; I am not a “researcher” nor an expert on Vitamin A and its complexes ~ Chris Masterjohn PhD has in more ways than one covered this, particularly its nuance interactions with Vitamin D in relation to immune health. 

Once again, the above is simply me purveying a small segment update to my previous COVID thougths writeup. Consult your own physician and if in doubt, self-journal your own circumstance. Learn for yourself, keep for yourself. 

Live-it-forward.  Question everybody. Answer your own body. 

24th of February 2022.

Apologies for this delayed update. I felt (slightly) light-headed but thankfully nothing too severe / nothing that compelled me to take a surface bite of aspirin. 

I was busy and occupied, considering I am also still editing and preparing the next video/s to come especially surrounding the next and last part of Short-Dated foods buying guide. This second and final part is and can be at times difficult to thread. Because people will likely misconstrue it as something else than motivational. I am hoping to present a reminder on this stigma ~ that a seemingly “normal” individual carry. Not mere weeks, or months, but years of Structural Violence

Meanwhile I picked up an interesting paper on ALCAR / Aceytlated Carnitine. I wrote on this earlier as my preferred and (budget longevity) Notropic of choice for harsh times. It appears to be protective at suppressing proinflamatory cytokines (Kazmi N, 2021). Though keep in mind this is not yet peer-reviewed.  

Nonetheless, any “storm” of side effects is yet to come. I do not know when. Be it at the second dose, sooner or later ~ only  Time will tell. 

25th of February, 2022.

So far, again, nothing to report. 

My announcement for the recent commenters

Lately, I have been receiving comments. Be it however grateful I am despite not seeing one for year(s) since this initiative’s early beginnings; I’d like to pause and remind all that my circumstance and livelihood are both involuntarily pressured and structured. I am aware that not all commenters reside in Australia and therefore not aware of the kind of mandate being enforced here. However such blanket simpletons ~ “don’t get the vax” / “just ignore it all” ~ is anything but helpful. 

I am here to share symptoms and/or signs for anything noteworthy. Not just a mere day. But I plan for at least two weeks or more ~ towards my second dosage (in order to qualify as “vaccinated”) all for disclosing my  own N=1 experience. Either you value someone else’s insight or you don’t. Walk away or listen. Live your own convictions.  

I am and have been since this initiative’ early beginnings ~ imploring lateral dialogues, both scientific and nutritional themes less travelled amidst the entire health and wellness landscapes. Please look elsewhere if your attention span beckons sensationalism. 

26th February, 2022.

Early during the day ~ malaise and fatigue. But this is expected and unremarkable with any end of week’s stressors and encumbrances. However, I am presenting readers both good(s) and bad(s). 

The Good. Despite just light headedness not enough compelling me to bite an aspirin ~ I remain able-bodied. I have also made changes to my nutritional intake prioritising towards calcium and with less oxalate sources. Both seem to helped me slowly increase my own at-home mini exercise(s).  

The Bad. Nobody likes sharing their metabolic panel. Yet alone fasting glucose levels. I am noticing lately that my 18+ hours have been somewhat higher than usual hovering at 5.0 MMOL. Though one interesting find is that my HCT or haematocrit levels remain somewhat low between 20-33% despite consuming (to personal taste) iron rich Livers ~ lamb, beef and sheep. I approximate these roughly between 50-75 grams worth of raw weight equivalent per serve. I openly admit many times in my annual food for thoughts that gluconeogenesis likely occurs at a much FASTER rate amidst prolonged heat stress in SUMMER seasons. But significantly lower as the season cools down. Thereby, it seems logical for me to witness these higher readings.  

To illustrate ~ I am living in a property with restricted cooling / heating to save utility running costs. All these amidst obligations, NDA projects for job applications (100+ hours of self learning initiative/s), and working on this channel’s content from morning to night. 

I have used up my very last and final glucose strip yesterday. Given the financial inaccessibility it would be sometime before I can procure yet another replenishment soon.   

I would like to remind readers yet another strong disclaimer  ~ surrounding my fitness & my CKD+IF nutrition so far. For a month now I have been unable to resume full proper volume training episodes due to the FULL gym restriction for access; unless double dosed. Instead I resort to my own superset 15 minute bout(s) of Resistance band routines (green) ~ both push & pull movements with limited rests; and immediately resuming my work afterwards. I am trying to include up two bout(s) or sessions of these supersets per day, amidst scorching & uncomfortable heat. Each superset (times 4) consisting of 4-5 exercise movements each with 10-12 repetitions. 15 seconds of rest between superset. Certainly not a replacement of Gironda’s 6×6 10 exercise entire session. But a challenging enough 15 minutes at forcing one to calm down afterwards.  

I have significantly reduced my carbohydrate intake during “refeeding” days to no more than one (1) full day. Perhaps one “good” insight I am witnessing despite higher weekday glucose reading is that I am at times less voraciously hungry. I attribute these perhaps from the raise in protein ratio during feeding (and during carbohydrate allowance day). Or perhaps ~ that the prolonged heat stress (Vargas, N. et al 2016) somehow correlate with surrogate satiety neuropeptides PYY, GLP-1 or Leptin (Mandic, I et al. 2019); both certainly remains up for interesting discussion. Irrespective I do not feel as though my circumstance warrants bolus amount of carbohydrate given these restricted conditions (and of course, finances). But everything else in my weekdays remained the same = LCIF, at least 20 hours of fasting windows, <1800 kcals, but higher on the protein, if resources and money allows. 

That is all for now. Another day passed. Live-it-forward AW.   

Live-it-forward. AW.



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