My thoughts on Vegetarianism Part 2/3

My thoughts on Veganism Part 2/3

This is the second out of three part feature. Read the first part here.

Previously, I concluded that Morality as an idealism amongst Vegetarian or plant based way of living – is interpretively fixated in one direction. Such that “Morality” towards “pro-life”; despite its alluringly emotive-pursuit ironically dismisses much of its chaotic logistics. I remind that all realms of “consumption” reconciles this “connectedness” as such to that of a process. as the passing of time hence compartmentalising the very message or theme of obligate “Predators”. 

Despite all the above – this time, I’m presenting my other side of the table. The undeniable “good” in vegetarianism.


They understand Economics.

They truly understand Economics in the most pragmatic of all senses. 

I remain at times convinced, in and out – believing that Resource Based Economy would largely revolves around plant based sustenance. The exponential evolution of Technology after all cannot be stopped. Technology, after all eases excess labour. Especially aimed towards Agriculture and food production. We will likely have 3D food printing. Whilst also considering livestock cloning or lab-grown proteins.

Regardless, Vegetarianism encourages a new layer of brave acceptances.  Eating less meat made me realise pragmatically one thing. That despite my own convincing of it being qualitatively inferior – there are always alternative substitutions. Even if such are not optimal and consistently suspect of counter-nutrients.  Their anti-nutrients (as consistently evident) completely made me both wrecked and numb in the gut.

John Tower /


They praise & embrace – Cognitive Dissonance.

I am not being sarcastic. Vegetarianism, much like carnivorism are as just stubborn. The only question is in its admission. 

No matter how much“facts” they are thrown at in one way or another – they don’t flinch. Deficiencies amongst vegetarianism: Zinc. Iron, Carnitine, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6 (interestingly zinc, B6 and magnesium are required for optimal enough stomach acidity; to safeguard against H. Pylori infection. )Vitamin K2 (even I’m in trouble with this due to only K1-focused intakes because regular K2 supplement can be costly), Taurine, and Creatine (not just for muscle, but liver and neuro-protective).

They don’t care. Such persistence. Despite real people, babies, including animals subjected to Near-Death-Experiences. 

So this is where I must admit – such affirmations are actually a convincing evidence of stoicism..

This Is™ Humility Pea Protein Meat Loaf

Stubbornness to preserve good despite pain is persistence. Vegetarianism are not much different than any “-ism” whose morality override all side-effects to keep living and compensating their own livelihood.

Except for as long as of course – they, the plant-based eaters remain honest and Authentic. I hope they do not turn nor remanifest their Morality into a weapon of deceptive Superiority. Writing click-baits for attention’s sake; for instance.

This concludes part 2 out of 3 of my thoughts on Veganism. Go here for the end part.

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