My apologies (Web site various problems & troubleshoots)

A public announcement + apology.

Lately ~ despite my best attempts at maintaining the design, and housekeeping the integrity of the website – WordPress for some reason has been acting irrationally and beyond my comprehension numerous bugs appearing out of nowhere.

Loss of CSS styling despite repeated re-applications, re-styling, updates / roll-backs. As a result, missing background colours, missing typography custom styling, to name a few.

Hence I’m writing this as a public apology and as obligatory announcement ~ my continuing pledge on addressing the above as well as marching on the very long and arduous ~WIP/work in progress of rebranding. That includes the rewriting parent manuscript, entire new website development methodolgy approaches, and entire new Youtube branding alongside 65+ GB worth of video retakes.

I sincerely hope all and everyone is well amidst these trying times.




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