Joe Rogan Experience #1439 – Michael Osterholm (timestamp)

A conversation map to guide future prospective viewers. Take it or leave it; it is simply my imploration to help. I have written briefly on the Coronavirus before (spoiler alert: no fear mongering). Although I proclaim only as an individual to share pragmatic food for thoughts despite not carrying any institutionalised dogmas in front of my name.

No, I have not stockpiled massive amounts of toilet paper.  And No, I have not hoarded myself massive amount of food either. Why? I cannot afford both.

Living <$40AUD a week under welfare whilst shouldering pedestrian virtue signalling, 500+ jobs application body count, and surviving 2nd year anniversary of fasting regiments amidst <$30 per week is enough for me remain silent. I do not wish to impose any comparisons. Why? Because at least I can afford the time left for me not to participate in Nihilistic bickering.

Frugality, Authenticity, Individuality and Resilience, alongside that Cyclical Keto + Intermittent fasting meanwhile – are all likely here to stay. Why? Because a little hunger, goes a long way. That, is something I can at least – be content and afford my own self with. At least for the time being.

— AW™.

00:01:00: Colder months on other continents may yet face worser outcomes. “Conservative” calculations = 10-15 times worse in fatality than normal flu; 6.5 million cases, 450,000+ deaths, projected in seven months.

00:08:00: masks don’t generally protect. Avoid public spaces, avoid contacts. Kids affected? 00:10:30 But 2.1% seems still affected, but “they don’t get sick”. Closing schools may not be good idea. Cruise ship holidays = the worst environment as air recirculates.

00:12:45: Ripple effects on economy and various medical supplies. Puerto Rico: epicentre production of IV bags globally. Millions who currently rely on drug treatments from China will likely be halted in delivery.

00:15:00: Myths discussion. #1 Saunas kills the coronavirus 00:17:00: #2 “this is biological weapon” myth? Many decades of experience, confident to say this is myth. Purely interspecies cross transmission. “Prions” or strains may and evolve and mutate overtime; Coronavirus may potentially follow similar pattern of Mad Cow Disease- from “jumping” transmission from one species to another?

00:25:00: “Point of detection” surveillance may need to be exercised. Especially amidst deer-hunting grounds, revise existing legislation? Consumption of deer hunted meat = may need more scrutiny over safety.

00:31:30: = free public resource on disease centre research.

00:34:40: metaphor: “to stop influenza, stop the wind”. 00:36:20: Spanish flu comparison = Spanish Flu is 3 to 3.2% fatality rate? Initiated by “Cytokine storm”. “Healthier” people more risk? [need more clarification]. Pregnancy = special concerns when immune system is more heightened and active during this period.

00:38:30: How to strengthen immune system? Continue high blood pressure meds. IV vitamin infusions still not effective? Probiotics vs non probiotics no change of risks? Continue hand sanitizers. Surgical masks = minimal protection, however if already sick, better than nothing. N95 mask = more recommended, but shortage in supply due to lack of financial investments.

00:48:50: What can be done to minimise stock shortage of masks and medicines? Everything should have been prepared long ago. More financial investments prior / beforehand. Expedite vaccines research and prioritisation.

01:01:15: Why China? Perfect storm due to close contact and interactions with various animal species. Unregulated safety & handling on wet food markets. 01:08:00: what’s next after coronavirus? [unclarified]. 01:11:00: What else can we do? Just be “healthy”. Probiotics discussion revisited – might nevertheless be useful AFTER antibiotics treatment. Fecal transplants might be applicable for specific cases for excess prior antibiotic reliance.

01:16:00: shift focus on Lyme disease, early interventions, and history from controlled burning of forests.

01:30:00: takeaway: older population more at risk. Stay healthy. Expedite vaccine research, however likely requires human clinical trials from small, then medium then large N sample sizes. Amends welcome. Please help yourself / contribute further in the comments.

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