New VIDEO(S) upload : CKD+IF budget & Notes / Conditions

New VIDEO(S) upload : CKD+IF budget & Notes / Conditions

I have completed two (2) more large video recording projects.

CKD+IF Sample Budget & Notes + Disclaimers

The last time I revisited these “budget” related projects went all the way back since 2016 and once in 2018. Those initial three video(s) were in fact, the very sole motion graphic projects back then at promoting this entire branding initiative and the manuscript to Youtube®.

Fast forward years to this day, with however few funds and technical resources I saved up – my new goal(s) slowly brew at producing more motion graphics content. At least for the near future. Which thus far taken serious amount of hours off me.
Thus, one of many reasons should readers perplex at me –  on why such a long overdue delay is simply the numerous overlapping priorities. If you can imagine maintaining and producing two (2) full manuscript(s), and that of their progressive revisions over many years. On top of the amount of accounting, the self-enquiring, the rapporting over the many interventions and experiences over that same number of years. That’s before the amount of time required at writing the Annual Food For Thoughts. Oh dear, not including research readings.
Imagine doing all the above trying to gather an audience for years. Yet all you’d get is <100 views per month.
Simply watch the video(s). And the content, for what it’s worth. This concept initiative and its manuscript isn’t about information frequency. It’s about contemplative density.

For those who are new to this initiative, I hereby welcome you to the Internet’s least visited independent thoughts on nutritional science.

  1. Go here for an introductory overview.
  2. Watch the audience demographics overview video.
  3. And consider reading the Live It Forward model of thanksgiving.


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