My thoughts on Vegetarianism Part 3/3

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Read the second part here. Or better yet – begin from Part one.

Previously, I shared my admitted praises towards Veganism. They respect and recognises Economics. From both numerically and statistically pragmatic realisations. That is – effective global food sustainability – must inevitably be overseen via Quantified means of production and distribution.

But no, my thoughts are not finished yet. Because I’m still seeing helpless (perhaps subjectively dying) people who still persists on fighting the “good” fight.

Hence why I am extending this feature write up into three sections. Because after all we’ve come nearing to a conclusion. That “conclusion” is my proposed array of “solution/s” and reminder/s.

Again and again – No, I am not an engineer, scientist or chemist so decoratively labelled with all sorts of labels. BsC, Hnr, PhD, Proff, Gnr, Cmd, Dr. Md, Sr., Snr; to name a few – in front of my name claiming to know all there is at solving the World’s Problems. I have won absolutely no medals of “prestige”, or of “honor”throughout much of my life be it from childhood all the way to at present as I am typing this. I can’t speak for every’body’. Hence everything written here remains at best; hypothetical solutions.

Well, given my love affair with disclaimer is once again complete – let us begin.

My thoughts on Veganism Part 3/3 - Solution & Reminders
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What ‘do’ we do? (Long Term)

The most difficult things first. Telling someone what to “do” assumes a series of plan/s, or oversights at addressing an ever present concern, or a looming – predicament.

Suffice to say to trigger such curiosity is to ask ourselves a question. How do we best quell our differences besides prolonged anger, contempt and divisions?

My answers to that comes in three variations. All of them bear the same criteria. The word “leave“.


Leave us alone. Leave each other – alone.

Let us dissect what a ” solution” means. It is all but merely a “matter” of dissolve from two or more matters – into one.

Absorb, contain and keep whatever you feel that is relevant and sufficient to “you”.

For many whom are vegan reading this – the “us” in “leave us” refers to fellow human beings. Do not extrapolate, towards many other physiologies as a gospel – simply from the basis of your own belief as supreme, immutable correctness (more on this later).


Leave Nature to their own rightful, variable  interpretation of “chaos”. Exercise “Creativity” and “Egos” – with caution.

We have no right to keep tinkering or excessively trespassing or bypassing Nature’s symbiotic processes. Or dare re-coordinating “Chaos” through emotions.

Why am I so drawn to seeing volcanoes erupting or the force of that of an impending black hole, swallowing entire stars? It’s powerful. Fascinating. Thrill. Yet only – In the visualised safety and Creativity – of documentaries. Yet if I am “out there”? Extremely frightening.

“Creativity” is insidiously akin to pornography. The chasing of something at a decrement of something else. 

Creativity can however be deadly. Beyond the sky-high penthouses and corporate glass walls receptions – the notion of “Death” increasingly becomes no object of fear if insured by “money”. However accumulating the higher floor you sit on from each every pay rise once a year. To borrow from Gordon Gecko – “Greed” is “good”.

In the minds of CEOs in sharp tailored suits and leather briefcases – greed “works” as both panacea and insurance against Death itself. Before then all the Nature’s side effects takes over the tailored fabric. Rise of Triglycerides, gluttony, inflammation, anxiety, drug abuses and brain damage.

Hence, Creativity; through “market efficiency”.Why do you think the most ruthless investors have brain damage? 

We also then have to question our egos from sparking our creativity in the first place. 

Why do people keep trying to climb the world’s highest peak? Yet many dies on their way down? Who or what are we really doing this for? In the name of “Moral” charity?” or “Who-dares-wins”? Are our (almost fetish-like) Thrill-seeking egos really are that powerful over Nature itself?

“Who-Dares-Wins” or “X-Factor” needs no life long audience. Likewise, “The Guinness Book of Records” only records egoistic, numeric fetishes of just simply that – “Record” best event.

Are you a model of “needs”? or a model of “wants”? You can down 25+ bananas or a crate of watermelons per day. Just to prove you do not get diabetic from all that fructose intake. Do we need to further weaponise our egos based on this display of feat?

All these distractions coerces us to make comparisons. Playing with us. Teasing us. Flirting with us. To change our interpretations so insidiously – from wants to needs. And needs – to wants. 


Let all “distractions” go. Let “them” – they-“selves” – implode on their own narcisism.

Stop Comparing one self against another, as I wrote in my book all along over and over again. Be your own – Self-Authentic potentialities and respectful limitations. Respect your expendable limits. 

Prepping for a contest show? If you cannot handle living plummeting thyroid levels, low body temperature, sky-high cortisol levels, then remain happy with what you can or cannot – compensate.

Each of us have to think individually on our own two feet and one brain. Not on behalf of others eight billion (and counting) legs arms and brains. This involves being self-pragmatic. Such as me eating deplorable year-expired TVP to make way for the next mortgage payment. TVP has never been the best food Substitute, for sure. But Focus on the outcome (saving money). And do not be Distracted by “taste”. Then at least it will make saving that next week’s petrol all the more possible.

My thoughts on Veganism Part 3/3 - Solution & Reminders
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What ‘can’ we do ‘right-now’? (Short Term)

Now, asking what we “can”  do – assumes that something is already in some remote capacity available from within. However, “can” is only a temporary affirmation. Thus are likely resorted out of Resources subject to cyclical interpretations. Between what is pragmatically possible against what’s not so possible. 

…And that “Resource”? It’s already biologically potentiated within all of us.


Hence, I hereby propose immediate solution for all – to consider Intermittent Fasting.

Following from our long-term “solution” – simply “leave” what “Nature” knows best.  Try leaving all “selves” – on their own accord. Short term, cyclical basis.

….And remain objectively content and focused towards your own daily meritocracies.

Fear is temporary. “Fear” is analogous to any experiences unexplored. A way of life and sustenance; uncharted.  Most likely associate fear as hunger. With notion of not consuming food to pass the “time” itself.

Fasting is indeed – a whollistical state of painful mix of realisations. In and out of the Gym. Ups and downs as you clear your To-Do lists and Inbox.Then mix it all off with state of “nothingness” both in mind and stomach. A convoluted and confusing experience, I know.

But a sense of internal congratulations await you. For that you have just survived all that condescends and struggles far more Authentically. Free of distractions. With less, and lesser – Resources. 

At first I thought all this Fasting is simply impossible. Yet inevitably with trials and errors long forgotten since dawn of Christmas morning in 2017 Whilst everyone was still  hungover. Yet five months later I managed to break my  very first 19 hours+ fasting break time ever on my life. On my 33rd birthday.

As I implored years beforehand – “Ketosis” – like fasting – is a moment of neutrality. Realisation at keeping questions over what you can or cannot – do. Hour to hour. Day to day. That’s it.



That…. is all I offer as clues on what “to” (Implying Long Term) and what we “can” (Implying Short Term) – consider as possible solutions. Next, I offer something else as further reminder to us all what Violence and Peace – laterally means.

My thoughts on Veganism Part 3/3 - Solution & Reminders
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“Peace” = Contextual sufficiency.

“Peace” is potentiated within each and everyone of our own seven billion and counting – physiologies. For as long as one can capably reclaim their own authenticities and re-sensitizing – over what “enough” means. Happiness after all is a state of individually autonomous – state of perpetual compensations.

Anything affects everything. Both directly and indirectly. Anything from outside in – triggers the rest from inside out. Like a candle helpless if Dictated against the wind. But hope springs anew if enclosed and nurtured contextually in peace. Away from (again) Distraction of threats and/or forces overriding its dimming capacity. 

External quantified Distractions however seems to control more of our own consciousness than us ourselves controlling each of them as our own. Today, our definition of “enough” remains popularly Dictated by opinions which we do not own our-selves.

All “Numbers” if somewhat extremely helpful to an Economist, remains deceiving and elusive. Interestingly – Nature has “no say” or “interpretation” what numbers is. Many discussion/s rightfully puts this concern to the spotlight – are “numbers” – an evolutionary product of culture?

What does all this have to do with Vegetarianism? We must remain attuned to Reality based onto each one and our only self contained “selves”. “Morality”; whilst appealing and convincing –  is only an extension of interpretive faith from one’s favor against others.

Now what happens if we no longer reconcile Reality’s impositions yet keeps marching onwards for “Morality”?  Simple. Totalitarianism awaits. Violence.

“Violence” = Contextual Insufficiency.

To further coerce is not Unity. It implies hint and beginning thirsts & fantasy – for Tyranny.

I worry that what we’ve been instilled (by “correctness” of Institutionalisation) remanifests into further rationalising warring insecurities. By distancing further and further away from Nature’s perfect contextual chaos.

Hence, the need for collectivised claiming of all beliefs. Aka. Correctness Hierarchy. Veganism claims to “speaks on behalf” of all animal kingdom. .

Yet fellow human beings are continuously being threatened by those claiming as “social justice” cells.

Perhaps these Social Justice “cells” – have been granted (either by “rank” or by populist “votes”)  some righteous powers acting on behalf of Humanity as “Thought Police”. Much akin to Orwell’s “1984”.

If Veganism feels “right” for anyone reading this far – then I expect them to remain authentically Content. Without need to Contempt over others differing compasses towards finding their own Authenticities.  

I do have all but one wish. Do not dare to try “harmonise” or “contain” – Nature’s chaos. Well outside that which we cannot substitute.

My thoughts on Veganism Part 3/3 - Solution & Reminders
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A final yet sombre thought…

A “Sapient” is beyond a shorthand reference to our ancestors. It’s a reminder to who we are potentially as wise – being/s.

Suppose if we have a technology to transport a Neanderthal to our present day.

…He’d fell shocked at how uncooperative, and distant we really are against each other. Scratching his head in convolution. From witnessing that we are their future reflection. Their pending, future selves. 

“Vegans” or not – they just shared resources. Meats. Bones. Milk. Fruits. Vegetables. Tubers. Dietary “Movement?”, “Ideology?”, “Religion”? The primal man likely stays silent.

Looking at our present world – I’d wager – he’d not look forward; for whatever “news” he brings back to his village.


So ends my feature writeup, input your thoughts below.

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