New video upload: CODEX : Ecosystems

New video upload: CODEX : Ecosystems

I hereby present to you CODEX video series contemplations and explainers.

Nutritional Humility™ – Codex

“Codex” is a series of elaborated explanatory videos to further enlighten many of the conceptual terminology used within parent manuscript Nutritional Humility™. 

In this video is an explanatory definition behind the word “ecosystems”; which comprises of both Abilities and Liabilities interconnected inner systems. From biology to sociology.

Your thoughts and viewerships appreciated. As a reminder, “Likes” and Subscriptions are optional. What is not optional however – is your convictions to take whatever you can learn off this initiative….And apply it onto yours contexts and circumstances.

If you are new, welcome to the Internet’s least (and last) visited independent thoughts on wellness and nutrition.


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