My thoughts on Vegetarianism Part 3/3

My thoughts on Veganism Part 3/3

Read the second part here. Or better yet – begin from Part one.

Previously, I shared my admitted praises towards Veganism. They respect and recognises Economics from both statistics stand point.  However my thoughts are not finished yet. I am extending this feature write up to that as “conclusion” ~ as my proposed array of “solution/s” and reminder/s.

Again and again –  I can’t speak for every’body’. Hence everything written here remains at best; hypothetical solutions. Learn for yourself. Keep for yourself. 
My thoughts on Veganism Part 3/3 - Solution & Reminders
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What ‘do’ we do? (Long Term)

The most difficult things first. Telling someone what to “do” assumes a series of plan/s, or oversights at addressing an ever present concern, or a looming – predicament.

Suffice to say  such curiosity remains up to each of us asking ourselves a question. How do we best quell our differences besides prolonged anger, contempt and divisions?

My answers to this comes in three variations. All of them bear the same criteria. The word “leave“.


Leave us alone. Leave each other – alone.

Let us dissect what a ” solution” means. It is all but merely a “matter” of dissolving two or more matters – into one. Absorb, contain and keep whatever you feel that is relevant and sufficient to “you”.

For many whom are vegan reading this – the “us” as in “leave us” refers to fellow human beings. Do not extrapolate from the basis of your own belief as supreme, immutable correctness to infinity. You must prepare in doing so – backlashes and disagreements much the same as omnivores are caught in tug-of-war inbetween Carnivorism and Veganism.


Leave Nature to their own rightful, variable  interpretation of “chaos”. Exercise “Creativity” and “Egos” – with caution.

We have no right to keep tinkering or excessively trespassing or bypassing Nature’s symbiotic processes. Or dare re-coordinating “Chaos” through emotions.

Why am I so drawn to seeing volcanoes erupting or the force of that of an impending black hole, swallowing entire stars? It’s powerful. Fascinating. Thrill. Yet only – In the visualised safety and Creativity – of documentaries. Yet if I am “out there”? Extremely frightening.

“Creativity” is insidiously akin to pornography. The chasing of something at a decrement of something else. Creativity as a pursuit thus can be deadly overtime; depending on how it is intended. If it is contained privately within one (1) individual ~ that is arguably more peaceful than a virtue signalling megaphone.

Nature is chaotic and that should be fair enough. We have no right to tinker with our ego to think we can outsmart it. Or else nature will outsmart us in ways more embarrassing than our own pride. Irrespective what matters here is ownership of all repercussions for one’s self. Within the self, by the self, and for the self.    


Let all “distractions” go. Let “them” – they-“selves” – implode on their own narcisism.

Stop Comparing against another, as I wrote in my book all along over and over again. Be your own – Self-Authentic potentialities and respectful limitations. Respect your expendable limits. 

Prepping for a contest show? If you cannot handle living plummeting thyroid levels, low body temperature, sky-high cortisol levels, then remain happy with what you can or cannot – compensate.

Each of us have to think individually on our own two feet and one brain. Not on behalf of others’ eight billion.

My thoughts on Veganism Part 3/3 - Solution & Reminders
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What ‘can’ we do ‘right-now’? (Short Term)

Now, asking what we “can”  do – assumes that something is already in some remote capacity available from within. However, “can” is only a temporary affirmation. Thus are likely resorted out of Resources subject to cyclical interpretations. Between what is pragmatically possible against what’s not so possible. 

…And that “Resource”? It’s already biologically potentiated within all of us.


Intermittent Fasting.

Following from our long-term “solution” – simply “leave” what “Nature” knows best.  Try leaving all “selves” – on their own accord. Short term, cyclical basis.

Fasting is indeed – a confusing state of painful realisations. You will be hungry. Initially at first – for “food”. But give it time, you will realise you will become hungry to fulfil something else authentically. Authentic – meaning ~ free of distractions or Less, and lesser – Resources. 

At first I thought all this Fasting is simply impossible. Yet inevitably with trials and errors long forgotten since dawn of Christmas morning in 2017 whilst everyone was still  hungover. Five months later I managed to break my  very first 19 hours+ fasting break time ever on my life. On my 33rd birthday.

As I implored years beforehand – “Ketosis” – like fasting – is a moment of neutrality. Realisation at keeping questions over what you can or cannot – do. Hour to hour. Day to day. Nothing more, nothing less.



Next, I offer something else as further reminder to us all what Violence and Peace – laterally means.


“Peace” = Contextual sufficiency.

“Peace” is potentiated within each and everyone of our own seven billion and counting – physiologies. So long as one can remains capable of their own “ownership” at containing what “enough” means. All that matters is choice. 

What happens if we remain emotive and passive without choice? Simple. We inevitably permits Totalitarianism. 

“Violence” = Contextual Insufficiency.

Veganism often proclaims to “speaks on behalf” of all animal kingdom. Whether or not this is coercion or compassion is up to you. But even then “up to you” effectively means that that should compose your very own independence, rationality, convictions and dare as one (1) may say ~ “selfishness” ~ to privatise what “enough” means. Not based off someone else’s, or perpetually from another someone else’s proximal idealism.

If Veganism feels “right” for anyone reading this far – then I expect them to remain authentically Content, without raising Contempt. 

My thoughts on Veganism Part 3/3 - Solution & Reminders
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A final yet sombre thought…

A “Sapient” is beyond a shorthand reference to our ancestors. It’s a reminder to who we are potentially as wise – being/s.  Vegetarians or not they just shared resources. Meats. Bones. Milk. Fruits. Vegetables. Tubers.

Suppose if we have a technology to transport a Neanderthal to our present day.

…He’d fell shocked. Scratching his head in convolution. Witnessing that we are their future reflection. Their pending, future selves. 

Looking at our present world – I’d wager – he’d not look forward; for whatever “news” he brings back to his village.


So ends my feature writeup, input your thoughts below.

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