Ketogenic Adaptations – Fact or Coercion?

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A typical debate – Idealist VS Pragmatist.

  • Me – “I don’t see it as “adapting”, I call it “understanding”. 
  • Them – “Huh? what are you talking about? Isn’t it just a matter of discipline, willpower patience and all that? Wouldn’t I need less of all this salt and stuff overtime if I’ve simply been on Keto for five / ten months? Your body ADAPTS to it!”
  • Me – “…Well, sure – willpower and all of those things do play a role. Lacking any one of them of course would hardly incentivises yourself to change at all.”
  • Them – “…So it’s still adapting then is it? All forum posts says so! Guess what? I’ve seen a video about it too! ADMIT it – you’re wrong, baseless and without enough evidence to support your hypothesis!”
  • Me – “Sure thing. Evidences exist. But they are all anecdotal accounts which may or may not relate to how your own physiology ‘understands’ and ‘interprets’ it. Adapting is a stand-alone, isolated process of resisting; by which you are strengthening yourself to desensitize you from feeling and recognising any feelings of pain, or otherwise – macro as well as micro – nutrient inadequacies. “Adapting” simply assumes that you are living based on an infinite resource to replace what you are lacking through time and time again.”
  • Them – “LOL! What have you been smoking?”
  • Me – “If you believe you are indeed ‘Keto-Adapted’ – then do you actually feel stronger without first admitting what needs to be continuously addressed overtime? If adaptation exists then you wouldn’t feel the need to take in any precautionary measures, eg. bone broths, extra magnesiums, vitamins, supplementations to cover any inadequacies – just for you to keep yourself alive.
  • Them – “….”
  • Me – “In other words – do you believe that ignoring all of the above is a good outcome as well as positive “side-effect” of being in ‘Ketosis’?” Do you; hence – consider such result as an overall, sustainable positivity?”
  • Them / bottom end response – “I don’t get it. You’re still saying it’s adapting anyway.”
Me: (sighs).

Ketogenic Adaptations - Fact or Coercion?
kropekk_pl / pixabay

I have to admit; the first time I practised the Ketogenic Diet – I have been the former gullible victim over easily believing something that I am hopeful to achieve any or all of those positive sort of incredible claims we see amongst forum posts. Muscle gains, lack of hunger, weight loss “benefits” and/or “results” – whatever you call it. I simply hoped for all of these to occur. Thinking about them one night after another.

I have been subscribing and believing to an external belief, indoctrination, dogma or in this case – wishful thoughts and hope. Or perhaps simply rather – an opinion based of someone else’s hope, too.

Sounds good, right? You are drawn to someone else’s experiences. And thus, you are drawn to be hopeful to arrive coincidentally one and all the same to his or her’s motives.

Is it truly that simple?

Ketogenic Adaptations - Fact or Coercion?
Julian Böck / unsplash


Because “Adaptation” implies there are infinite leverages available – at compensating all losses. Whilst fulfilling metabolic / caloric expenditure.

Adaptation” is a belief over what you have been told and preached what to do in order to believe to hopefully feel such mentioned conditions of being in “Ketosis”. Or benefits. Or pros. Yet also – “Cons” from having reached those conditions.

Hence this begs the question – whether “Adaptation” as an infinitely-malleable, metabolic concept alone is actually “conducive.” or “supportive”? 

Ketogenic Adaptations - Fact or Coercion?

At best – unlikely conducive (very) long term.

Why? Because “Adaptations” assumes that perpetual needs are secondary. Adaptations assumes that something else shall “make do” for the time being. However, the body – is not automatically – a clairvoyant nor it is an oracle. 

Everything pretty much requires or depend on something else to operate. These are what I call “perpetual needs”. You can “adapt” yourself to run. A mile or 100 miles. But at what costs are there to maintain this state of “running 100 miles” without break? Does your body “knows” how much instinctively of resources there is to meet objectively (or numerically) this “100 miles” ahead of you?

Without petrol, your car wouldn’t spark the plug. Can your car, therefore – “adapts” without petrol? I don’t think so. Petrol; therefore – is (just one of many) perpetual need/s for your car to keep “going”. Yet alone even just to start it up. I know, the arguments you are all about to make. The fact that many things can run off alternative means of energy.

From charging your phone with a piece of fruit (fructose). Hell – we can even run batteries off from table sugar even. Or running your PC on potatoes.Is it justifiably efficient? Does it meet our micro as well as macro – perpetual needs overtime? Can you reach playable FPS by lugging 15 or so kilograms of potatoes – to power that gaming rig?

Should infinite “interests” (desires, wishes, goals, aspirations, dreams, motives) exist to be regularly fulfilled out of payments via finite “principal/s”; then there must be a need for an alternative form to substitute this principal. Therefore – there is no such thing as “infinite principals”if all principals themselves are scarce, wouldn’t it?.

We know that liver + muscle glycogens are finite. Even ketones themselves, are finite. All three serve as hopeful principals – as energy substrates.

My argument against all believers of “Ketogenic Adaptations” is this – EVERY PRINCIPALS ARE CHAINED AND bound ALTOGETHER once exposed to scarcity. You will be then suspected for not able to meet any or ALL infinite interests.

….Yet we still believe that the word “Adaptation” it and of itself – implies that “scarcity” does not exist. Oh dear.

“Ketosis” – according to Pedestrian Expectation.

The above is what many people perceive what “Nutritional Ketosis” (or “metabolic” ketosis whatever in fanciful terms) looks and feels like. A superman.

It is not to say of course that an alternative metabolic pathway we all know as Ketosis doesn’t exist. Of course it exists as a way of alternative energy utilisation. Of course medical papers exist to prove it.

“Nutritional Ketosis” – or simply by becoming “Keto Adapted”, or preparing yourself to become “Fat-Adapted” – is not as a “significant” nor is it magical – state of mind and body as you all likely to perceive, to believe and most damagingly – what you have been anxiously expecting you yourself can develop from having exposed to former (others’) accounts and (their former’s) expectations.

You’re inevitably bound to witness the following claims:

  • You’d feel invincible and ready for that next workout just starting from skulling that Bulletproof coffee first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. 
  • Next – you’re told that soon you will be able to squat, bench and dead lift, whatever exercises – up to some percentages higher than what you’re used to; because suddenly your muscle has now “adapted” to have access to unlimited energy
  • And then next – you’re led to believe that you can go “miles for miles” exercising on an empty stomach. And not eat anything over and over again. And you don’t even feel hungry. At all. Zip. No hunger. No cravings. 
  • You begin to notice forum posts preaching some forecasted claims. “By this xth of week you should not be needing supplements!”. “Everything should *SNAP* in place!”.  And this – “Weakness in any training regimes during early phase / induction phase is only temporary.”
  • You’d be convinced to look at food – ANY food – and not feel hungry at all by way of motivation. You’ll thus – feel emotionally detached, “disconnected”, and forever unbound of gastric pleasures from just looking at food alone.

Magical stuff, indeed. If ketones provides so called “unlimited” amounts of energy, then why or how come I don’t feel it as I truly have an “unlimited” sense of energy despite months and months of eating fat and not touched a single grain of rice? How come some people DO not reach “ketosis” in the same believably manner?

I have thus come to conclusion that Ketosis – is simply a different way of being. A different way of ACCEPTING what “survival” means. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

If “Ketogenic Adaptations” were to exist, then one shouldn’t mortally complain of headaches and chest pains EVEN WHEN THEY NO LONGER practise the regiments / maintenance rituals (chewing salt crystals, bone broths, magnesium, himalayan salts, potassium, etc).  “Adaptation” to me implies one to simply become linearly stronger with lesser resources.

….So why are we being told to “be sure to add up to 5 grams of sodium, this much potassium, etc, etc” as a daily regiment?

Shouldn’t all these maintenance ritual be all removed / redundant once we are “correctly adapted” anyway? Isn’t that what “Adaptation” is supposed to promise us in the first place?

No. Why? Because the word “Keto-Adaptation” is a self contradictory irony. Because “Adapting” is just a pretty substitute term for unsolicited “insurance”.

Ketogenic Adaptations - Fact or Coercion?

“Huh? I still don’t get it!”

(sighs). Oh dear. You are still undoubtedly confused over the last half chunk of this article. Very well.

I am going to provide to you two (2) further analogies to help you understand and for me to hypothesize further that Adaptation is subjectively – nonsensical way of coercive belief and a (good one at that) false interpretation of positivities.


Can you “adapt” Overtraining? “Try” it.

Squatting in a fasted state? Without joints / MSM / Cissus / Chondroitin painkillers – doing 6 x 6 squat routines every single day? Up to 10% or 15% over your existing weight? All these with only 15-30 seconds of rest allowed? “Hey, don’t complain bro – no pain no gain”.

Sooner or later – your knees are hurting, yet you kept on believing based on “willpower” alone that from some bodybuilding forum posts out there preaching out “brosciences” that it’s good to overtrain. Or that overtraining is a myth and only pussies believe in it. GO BEAT THAT SH*T OVER AND OVER AGAIN, BRAHS!”. Great idea, no!? Absolutely. If you have unlimited medical insurance policies and don’t mind a cracked and mistracked patella for life. For each and every day of survival you’ve passed – you’ve also opened up an array of uncertainties.

Do you have painkillers? Enough for how many workouts? For how many days? Has anything compensated your form just to lift that bar back up? DO YOU HONESTLY resort to this form breakage “as a last resort” to put that bar back up? Chances are – quite a lot.

Ketogenic Adaptations - Fact or Coercion?

If my knee caps, the patella, the joints and ligaments can only tolerate 6×6, 60kg full high-barbell squats with only 20 seconds of rest inbetween, then I perhaps could fantasise into considering why not doing 10×10. 20×20. Or even 30×30. Or how about 50×50? All using the same weights. Why not even try “adapting” to all this only as a “warm up” exercise? “Good idea!”

Does the idea and sound of doing 20×20 or 50×50 in one session and call that a warmup ridicolous? Absolutely, because “overtraining” – pertains a belief; an expectation for you nothing more but to flirt against the absurd and the impossible – idealistic COERCION. An absurdity of belief that anything is possible for as long as you blissfully ignore all consequences from such an undertaking.

TLDR; Overtraining exists. you just perhaps have not experienced the “worst” of it all. Not just yet. Until you lose an arm. Until you lose another. etc. 

Ketogenic Adaptations - Fact or Coercion?


Money as leverages. Interests & Desires = infinite.

Money is essentially created out of debt; which debt is almost always – dictated upon a pre-cursor need for a loan. What do you get (actually receive) when you ask for a loan? You get credits as a form of currency and means of exchange in return. FIAT currencies that you and I are slaved onto are worthless to their intrinsic value of a big fat bottomless – zero. 

What do credits mean? It is derived from full latin word – crēdere – it means “to believe”.

Would you borrow MORE money than the full means for you to pay it back in full (“The Principal”)? With added interest? Of course not. That would be absurd and non-sensible. But thanks to Pedestrian Normalcy, social obligatory ecosystems / peer pressure and advertising  – “wants” become needs. 

That amount of money you owe; either to others or that by the mercy of your own government through taxations – are perpetually infinite. Demands are infinite. Passions and desires are infinite. But only so few principals to feed them. At what points you have to willingly sacrifice by selling your assets away just to make ends meet and (hopefully) to make yourself more than enough safety net? For that next few weeks of mortgages?

Sooner or later, unemployments, redundacies are bound to happen to you. It is simply a matter of when and how these moments will orchestrate itself to occur.  Such – are simile effects of “overtraining”; just put in a different context to your own structural living capacities.

TL;DR: “Adaptations” assumes that you (yes “you” as  individual economic instrument of “capital”) are egoistically infinite to produce ANYTHING to infinite capacity without anything else about you being EXPENDABLE. Are you therefore – resourcefully limitless in what you can provide back to society? Do you have unlimited capacity to provide unconditional “charity” even before your very own life? 

Ketogenic Adaptations - Fact or Coercion?


We have; thus – only created ourselves an assumption; a fantasy – for believing that “Adaptation” exists based on notion of something else entirely infinite to meet the perpetual needs, desires, and interests of our different and varied – states and circumstances of life.

So what should exist, then in place of “Ketogenic Adaptations”? Well quite simply – I would call it Understanding and Acknowledging.

What is understanding? How is this relevant to Ketogenic “Adaptations”, if at all? Well first of all – “understanding” – is almost always – a stop and reflectionary thought-process whereby you stop and think, analyse, comprehend, assess, and most importantly – forecasts and projects what you can and cannot do in order to proceed. 

How do you know what to do if the Keto “Flu” side effects – the dizziness, cramps, brain fogs and the heart palpitations occur? You read more and research about it online so you’re more informed. What if there is no Internet? No connection and access to knowledge?

What if you have had absolutely no presumptions of these were to happen? And should you have not known the ways of maintenance – what would you do if knowledge wasn’t there nor accessible in the first place? You’d simply perish.

Because there is no way for your mind and the body yet to understand and to acknowledge for what is yet to come. And how aware you are in Realising, Admitting and Revising – over your own actions to maintain and resist against these (yes, they are perpetual) side effects.

Understanding & Acknowledgements is a life long – continuum process of psychological to physiological changes and maintenance expectations. You do not simply get “stronger” by way of the body.

You gain, and acquire awareness of it firsthand. It is prudent therefore; for everyone to first Realise what is forecasted as a need ahead of time….Then Accept it as an acknowledgement and all the way to Affirmation/s that this is after all – the best that one could do to manage and to survive.

Humility Through Frugality™ Version 1.4 / 4th Edition


Mark Twain once wrote this famous quote in his Notebook – “Education consists of mainly in what we have unlearned.” Experience, thus – is a hard teacher in that she gives you the problem first, and then the lesson afterwards.

In order to experience something – you must first learn it. Feel it. Interpret it through time. “Ketosis”; in however ways you interpret it – is neither sensational nor detrimental way of simply living as yourself; or just for you to simply “be” you.

Adaptation is an illusion of an infinite, elusive confidence. Or at best – it is a metaphor for compensative measures by way and assumption of infinite resources.

Once again, all your PRINCIPAL reserves to maintain LIFE – from hormones, bone mineral reserves, to glycogens and ketones – ARE ABSOLUTELY FINITE. You cannot argue or dispute that they are infinite.

However having all said all of the above; does this mean any Ketogenic intervention is immediately therefore a no go for all and every physiology? Of course not. It remains VERY plausible nutritional intervention to one and all for as long as his or her resilient curiosity remains pragmatically refilled and any perpetual micronutrient needs addressed,

Live and reconcile towards your very own interpretation of what “Ketosis” means to you Not someone else’s. Not even me. Because you are your own potential mark of physiological authenticity and biological resilience. Do not be misled by coercions.

And always remember – never, ever believe the unbelievable. 

What about you dear readers – do you have a different, alternative view or understanding to Ketogenic Adaptations? Do you believe or disagree with any of my perspective/s above? Comment your thoughts below!

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